Punch-Drunk Love

Continuity mistake: Sandler's tie changes from yellow (on the flight) to red in Hawaii. He doesn't have any luggage.


Continuity mistake: After his arrival at Hawaii Barry calls his sister from a phone booth to ask her for Lena's hotel and phone number. From the side we see two men standing next to him, but between shots these two men get replaced by two women.



Continuity mistake: After their first meeting Barry is watching Lena while she is walking away. He is holding a coffee mug in his hand with the handle away from the hand. When the camera angle changes as he goes back in he is holding the mug by the handle.



Continuity mistake: When Barry tries out the harmonium that he has just put on his desk there's a chair standing behind him. When Lance opens the gate the chair is gone.



Continuity mistake: In the scene where Barry meets Lena for the first time there are a few shots through the gate where we see some cables and other junk on the wall across the driveway. When Lance opens the gate a little later everything is gone.

00:03:45 - 00:08:30


Continuity mistake: When Barry cuts up his credit card you can spot some number sequences (000 and 21 344) which don't match the number he had given to the phone sex operator (5102 1717 8118 6554).



Continuity mistake: The clock in Barry's office behaves very erratically. All the time he is mending the piano and cancelling his credit card it says the same time - half past 7. A couple of minutes later, when he is discussing Lena with his sister it reads about 10 past 8.



Continuity mistake: When Barry punches the map, it falls down only slightly. The camera angle changes to him lying on the harmonium and the map on the wall behind him is much lower and at a different angle.



Continuity mistake: After the truck hits Barry's car, he looks at Lena and blood is starting to flow down the right side of her face near her right eye. When he returns to the car, this blood is gone, but blood just starting to flow from above her right eye.


Continuity mistake: The scene where Barry and Lena meet at the hotel is shot very artistically. We only see their silhouettes when they fall into each other's arms, and immediately after that the silhouettes of an endless row of people rushing by them in both directions. However, in the shots before we saw each of them running towards the other, and there was absolutely nobody around except them. In addition, some of these other people walk by more than once, like a tall slender lady with flying hair.



Continuity mistake: When Sandler is demonstrating the new line of 'unbreakable' glass toilet plungers he smacks one on the table, it of course shatters and pretty much all of the white stuff inside comes flying. Yet later we see Sandler carrying the broken plunger handle with a lot of the contents still inside.


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Sandler's tie changes from yellow (on the flight) to red in Hawaii. He doesn't have any luggage.



In the movie Barry buys lots of Healthy Choice pudding to get the frequent flier miles. In real life Healthy Choice had this actual promotion and their was a news story about a man who bought a lot of the pudding and got enough free miles to fly his family on quite a few trips to other countries.