Die Another Day

Corrected entry: One big mistake in the movie, in the last part of the movie when Pierce Brosnan is in the invisible car (whose camouflage was broken by villains' bullets) and is being followed by the villain in another car, Brosnan's car number plate colour changes from yellow (which taxis use) to white (for normal car) while he keeps sitting inside the same car and never gets out as the car was constantly chased.


Correction: The front plate is white and the rear is yellow, as is normal for British registered cars. The green Jag has Icelandic plates so it's blue on white at both ends. The rule for normal cars having white plates and taxis having yellow appears to come from either Sweden or Thailand.

Corrected entry: The ASAT missile fired at the satelite was launched from a ship. In reality, ASAT is always launched from an F-15 because it would not have enough fuel to escape the Earth's atmosphere otherwise. (01:43:10)

Correction: Http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RIM-161_Standard_Missile_3 It's a ship launched anti ballistic missile, also used as anti satellite weapon for LEO sats.

Corrected entry: At the start, Bond puts some explosive underneath the easily removable compartment in the briefcase. When he lands, the case is handed to someone, who's told "check this". How badly do they search it to not immediately find the explosives? Even if that person's job is just checking the diamonds, the security is so tight around that area it's inconceivable that they wouldn't check the case for bugs or something. (00:06:05)

Correction: They might sweep the case for bugs. However, this is unlikely for several reasons. Firstly, they think Bond is a criminal diamond merchant called Van Bierk. As Van Bierk is a criminal selling blood diamonds, perhaps reasonably they conclude that he isn't going to be an MI6 agent. Don't forget Van Bierk is a real person, so they would know about his criminal history, thus reinforcing their idea that he was a true criminal, so obviously would be uninterested in bugging them. Also, to sweep for bugs you would use an electronic device waved over the briefcase, not unlike the handheld metal detectors in airports. They wouldn't bother opening up the case's bottom if the sweep detected nothing (and it doesn't).


Corrected entry: When Gustav lets go of the Antonov, the airflow would have resulted in him passing along the side of the aircraft to freedom, not into the engine. This happens with other people we see fall out of that hole - why's he different? The parachute would if anything add to the effect, not drag him further out. (01:56:45)

Correction: Such an incident has actually occurred in real life. In 1989 United Airlines Flight 811, a 747 suffered explosive decompression over the Pacific Ocean when a forward cargo door came open and tore away from the aircraft taking part of the fuselage with it along with 2 rows of seats and 9 people aboard who were sucked to their deaths. When the plane landed it was revealed that one or several of the nine were sucked into the planes engines as human remains were found inside. 747 engines are located even further away from the side of the aircraft than those on an Antonov-124. While airflow moves along the sides of the aircraft you need to take into account the suction of the engine intakes, which is a wide arc, often denoted by warning stripes painted on the tarmac. What most likely happened was Graves' parachute just happened to catch the intake suction and when he let go of the aircraft, it pulled him in.

Corrected entry: When Bond is with Q on the gadget place, you can see the Bond dummy Scaramanga used to train with in "The Man With the Golden Gun." It has a Roger Moore face, it's undressed and missing its fingers from its left hand.

Correction: No. There are several dummies in the lab in various states of disrepair, but none have Roger Moore's face. These are the dummies seen over the years used to test Q's various gadgets. The most prominent dummy seen (next to the crocodile sub) isn't just missing fingers from its left hand, its missing its entire left arm! It's actually highly unlikely MI6 would have the Scaramanga dummy of Bond considering that the playhouse (and the rest of the lair) blew up and Bond never bothered to take it with him.


Corrected entry: When Gustav Graves has his little reunion with his father on the plane, he kills him and steals his medal. Now, that medal is the Order of Lenin, a Russian medal. A North Korean, even one who fought in the Korean War, wouldn't be awarded one. (01:51:00)

Correction: A close-up frame reveals it is not russian Order of Lenin medal but North Korean Order of Freedom and Independence medal.

Corrected entry: Sean Connery had already filmed his scenes to play James Bond's father in a cameo when somebody remembered that James Bond is an orphan.

Correction: I find no reference to any scenes filmed with Sean Connery playing Bond's father. You are probably thinking about an idea posted on the internet by someone, some random thought that obviously was never going to happen. Having played the role through several movies Sean Connery would know better than anyone that Bond was an orphan.

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Corrected entry: When Jinx first appears out of the water, notice her expression. She looks like she's doing a photo shoot for a magazine. She keeps making this "sexy face" as she walks in slo-mo toward the beach. But when the camera angle changes and returns to normal speed, she looks bored and disinterested.

Mark Bernhard

Correction: This is when Bond sees her for the first time, and since he is a womanizer, we could be seeing her as he sees her. When the angle changes, it is really how she looks. Since the initial scene is in slow motion, we can assume the director was going for an "artsy" shot.

Corrected entry: Miranda Frost confiscates Bond's watch and other gadgets when it is revealed that she is actually working for Gustav Graves. Correctly, he does not have a watch on in the following scenes. However, after the rescue of Jinx from the destroyed ice palace, Bond is shown making his first 'update' briefing with Charles (M's assistant) as the story continues. He is now wearing an Omega Seamaster again. He could not have retrieved his original watch from Miranda, and he has not yet at this point in the story had any opportunity before this point to have any contact with Q or any other MI6 operative, so where did he get his replacement watch? It doesn't make sense that Bond would go to the trouble of going out and finding a retail dealer to buy a new production-model $4,000 Omega Seamaster in the midst of this world emergency just because he wants to wear a watch for the short time until he gets issued his new Q-approved replacement.

