Plan 9 From Outer Space

Revealing mistake: When Bela Lugosi walks off screen, it's obviously a freeze frame. The swaying tree stops moving and even though he was hit by a car, his shadow is still visible. (00:07:55)

Revealing mistake: When the UFO makes the huge flash that knocks everyone in the cemetery down, one of the police officers kicks a tombstone as he falls and it wobbles back and forth. (00:13:35)

Revealing mistake: When the flying saucers leave the planet, you can see their shadows on the fake planet's surface.

Revealing mistake: The pilots are not sitting on normal seats like in every airplane, but on stools or boxes. (00:04:10)

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Revealing mistake: After Tor Johnson drops Paula the police officer comes over to try to wake her. The carpet that's supposed to be the ground crumples under his feet. (01:13:25)


Revealing mistake: Vampira flinches when Inspector Clay fires at her even though she's a zombie. (00:15:05)

Revealing mistake: The woman at the graveyard lets out a scream as she sees the dead bodies. It's obvious that the bodies are dressed up store mannequins. (00:08:40)


Revealing mistake: The "Old man-ghoul" changes appearances drastically throughout the entire movie. In some scenes, it is Bela Lugosi in vampire cape, in others it is the famous "double" who is a head taller than Lugosi, a lot thinner and has a different hairstyle. He covers his face with his cape, but this does not help a lot...


Revealing mistake: When the army is firing at the flying saucers, it's obvious that the sky behind the colonel is made of fabric. (00:18:50)

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Revealing mistake: During Criswell's opening and closing narrations it is painfully obvious that he is reading from a cue card. (00:00:30 - 01:16:50)

Revealing mistake: After Clay finally has been killed, you can still see him breathing, and even blinking his eyes.

Revealing mistake: As Tor Johnson holds Paula, the police officer comes up from behind and clobbers him on the head with a wooden stick. He falls to the ground and the entire set including all the trees, shake like they were just in a magnitude 7 earthquake. (01:13:20)


Revealing mistake: Jeff's wife is named Paula and is played Mona McKinnon, but when he is talking to her about having to hush up his UFO sighting, he calls her Mona. (00:12:50)

Revealing mistake: Often during the film, the trees wobbles a lot when somebody touches them, like fake trees. (00:09:50)

Dr Wilson

Revealing mistake: When the flying saucers are passing over Hollywood and Washington D.C., there's some shots where you can see their shadows on the fake sky. (00:18:15)

Dr Wilson

Revealing mistake: Inside the alien spacecraft a battery operated blinking traffic caution signal is used as a prop from another world. (01:04:50)


Continuity mistake: At the beginning of the scene where the pilot's wife is attacked in her bedroom by (not) Bela Lugosi, look at the pictures on the wall above the bed. After the attack begins, the pictures are different.

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Trivia: At the beginning Criswell reads, "Can your heart stand the shocking facts about 'Grave Robbers from Outer Space'?" This was the original title of the movie that was changed because of objections by the financial backers.


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