Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III

Walker is caught on the roof with the turtles cornering him. He throws the scepter in an attempt to break it but Mike catches it. Wick shoots the rope holding Walker up with a cannonball, and he falls into the sea (presumably to his death).Once the turtles and April get ready to head back to the present, Mike says he doesn't want to go because people treat them better in feudal times. Raph agrees, but Mitsu changes their minds, saying that the turtles shouldn't stay because a war may start again. Meanwhile, Kenshin activates the scepter in the modern day without his honor guards, but Casey manages to get them back in time. However, Mike just misses going back after he talks to Mitsu, but the scepter activates again, sending Mike back to New York with the scepter destroyed so it can't ever be used again.

Michelle A.

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