Correction: The two scenes are half a globe away from one another (Iceland to South Korea). More than sufficient time to have gotten a replacement. In fact, Bond was expected in South Korea (he wouldn't have been able to get into a US military base otherwise), indicating that he *had* been in communication with MI6.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: Bond pushes a dashboard button to open the roof of his car when it is upside down sliding on the ice. Notice that the button is labled "ROOF", not "ROOF OPEN", indicating that it is not intended soley to open the roof, but to open and close the roof. After he flips it back on the wheels, he pushes a button down on the floor console somewhere to close the roof. It is not likely that there would be two seperate controls to operate the roof.

Correction: Just prior to Bond pushing the button, we see him glance upwards (which from his upside-down perspective is towards the floor of the car), then there's a close-up of his finger activating the ROOF button. Clearly, the button was on the console beside his seat, not on the dash.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: In Q's projects lab, he introduces to Bond his newest gadgets. When he wants to demonstrate the sonic ring, he asks for a weapon from Bond, who picks up a Walther P99 pistol from the table and hands it to Q. After Q fires the weapon at the bullet-proof glass, he hands the gun back to Bond, who then puts the weapon into his empty shoulder holster. Why is Bond taking this gun with him? Where is his own gun? It can't be this one, for Bond has never been in this lab, nor even this entire complex yet. There was no opportunity for him to have relinquished his gun to Q or any other MI6 operative before this point in the story.

Correction: Just prior to this, Bond was using the virtual simulator glasses. He had been in Q's lab long enough for Q to give him the glasses, explain its use and arm him with an unloaded weapon for the simulation. Plenty of time for Bond to have set his weapon down or otherwise relinquished it.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: At the beginning of the scene where Moneypenny is using the virtual reality suite to simulate her seduction by Bond, her nose is quite distinctive - narrow and upturned at the end. When she kisses Bond, the tip of her nose is smaller and rounded.

Correction: The two shots are at different angles and in two different locations in the room. Her nose simply looks different depending on the angle and lighting conditions. The actress did not get rhinoplasty between shots.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: When Miranda turns against Bond he fires his gun twice - but it clicks. An automatic wouldn't click twice since the hammer is only jacked back by the recoil from the previous shot.

Jacob La Cour

Correction: The Walther P99 that Bond uses is both a single action and a double action pistol. This means that the hammer does not have to be cocked before every trigger pull. In double action mode, each time the trigger is pulled the hammer is cocked and then fired. This is exactly what happens with Bond. He pulled the trigger and nothing happened. He then pulled the trigger again to confirm. I used to have a P99 and if there is no bullet chambered then it works exactly the way Bond used it.


Corrected entry: During the scene where Icarus is first set off, illuminating the palace enough that sunglasses are handy to use, notice that even though the light is very intense, neither Bond's nor Jinx's pupils shrink. (01:12:05)

Correction: If the cameraman had zoomed in a significant distance to show irrelevant pupil movement, you would've seen them shrinking, but i guess the director didn't want to show eye and eye movements during this scene.


Corrected entry: Surely Zao would have the diamonds (his strongest identifying mark) removed from his face before changing his DNA/external appearance (as Moon did). Otherwise he'd have a new face scarred by the same old diamonds, somewhat defeating the purpose of the procedure.

Correction: The alteration procedure was not finished. Without specific knowledge that they did not intend to remove the diamonds at some point, this cannot be considered an error.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: In the scene where James Bond and Gustav Graves go outside during their sword fight, Gustav pushes James over a garden table but when he does this you can see that it's not Pierce Brosnan that he pushes over but Pierce's stunt double. (00:55:49)

Correction: I've looked time and time again and it isn't his stunt double.

Corrected entry: In the scene where we see that Jinx has fainted inside the water cell, there is a tiny little red spot on her nose.

Correction: Where is the mistake? There could be many reasons she had a red spot on her nose. It doesn't necessarily make it a mistake.

Corrected entry: The North Korean air crew flying Moon's command post aircraft are wearing Soviet Air Force arm badges. (01:49:30)

Correction: Russia supplied arms to North Korea for years, and aided in training the military. It is possible that either the air crew was Russian (some people living in Eastern Russia look Asian, as Russia does extend into Asia) or that they were wearing surplus Russian uniforms.

Corrected entry: The movie shows an Antonov 124, a Russian plane, so why, in the scene when Halle Berry is trying to regain altitude from the sudden decompression, does the altimeter says "feet" instead of "meters"?

Correction: How many times does this same mistake have to be corrected? ALL AIRCRAFT ALTIMETERS ARE CALIBRATED IN FEET. All of them, every single last one. Russian, French, Outer Mongolian, doesn't matter. Antonov 124, Boeing 747, Harrier Jump Jet, Rutan microlights. Feet, feet, feet. All aircraft measure their altitudes in FEET. None, anywhere, any time, use meters. NOT ONE.

Corrected entry: The downward air pressure from a hovercraft is strong enough to set off a land mine.

Correction: Landmines can be triggered by a variety of things including pressure, movement, sound, magnetism and vibration. The ones in the movie are obviously not pressure activated.


Corrected entry: The name 'Zao' is Chinese, and since many Koreans have Chinese names, there are definitely some Koreans named Zao. But there is no 'Z' sound in Korean. Therefore 'Zao' should be pronounced 'jo', 'cho', or 'sho' (depending on who's doing the pronouncing).

