Die Another Day

Corrected entry: At the end of the car-vs.-car deathmatch on the ice, why does the villian in the green Jaguar follow Bond into a melting Ice Palace? If the Ice Palace completely melts and Bond or his car doesn't come out, problem solved, if Bond/his car do come out, continue the chase then.

Correction: The ice palace is a big building and if Zao had waited outside for Bond to drive out again Bond obviously would have chosen to exit the building somewhere where Zao's view would have been obstructed by the ice palace. Considering that Bond doesn't even use an exit (he eventually drives his car out of the ice palace by breaking through a wall) he conceivably could have hundreds of places to escape where Zao couldn't have seen him had he waited outside the palace.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Bond uses his ring to break the glass floor, from inside the room the floor is glass squares in metal frames. Why does all the glass break when his ring is only close to the one square he falls on?

Correction: The glass floor is actually one pane of glass being supported by the steel grid, so the ring would break the entire floor


Corrected entry: The ice palace appears to be on a sheet of ice about 8-12 inches thick above the water. After Bond steals the ice racer he seems to go on level ground until he gets to a cliff with the sea hundreds of feet below - did the tide go out?

Correction: The palace is built on a lake.


Corrected entry: Bond goes to Iceland for the little demonstration. In reality Iceland is not very icy at all. Greenland is the frozen tundra. Iceland is actually quite lush and green.

Correction: The scenes on the frozen lake were filmed in Iceland, so it can't be that green.


Corrected entry: Bond cuts a hole in the ice so that he can swim across to the huge greenhouse. He pushes the circular section that he just cut out down then drops into the hole and starts swimming. Two problems with this - first, the entire area is sitting on a frozen lake. If he pushed the circular block of ice down, it should have just bobbed back up to the surface. Second, when we see the underwater shot of him entering the frozen lake the circular piece of ice he cut out is nowhere to be seen.

Correction: If he'd kicked it at any kind of angle, it would have bobbed up under a layer of ice, not right back into the hole - we never see the very top from underneath.


Corrected entry: In the car chase scene between Bond and Zao you can see a diamond falling off Zao's face.

Correction: It's not a diamond, but a chunk of snow from his coat.


Corrected entry: In the sexy scene where Jinx exits the water in the bikini, when the wave goes down you can see her bikini bottom and that there is no white belt, then it cuts to Bond briefly, then back to Jinx still walking through the water, and the belt is on her now.

Timothy Conard

Correction: The belt is always visible - you can see it poking just above the surface of the water. In widescreen, anyway.


Corrected entry: I can understand how they got the car's body invisible - it's explained by microscopic cameras and a light emitting coating (a technology that's actually being experimented with). But how did they get the windows invisible? There can be nothing mounted on those because then you would not be able to see through them. And if there was nothing on them, the bad guys would see Bond's upper body floating around. This also applies to the headlights, brake lights, etc...


Correction: The windows could be double-faced - ie. have projectors and cameras on both sides of each window. When the car is visible, one side of the pane displays what the other side sees and vice-versa. When the car is invisible, the passenger-side outer pane displays what the driver-side outer pane sees. The passenger-side inner pane displays what the passenger-side outer pane sees. Therefore, the bad guys "see through" Bond, but Bond can see the bad guys.


Corrected entry: Just before Jinx jumps off the top of the cliff and dives into the water, she removes her dress. In the next shot after removing the dress, the dress itself is nowhere to be seen, either on the ground or fluttering into the sea as she dives off.

Correction: In the "Making of" on the DVD, you can see it was so windy that the dress blew a long way away.


Corrected entry: At the beginning of the virtual training scene, Bond is cleaning his gun. When he is disturbed, he just pops in a clip and starts shooting. I know he likes to live dangerously, but do all superspies clean their guns with a bullet in the chamber?

Correction: The slide is back while James is cleaning the gun, so the loaded bullet would have been ejected. When he puts the clip in and releases the slide, this would chamber the first round.


Corrected entry: When Gustav Graves parachutes in over Buckingham Palace, that's restricted air space, he would not be allowed to do that, no matter how rich he is.

Correction: They actually did this stunt - click here for more info. Of course, a Bond film and a millionaire's publicity stunt are two very different things.


Corrected entry: Bond shatters the widescreen of his car with his ring to retrieve Jinx. In the shot when his car comes to a stop after exiting the ice palace, the widescreen appears intact.

Correction: We never get a good enough look - inside it's broken, then after the smash through the wall, all of the shots are either blurred or from the side/back, making it too hard to see.


Corrected entry: I find it odd that jeeps and virtually every structure that is hit by Icarus instantaneously explode, yet when the plane passes completely through the beam in the end, it only peels some of the body off.

Correction: The Icarus device reflects and focuses the radiation from the sun. The plane is not at the focus of the beam, which is on the ground below.


Corrected entry: When James Bond cuts a hole in the ice - he does so in front of his visible Astin Martin, which seems to be in the general parking lot, however later in the film the car is still invisible in the restricted area.

Correction: The car that Bond is in front of when he cuts the ice isn't his Aston Martin. It's a Jaguar similar to Zao's.


Corrected entry: Why does the Russian-built transport plane, which is flown by North Koreans, have a verbal altitude warning message in English?

Correction: English is the international pilot's language, hence it would make sense for warnings to be in English too


Corrected entry: Gustav Graves is really the North Korean General's son, but Miranda Frost has been assigned to Graves for 3 years, M tells us in her briefing with Frost, only 14 months or so later.

Correction: Actually, M says that Frost has worked in Crypotology at MI6 for 3 years - she's only been on this case for 3 months.


Corrected entry: When the plane at the end is first seen, the helicopter is at the back. The same is true when James is seen climbing into the hold of the plane. But when it comes to the end the cars have suddenly jumped to the back.

Correction: Purely a trick of the angle. Look behind the chopper and you can see stuff towards the front of the plane. The order is chopper, yellow car, red car, which is then (of course) reversed when we see a clearer shot out the back of the plane.


Plot hole: When James and Jinx sneak on Gustav's plane, Jinx heads for the cockpit. The pilot gets out of his seat and leaves, making it easy for Jinx to knock out the co-pilot and take over the plane. But what happens to the pilot? he never comes back, even when Miranda is pointing a sword at Jinx, nor when she is fighting to keep the plane flying. (01:49:30)

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James Bond: You know, you're cleverer than you look.
Q: Still, better than looking cleverer than you are.

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Trivia: The name of the hotel that Bond visits in Hong Kong is The Rubyeon Royale Hotel. "Ruby" for the 40th anniversary of the James Bond series; "Eon" for EON Productions, producers of the series; and "Royale" for Casino Royale, the first Ian Fleming James Bond novel.

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Question: Towards the end of the film when Graves has been revealed to be Korean, why is he still using an English accent?

Answer: By this stage, it's become a habit.

J I Cohen
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