Plan 9 From Outer Space

Deliberate mistake: They keep using the same footage of Bela Lugosi walking in the cemetery, even the cars driving by out on the road are the same.



Deliberate mistake: At Tor Johnson's funeral how on earth could they not see Vampira standing right next to them?



Deliberate mistake: Whenever we see Vampira, they use the same footage, as she's always in the same place next to or near the wooden mausoleum.



Deliberate mistake: The saucer flies left to right past a church at the beginning of the movie. Later they just reverse the film as the saucer flies right to left away from the same church.

00:05:35 - 00:13:15


Deliberate mistake: After Tor Johnson attacks Paula and the police officer, a second officer shows up at the cemetery with half of the license plate on the patrol car taped over so it can't be read.



Deliberate mistake: When the pilots are flying in the airplane there's a strange device above the co-pilots head. Later in the movie we see this same prop used again inside of the spaceship as the alien beauty Tanna opens up the hatch.

00:04:35 - 00:36:30


Deliberate mistake: As Paula is chased by the ghoul into the cemetery the shots continuously change between night and day throughout the entire scene.



Deliberate mistake: In the alien spaceship, Eros speaks of the "Solarminite", Jeff Trent calls it "Solinite" and Col. Edwards calls it "Solar-inite".

01:05:55 - 01:07:50


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