Correction: Unless the submitter is suggesting that all Koreans have a speech defect, they would be capable of pronouncing Zao in the way it was intended.


Corrected entry: In the car chase, you can see when Bond's car flips that there is a large metal plate underneath it, presumably to mount explosives and effects paraphernalia on. A real Vanquish would have an assortment of metal tubes and engine parts.

Correction: It's highly unlikely that Bond would have a standard production model. It's completely in line with the story that it would have been heavily modified.


Corrected entry: In the last scene at the Isla Los Organos, Jinx jumps into the water from a considerable height. She bothers removing her dress, but she leaves her big earrings on. Hitting the water should at least tear them off in a quite painful way, yet we see her just a moment later in the water, the earrings are still there, and she seems rather happy. (00:48:00)

Correction: Nicky Berwick, the stuntwoman who doubled for Halle Berry, did the high dive (from the wall of a castle in Cadiz, Spain) while wearing the earrings in question. Since she was uninjured we can assume Jinx could have got away with it, too.

Corrected entry: When Bond is first speaking to Jinx in the bar by the beach he is smoking a cigar. Various shots of him then Jinx show him sometimes raising his cigar to his mouth, then it not there in the next shot. (00:35:25)

Correction: He takes a puff while the camera is on Jinx.

Corrected entry: In the fight scene at the end, Jinx and Miranda are fighting. Jinx gets the upper hand on Miranda and stabs her. Miranda soon afterwards falls backwards and lands with her arms pointing downwards. When Bond comes into the room after he's killed Graves, Miranda is lying down with her arms pointing upwards. (01:57:10)

Correction: We don't know that she died instantly. She could have moved her arms while writhing in pain or in an effort to get up.

Corrected entry: Outside the ice palace when Bond opens the steam valve, he turns the valve clockwise, which would have only tightened it rather than released it. In any event, what on earth was such a dangerous steam valve doing there in the first place?

Correction: Actually, valves on propane tanks are tightened by turning them counter-clockwise for some reason. Maybe the valve in the Ice Palace works the same way.

Corrected entry: When Bond escapes from the British ship after shocking the doctors, a second or two after he jumps over the side you can see his hands fly up, presumably because he landed on a mat not that far down. In reality, the deck would be quite far from the surface and you wouldn't see anything when he hit the water. (00:25:45)

Correction: He could have just thrown his hands up reflexively as he was falling, enabling us to see them no matter when he hit something (or what he hit, for that matter).

Corrected entry: In the scene where Bond pulls himself out of Hong Kong harbour you see the Hong Kong skyline in the background, therefore he has come ashore on the Kowloon side (also a reference to "The Man With The Golden Gun"). He then turns to see that he's at the Hong Kong Yacht Club - but the Yacht Club is on Hong Kong Island, not the Kowloon waterfront. (00:26:15)

Correction: The Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club is on Hong Kong Island; the Hong Kong Yacht Club as depicted in the film is fictitious.

Corrected entry: Graves tells his people to kill Bond quietly (he doesn't want the party guests to know what's going on). So they fire at him with machine guns and try to mow him down with the Icarus beam?

Correction: He says kill bond quickly, not quietly.

Corrected entry: At the beginning of the movie, when Bond is fighting with Moon on the hovercraft, Moon shoots at Bond with the flamethrower. If you use slowmotion just as Moon is beginning to fire the flamethrower, there are a few frames where you can see that it is shooting water at Bond, indicating that the fire was "drawn in."


Correction: That is a real flamethrower supplied by Any Effects Ltd. It uses 'Sterno', camping lighter fuel, mixed with hydraulic fluid. This produces a very low temperature flame which is also very 'dirty' - meaning it can be seen on camera (and in real life.) What you see when freezing is the unburned sterno just before it hits the spark plug.

Corrected entry: Why does Bond look so shocked when Moon calls him by his real name? Moon just blew up his helicopter, about half a dozen guys have grabbed him, and there's a gun at his head. Clearly, Moon's figured out Bond isn't who he's pretending to be. In fact, why doesn't Bond realize even before Moon blows up the helicopter? He's looking right at Moon and Zao while they talk and cast furtive glances at him.

Correction: Just because Moon and Zao are talking furtively, it doesn't automatically mean that his cover's blown - he may well have felt concern at that point, but if he showed any nervousness, it would be out of character for who he's trying to play. After the destruction of the helicopter, obviously Bond knows that his cover has been blown somehow, but there's no way that Moon should actually know his name - after all, he's a top covert agent for British Intelligence, so his name would hardly be common knowledge. For Moon to call him by his real name is still going to be one hell of a shock, as it tells Bond that Moon has a source of information within British Intelligence - basically that there's a mole somewhere who's just sold him out. A certain amount of shock is quite reasonable.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: When we first meet Jinx, she has just been swimming. When she meets James Bond and starts talking to him, she has lip gloss and eye shadow on. Surely she couldn't put it on that quickly? (00:34:55)

Correction: Perhaps it's waterproof makeup. If she wasn't in the water too long, it wouldn't come off.

Corrected entry: When Bond is being chased in the rocket car by the sunbeam, for a few seconds he's in the world's smallest coniferous forest, which seems to exist for no other reason than to shear the sides of and look good on fire. After that he's back on the sheet of ice, with no vegetation to be seen for miles. (01:28:20)

Correction: The scenes were actually filmed in Iceland, and Iceland does have a lot of lush greenery.


