Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie

Trivia: The names of three characters were switched when "Street Fighter" was released in the United States. M. Bison was originally called Vega; Vega was called Balrog; and Balrog was called M. Bison. The reason this was done because Capcom (the creator of the game) figured it may get sued by boxer Mike Tyson if there was a black boxing character named M. Bison (who already resembles Tyson enough without the name).

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Trivia: Just before the battle between E. Honda and Dhalsim, if you look carefully at the wall in front of the entrance, you will see Akuma, a fighter from the video game "Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo." This is the only part of the movie he is in.

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Trivia: The truck which almost hit Ken while he was driving his car has the logo of Capcom.

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