Corrected entry: In the scene after Bond uses his high frequency ring to smash through the glass floor, the translated text on screen says that Graves is telling his men in Korean to kill him "quietly". Surely, in all the pandemonium, the translation should say "quickly".

Correction: He says "quietly" because the numerous party guests are still there and he doesn't want them to hear what's going on.

Corrected entry: How did Graves manage to undergo gene therapy, create a diamond business, design, construct, and launch Icarus, become world famous and get knighted all in the 14 months Bond was held in Korea?

Correction: After his gene therapy the colonel killed the real Graves and took his place. This explains the diamond business & knighthood. Icarus must be written off as a miracle of engineering and logistics for the sake of the movie.

Corrected entry: Before chaos erupts at the ice palace, there are lots of people inside it. Only about 30 seconds afterwards, there are no people are around, or at least none of them notice what is going on. Where did all of the people go?

Correction: We've seen the plane land - they've all headed off to board it. The only people remaining at that point are the ones that Graves has ordered to remain behind to deal with Bond.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: the slider crash on Bond's invisible car, it should smash the door and broke the window. but after Bond escapes with it, there is no scratch on it.

Correction: It would cause damage if the car was made out the usual materials, but since the Vanquish shows almost no damage after receiving machinegun fire from Zao's car, it can be assumed that the car is made out of a stronger material.

Corrected entry: When M leaves Bond's bedside, the doors close but the LED of the security computer lock stays green. It should have turned into red to show that the door had been closed, as happens shortly afterwards when Bond locks the medical staff in. (00:23:55)

Correction: It is hinted at later when M has her conversation with the American guy that she left the door wide open for him to escape.

Corrected entry: When M is talking to the American over the webcam connection, look at the bottom of the screen when we see the American. You can see the back of the webcam that is supposed to be taking the image. In the next shot it is gone. (00:47:35)

Correction: While it does look like a webcam it is not the camera that is taking the image. This is clear because if it was he would be looking directly at it. His eyes are looking ahead and not down towards to the camera. The next shot the camera is gone because the camera that is filming him is zoomed in, we cannot see the desk so we cannot say that the webcam is gone.

Corrected entry: Gustav Graves parachutes in to the Buckingham Palace area on the way to collect his knighthood from The Queen. During the scene we see several shots of Buckingham Palace itself, however the Royal Standard isn't flying on the flag pole. Whenever HM The Queen is in residence at Buckingham Palace the Royal Standard is flown. It may have been possible that The Queen was still on the way to the Palace when Gustav parachutes in, but this can't be the case as Miranda Frost says "We can't keep Her Majesty waiting any longer", implying she is already there. (00:49:05)

Correction: We have no reason to believe that Miranda Frost isn't simply making an excuse so that her employer could leave. It wouldn't be the first time that a public relations person lied.

Corrected entry: Why does the part of the ice palace in which Jinx is imprisoned melt so much faster than the rest? And why doesn't that apply to the walls and door? (01:36:40)

Correction: The room Jinx is in doesn't melt faster, it is just sealed, keeping water inside. Walls and doors were probably reinforced with bulletproof glass or something similar but they do melt a bit.

Corrected entry: In the opening sequence in North Korea. When James Bond detonates the C4 in the brief case carrying the diamonds, the diamonds fly into the air and some are embedded into Zao's face. When the C4 is detonated Zao has the back of his head facing the case with the diamonds in. When the case explodes Zao lands face down on the floor. How come he has diamonds embedded into his face - surely they should be in the back of his head? (00:08:10)

Correction: The diamonds are on his back right when the suitcase explodes and they scratch all the right side of his face, which is perfectly possible.

Corrected entry: Icarus is shown in low earth orbit, and would pass from horizon to horizon in under 15 minutes - yet the beam is always vertical as if fixed overhead. In low earth orbit, the chances of Icarus being right overhead Korea or Iceland at any given moment are quite slim. On the other hand, if it were in a geostationary orbit, it would be over the equator, and the beam would be at least 50 degrees from the vertical over Iceland. However, from that position it couldn't also target Korea. If there is a geostationary orbit visible from both Iceland and Korea, it would be very low on the horizon and thus useless for hitting a target.

Correction: The beam is not always vertical: when it's shot in Korea, it is about 30 degrees from the vertical. The satellite is not geostationary and the bad guy had already planned where and when to fire, so he could have prepared Icarus for that.

Corrected entry: You can't electrocute someone with a medical defibrillator, even if you do hit them with both pads. They come equipped with a very sensitive device which stops the current flow if a heartbeat is detected.

Correction: I am a paramedic and that is not always true. You can still do some serious damage with a defibrillator. They don't always stop the current flow.

shortdanzr Premium member

Corrected entry: When Zao is having DNA alteration he still has the diamonds embedded in his face - what's the point in getting a face change? If they can be removed why hasn't he done this first? If they can't be removed he'll have a different face with a whole mess of diamonds embedded in it, which would be quite a major giveaway. (00:42:30)

Correction: In the scene previous to the one where Bond confronts Zao, you can see the progress of his face change. All the stage one photos have his diamonds still intact and in situ. Therefore it is part of the treatment that the diamonds are still in place when Bond finds him.

Corrected entry: When Bond is about to sneak into the restricted area of the ice palace, he takes out two guards by opening a valve and causing steam to explode over them. He opens the valve by turning a wheel, which appears to be metal, using bare hands in sub-zero temperatures. Under those conditions his hands would have stuck to the metal and Bond would have left a good few layers of his skin on the wheel. (01:14:55)

Correction: Only if the metal or his hands had liquid water on them. (That's why your tongue sticks to freezing metal - it's wet). There's no water on the wheel, and I doubt if Bond has sweaty palms in that temperature.

Corrected entry: When Bond and Jinx are trying to escape in the helicopter, they open the door and start the conveyor. The red car drops. Quite a few seconds later, the yellow car is dropped. Yet, later, we see the cars nose down in the mud about 20 feet apart. How did this happen when the plane was moving at such speed? (01:59:30)

Correction: This assumes the two cars falls perfectly vertically, and they won't. Their center of gravity, air resistance, shape, and so on will all make a difference. They could land miles apart or practically on top of each other, as happens here.

Corrected entry: During the virtual training scene,just after James meets Charles-he ejects his clip from his gun and reaches behind his back to get a full one,the slide is forward when he inserts the clip...meaning he would have had to manually chamber a round,but there isn't a sound to say that he did, meaning his chamber would have been empty.

Correction: He still had one in the chamber otherwise the chamber would be in a locked back position. He reloaded while he had one shot left. Something I was trained to do as well. Count your shots, don't give it a chance to be completely empty.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Bond steals Graves's rocket-powered ice vehicle, there is an overhead shot looking down at the vehicle (just after Graves says "bring me the generals". At the top of the frame, you can see a white cable pulling the ice vehicle along. (01:27:35)

Correction: It's not a cable. It's a deep rut in the ice made by Graves' previous record breaking attempts in the rocket sled. You can see this in the overhead wide shots of Bond escaping in the sled.

Corrected entry: When Bond is driving in the Chevy in Havana, look at the speedometer. It's clearly at zero. (00:33:10)

Correction: The speedo could conceivably be broken. They do that. Chevrolet parts are not available in Cuba due to the US import blockade.

Corrected entry: During the fencing scene between 007 and Graves, there is a shot when Graves is removing his fencing coat. There is a line that is used to trigger the fake blood from his hand going up the inside of the jacket arm. (00:56:15)

Correction: Sorry, that is the wire that registers a hit. Every fencer has one to ring the alarm when your opponent gets a point. Immediately after this scene, Bond takes off his jacket and there is the same wire in the same spot. As a consolation to you however, the blood is falsified using a wire. You can see it hanging from Graves' sleeve when he sucks on the wound and yells: "Yes, I bloody well want to continue.".

Corrected entry: The Aston and the Jaguar do not have space in the engine bay to install the hardware they were holding in the movie. Even for the prop cars they replaced the engines with Ford V8s, so how could the real deal have had enough space - it couldn't. Apart from that, why would anybody buy an Aston, then throw away the engine and put in a pushrod V8? Might as well start with another car altogether. Practicality does come into play here.


Correction: Q Branch obviously have the technology available to put the hardware in place. C'mon, this is a Bond film, for heaven's sake - a little suspension of disbelief is called for.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: In the scene where Bond is in the rocket sled being chased by the huge beam of light, Graves uses the laser to cut a huge section of ice out of the cliff, it cuts about 100 meters without problems. But when the laser is used on the ice palace, it just slowly melts instead of being completely annihilated. (01:35:55)

Correction: Icarus has different settings, ranging from the illumination shown during the demonstration, to the full power used on Bond. Graves, being an unpleasant sort, wants Jinx to drown rather than be vaporised by the Icarus beam, hence his choice to use a lower setting to melt the palace rather than destroy it immediately.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: Bond enters the first hotel with long hair and a scruffy beard. By the time the 'massage' lady came to his room, how did he give himself such a neat haircut? It couldn't have been done by a hairdresser at the hotel, because surely they would have also given him an equally neat shave too - and he would have no need for the electric razor he was using.

Correction: I wouldn't say that is a "movie mistake" though. We as the audience are obviously supposed to surmise that there is some sort of time lapse between the time we see him with the electric razor, and the time he is at the front desk in the previous scene, and we as the audience of course don't know exactly how long that time lapse is. Could have been hours for all we know. Bond could have had plenty of time to give himself the shave and haircut.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Bond is using the rocket sledge, he ends up using its brake-chute to paraglide and kite-surf. Brake-chutes are round (see dragsters, jet fighters,... ), an aerofoil turns speed into lift.

Correction: It doesn't present a cross section to the airflow so it won't produce lift. It opens up vertically into the airstream and produces drag and hence a braking effect, just like it is supposed to do.

Corrected entry: When Bond revives Jinx in the hot spring, she sputters a bit and starts talking. Previously, she had been unconscious and underwater. She should have lungs full of water to spit out before she could speak. (01:40:15)

Correction: She passed out because of oxygen deprivation and extreme cold and was revived in a warm bath. This is perfectly feasible.

Corrected entry: Towards the end of the film when Jinx tries to level out the plane, she stabilizes it at just over 5,000 feet and then starts the fight with Miranda. Yet when Jinx and Bond are in the helicopter when it is falling out of the sky the altitude they fall from is shown on the helicopter's altimeter as over 7,000 feet, and that's after dropping for a while. (01:58:50)

Correction: This is entirely possible because unless either of them, or anyone before, had reset the altimeter when the plane was on the ground it is very likely that there would be a disparity. Altimeters need to be constantly altered during flights to remain accurate, and pilots are normally given readings by Air Traffic Control. Bond and Jinx didn't get this either.

David Mercier

Corrected entry: When the suitcase of diamonds explodes, surely the diamonds that caught the face of Zao, and other soldiers, would cut right through him/them, as diamonds are the hardest material on Earth. Instead they seem to have been implanted into his skin. (00:08:20)

Correction: Being the hardest material on Earth doesn't mean that you can ignore the rules of friction. Once you've slowed the punching object down, it's embedded. The diamonds that were lodged in Zao's face may have bounced off other objects. He was lucky, though.

Corrected entry: When Bond is at the Ice Palace the car is invisible when he's sneaking around, but when he opens the door you can plainly see the wing mirror through the car window, if the car is invisible you wouldn't be able to see any of the car's exterior. (01:13:40)

Correction: As the wing mirror is rather handy while driving, Q would undoubtedly have made sure that the adaptive camouflage was designed in such a way that the wing mirrors could still be used while invisible - probably something cunning involving the glass in the windows.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: Why do the U.S. give up after sending one rocket against the Icarus satellite? Why don't they just send 50 or 100 rockets up at the same time, all coming from different directions? There would be no way the Icarus satellite could shoot them all down. That would have stopped the bad guy's master plan much sooner. (01:43:10)

Correction: Due to concerns about possible violations of space weaponry treaties, the anti-satellite missile programme was shut down in the late eighties. While the US would presumably have a few still lying around - and use one here - there were only a few ever constructed. It seems unlikely that they'd have more than a couple available to them, and Icarus would easily be able to deal with that.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: During the Iceland scenes, Bond cuts a hole in the surface of the ice and then swims through the water. As the surface is frozen, the water itself would have been close to freezing. How does Bond manage to swim in it with no protection against the cold? He doesn't even display any discomfort at swimming with his eyes open. (01:20:00)

Correction: It is quite possible to swim in water that's close to freezing - there are groups in Russia and probably many other cold countries who do this for fun, wearing only normal swimwear. Bond is not in the water for long enough for any problems to set in.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: After Graves and Bond's fencing battle they shake with their right hands. By tradition all fencers shake with their left. Something going back hundreds of years about never releasing your weapon. (00:56:35)

Correction: Both Bond and Graves have a certain disdain for tradition and each seems to recognise that in the other. Using the wrong hand is an acknowledgement of that.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: Right before Bond detonates the C-4 in the briefcase of diamonds, all the soldiers are scrambling to get the weapons out of the location and the firing squad is just about to fire at Bond. People are rushing around, there are fires in the background, and there is STILL someone examining the diamonds with an eyepiece. Why continue to examine the diamonds at this moment? (00:08:05)

Correction: It's his job. The diamond expert has nothing to do with regard to removing the weapons, nor to do with Bond. And given his boss's violent temper, it would undoubtedly be wise for him to finish the examination of the diamonds immediately, rather than stop and have to explain why to the Colonel.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: In the fencing scene, Gustav Graves says "Positions...play...en garde". He should say "Positions...en garde...play/fence".

Correction: Actually Gustav Graves only says "en garde", it's the caller/referee that says "positions... play".


Corrected entry: Why didn't the British/Americans fire missiles at the plane carrying Graves and the controls for Icarus instead of firing at the Icarus itself? Surely between the U.S. and British armed forces, they would have enough firepower to destroy a single bulky, poorly maneuverable jet. For that matter, why didn't they just fire missiles at it before it took off from the airfield?

Correction: The Icarus was targeted because it was a weapon located in space, owned by a known socio-path. The plane was not a legitimate target since it stayed in North Korean territory. They could not strike the plane since this would be an unprovoked act of war. Notice how Falco commented on a counter-strike AFTER the beam crossed the DMZ?

Corrected entry: In the scene where Bond has just used his ring to break the glass floor and Miranda Frost is chasing him though the trees and plants, he gets to the rope (of sorts) which I assume is connected to a electronic pulley system. So as far as I can see, Jinx would have a remote control or something to control when the rope goes down, up, stops, etc. Bond obviously doesn't have this, but manages to grab the rope and shoot upwards on it. (01:26:50)

Correction: The pulley could work by a tug of the line which activates the winch upwards.

Alistair Phillips

Corrected entry: M tells Falco that if he had disclosed that Frost and Moon were on the fencing team at Harvard together, this all could have been avoided. Considering that nobody knew that Graves and Moon were the same person until Bond discovered it, how would that have helped?

Correction: It would not have mattered if M knew that Moon and Graves were the same person; she would have still been able to identify Frost as the mole within MI6.

Corrected entry: Helicopters do not need to have their engines running in order to avoid crashing. At the end of the film, Bond is desperately trying to start the helicopters engine to stop crashing. In reality, all he needed to have done was to perform an autorotation. This is a maneuvre which is used to arrest the decent rate in an engine-out emergency in helicopters, and allows a smooth landing. (01:59:15)

Correction: Autorotation is used when the engine has failed. If the engine can work it is better to try and use that. Autorotation is an emergency procedure and a risk in itself.

Corrected entry: James Bond is a highly trained, highly skilled secret agent/assassin. After he sleeps with Agent Frost, she removes the bullets from the magazine of his gun. Later in the film he seems surprised and shocked that this could have happened. Every handgun is significantly heavier with rounds in it. Surely 007 would be able to feel the weight of his empty gun was different when he picked it up the next morning.

Correction: According to the novelization of the film, the gun has not been emptied of bullets, but has had its firing pin bent. Therefore, there will not be any difference in weight, just a gun that cannot fire.

Corrected entry: Towards the end of the movie, M says something along the lines of, 'Well, if you had disclosed that Frost and Moon were on the fencing team at Harvard together, this all could have been avoided'. I seriously, seriously, seriously doubt that the U.S. government would/could have had any reason to prevent MI-6 from getting a roster of any university fencing club for one of their own agents. Just as a little test, I found out the current members of the Harvard fencing team in less than 2 minutes by hitting Harvard's athletics web page. MI-6 is in serious, serious trouble if they can't find a roster form, given the ages of Moon and Frost, at most 6 or 7 years ago.

Correction: M isn't saying that MI6 couldn't find out. They didn't know to look in the first place. M is saying that the CIA knew tha Moon and Frost were acquainted before Frost joined MI6 and that the CIA didn't inform MI6 of this. Which caused MI6 to miss find out about her role as the mole.

Corrected entry: We see James turn his car invisible near the ice palace. When the villain with the diamonds in his face switches on the heat sensor thing in his car we see James Bond's car glow red. Would that actually happen? Not likely, only the engine would show red along with James Bond's body, not the whole car. Especially right after it was started after staying in the cold for a long time.

Correction: It could be that the whole car is heated to prevent frost from forming and ruining the adaptive camouflage.

Corrected entry: When Bond is talking to the General, he has his handcuffs on behind his back. When he starts walking down to the other side of the boardwalk his hands are at his sides without any restraints, and no-one undid them.

Correction: He doesn't have handcuffs on here, he just keeps his hand behind his back. Just look at the point where he is 'helped' out of the truck: two people hold his arms, but without him wearing cuffs.

Corrected entry: Why can the lasers burn through metal in an instant, but take a few split seconds to burn through Mr. Kill's skull?

Correction: The lasers only burn away the surface of the metal floor and therefore the laser would take a while longer to burn through a whole skull.

Corrected entry: In the Cuban clinic, Bond unplugs a wire from a camera that's covering the secret entrance. However, he only unplugs the wire that controls the zoom/focus (you can see the wire goes to a small motor or something on top of the lens). The power and video feed comes/goes from the thicker cable coming out the back of the camera into the wall.

Correction: With that cable pulled out, the shutter will close to protect the optics. Hence the camera will work but the image will be black.

Corrected entry: At the very beginning of the big car chase, when bond gets in the Aston Martin. We see that the car is invisible when it's struck by a guy riding a skidoo. But when the Aston reappears visible, the rear of the car is completely undamaged.

Correction: Come on, this is James Bond! I would assume that the car's makers in the film from the "Q Branch" would have fitted super-strong armoured plating as standard, following on from Tomorrow Never Dies where a big deal was made out of the hard armoured skin.

Corrected entry: When James and Jinx enter the Antonov, they climb through a door in the cargobelly-floor. In a pressurized aircraft there is absolutely no connection between the pressurised cabin and the wheelwells.

Correction: The Antonov 124 (An-124-100M) has a passage between the wheelwell and the cargo bay. In there are the controls for adjusting the kneeling mechanism for the landing gear. This compartment is pressurized.

Corrected entry: When James Bond is about to jump into the hole he has made in the ice, he takes off his jacket. When he re-emerges in the tropical garden area, he takes his jacket off again.

Correction: They are not the same jacket. Look when Bond takes off his jacket before jumps into the hole, he is wearing another jacket underneath. It's this one that he takes off in the tropical garden area.

Corrected entry: For Frost to empty Bond's gun, she would have had to eject the clip, remove six bullets, rack the slide to clear the one from the chamber, replace it, lock the slide back into place and hide the bullets. How could she have done all this without Bond noticing?

Correction: She could have just replaced the clip with an empty one, making the process a bit easier to do while he's asleep.

Corrected entry: The ice palace appears to be on a sheet of ice about 8-12 inches thick above the water. After Bond steals the ice racer he seems to go on level ground until he gets to a cliff with the sea hundreds of feet below - did the tide go out?

Correction: The palace is built on a lake.

Corrected entry: I find it odd that jeeps and virtually every structure that is hit by Icarus instantaneously explode, yet when the plane passes completely through the beam in the end, it only peels some of the body off.

Correction: The Icarus device reflects and focuses the radiation from the sun. The plane is not at the focus of the beam, which is on the ground below.

Corrected entry: In the sexy scene where Jinx exits the water in the bikini, when the wave goes down you can see her bikini bottom and that there is no white belt, then it cuts to Bond briefly, then back to Jinx still walking through the water, and the belt is on her now.

Timothy Conard

Correction: The belt is always visible - you can see it poking just above the surface of the water. In widescreen, anyway.

Corrected entry: In the car chase scene across the ice plains in Iceland, Bond's car is flipped onto its roof by an exploding rocket. He flips the car upright again by ejecting the passenger seat, yet when he rescues Jinx from the melting room, the seat has magically reappeared for her to rest on. How can this be?

Correction: It could be on hydraulics, so the seat would be retracted afterwards.

Corrected entry: I can understand how they got the car's body invisible - it's explained by microscopic cameras and a light emitting coating (a technology that's actually being experimented with). But how did they get the windows invisible? There can be nothing mounted on those because then you would not be able to see through them. And if there was nothing on them, the bad guys would see Bond's upper body floating around. This also applies to the headlights, brake lights, etc...


Correction: The windows could be double-faced - ie. have projectors and cameras on both sides of each window. When the car is visible, one side of the pane displays what the other side sees and vice-versa. When the car is invisible, the passenger-side outer pane displays what the driver-side outer pane sees. The passenger-side inner pane displays what the passenger-side outer pane sees. Therefore, the bad guys "see through" Bond, but Bond can see the bad guys.

Corrected entry: When Gustav Graves parachutes in over Buckingham Palace, that's restricted air space, he would not be allowed to do that, no matter how rich he is.

Correction: They actually did this stunt - click here for more info. Of course, a Bond film and a millionaire's publicity stunt are two very different things.

Corrected entry: At the end of the car-vs.-car deathmatch on the ice, why does the villian in the green Jaguar follow Bond into a melting Ice Palace? If the Ice Palace completely melts and Bond or his car doesn't come out, problem solved, if Bond/his car do come out, continue the chase then.

Correction: The ice palace is a big building and if Zao had waited outside for Bond to drive out again Bond obviously would have chosen to exit the building somewhere where Zao's view would have been obstructed by the ice palace. Considering that Bond doesn't even use an exit (he eventually drives his car out of the ice palace by breaking through a wall) he conceivably could have hundreds of places to escape where Zao couldn't have seen him had he waited outside the palace.

Corrected entry: Bond shatters the widescreen of his car with his ring to retrieve Jinx. In the shot when his car comes to a stop after exiting the ice palace, the widescreen appears intact.

Correction: We never get a good enough look - inside it's broken, then after the smash through the wall, all of the shots are either blurred or from the side/back, making it too hard to see.

Corrected entry: Bond goes to Iceland for the little demonstration. In reality Iceland is not very icy at all. Greenland is the frozen tundra. Iceland is actually quite lush and green.

Correction: The scenes on the frozen lake were filmed in Iceland, so it can't be that green.

Corrected entry: When the plane at the end is first seen, the helicopter is at the back. The same is true when James is seen climbing into the hold of the plane. But when it comes to the end the cars have suddenly jumped to the back.

Correction: Purely a trick of the angle. Look behind the chopper and you can see stuff towards the front of the plane. The order is chopper, yellow car, red car, which is then (of course) reversed when we see a clearer shot out the back of the plane.

Corrected entry: When James Bond cuts a hole in the ice - he does so in front of his visible Astin Martin, which seems to be in the general parking lot, however later in the film the car is still invisible in the restricted area.

Correction: The car that Bond is in front of when he cuts the ice isn't his Aston Martin. It's a Jaguar similar to Zao's.

Corrected entry: Why does the Russian-built transport plane, which is flown by North Koreans, have a verbal altitude warning message in English?

Correction: English is the international pilot's language, hence it would make sense for warnings to be in English too

Corrected entry: In the scene where Bond uses his ring to break the glass floor, from inside the room the floor is glass squares in metal frames. Why does all the glass break when his ring is only close to the one square he falls on?

Correction: The glass floor is actually one pane of glass being supported by the steel grid, so the ring would break the entire floor

Corrected entry: In the car chase scene between Bond and Zao you can see a diamond falling off Zao's face.

Correction: It's not a diamond, but a chunk of snow from his coat.

Corrected entry: Bond cuts a hole in the ice so that he can swim across to the huge greenhouse. He pushes the circular section that he just cut out down then drops into the hole and starts swimming. Two problems with this - first, the entire area is sitting on a frozen lake. If he pushed the circular block of ice down, it should have just bobbed back up to the surface. Second, when we see the underwater shot of him entering the frozen lake the circular piece of ice he cut out is nowhere to be seen.

Correction: If he'd kicked it at any kind of angle, it would have bobbed up under a layer of ice, not right back into the hole - we never see the very top from underneath.

Corrected entry: If James Bond is supposed to be in Iceland, why is it whenever you see him breathing in an exterior shot, you don't see any steam coming from his mouth, as would happen in a cold environment?

Correction: Debatable point, as a lot of the scenes were actually filmed...er...somewhere cold, can't remember where, so if there's no visible vapour, that's just how it was.

Corrected entry: Gustav Graves is really the North Korean General's son, but Miranda Frost has been assigned to Graves for 3 years, M tells us in her briefing with Frost, only 14 months or so later.

Correction: Actually, M says that Frost has worked in Crypotology at MI6 for 3 years - she's only been on this case for 3 months.

Corrected entry: Just before Jinx jumps off the top of the cliff and dives into the water, she removes her dress. In the next shot after removing the dress, the dress itself is nowhere to be seen, either on the ground or fluttering into the sea as she dives off.

Correction: In the "Making of" on the DVD, you can see it was so windy that the dress blew a long way away.

Corrected entry: At the beginning of the virtual training scene, Bond is cleaning his gun. When he is disturbed, he just pops in a clip and starts shooting. I know he likes to live dangerously, but do all superspies clean their guns with a bullet in the chamber?

Correction: The slide is back while James is cleaning the gun, so the loaded bullet would have been ejected. When he puts the clip in and releases the slide, this would chamber the first round.

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James Bond: Vodka martini, plenty of ice... If you can spare it.



In the final fight scene on the plane between Jinx and Agent Frost, Jinx is slashed across her stomach, drawing blood. In a later scene, when Jinx and 007 are pouring diamonds over one another in the hut on the cliff, her stomach is unblemished.



The name of the hotel that Bond visits in Hong Kong is The Rubyeon Royale Hotel. "Ruby" for the 40th anniversary of the James Bond series; "Eon" for EON Productions, producers of the series; and "Royale" for Casino Royale, the first Ian Fleming James Bond novel.