Punch-Drunk Love

Corrected entry: When the truck with the four brothers hits Barry's car the second time it comes from the same direction. It returns too quickly anyway. (01:12:00)


Correction: That's because the car was only hit once. The interior scene references the same incident in slow motion, illustrating Lena's confusion and Barry's deep concern for her wellbeing.

Corrected entry: Next to Lena's apartment there is a fire protection door in the hallway with a closing mechanism. However, when he leaves her after the rendezvous the door is open (and stays open while he walks off and Lena closes the door to her apartment). But when he returns a minute later to make up for the rather formal good-bye he dramatically storms through the fire protection door which is now closed, although there's nobody around who might have done that. (00:49:50 - 00:51:00)


Correction: After the phone call, Barry rushes around the entire complex looking for Lena's apartment again. He could have possibly run this way previously, opening or closing doors as he went.

Corrected entry: While Barry is making some calls from the Hawaii phone booth it suddenly gets dark, and the light in the phone booth goes on. Later, when he meets Lena at the hotel, it's broad daylight again. (01:02:20)


Correction: The scene where Barry and Lena meet at the hotel is shot very artistically with artifical backlighting. After this scene, they are again shown outside (having dinner), where it is still dark.

Corrected entry: Barry asks the phone sex lady to call him jack, but she calls him Barry near the end of their first conversation...

Correction: This is just a slip on her part and a bit of foreshadowing for the movie. She knows his real name and all his personal information from his credit card and his social security number and she forwards all this to the matress man.


Corrected entry: When Barry calls the "matress company" about getting his money back (on the computer phone) if you look closely you can see the reflection of the camera in the top right area of the glass.

Correction: The reflections you see in the glass are from the row of telephones on the opposite side.


Corrected entry: Barry boards the plane just by giving his boarding to pass to the ladies at the gate. Since September 11, 2001 you've needed to show photo ID at the gate. (01:02:00)


Correction: There isn't any indication in the film as to exactly when this film took place. Logically, it would probably be 1999, as that is when David Phillips bought 12,150 of packs of pudding (the true story this movie is based on).

Corrected entry: When Barry rips apart the bathroom, the owner tells him that his hand is bleeding. When they walk out, he lifts his hand up and there is no blood or cut on it then and throughout the whole movie.

Correction: There is no clear shot of his hands until the scene in his office, much later, when he punches the map on the wall. After that his hands are battered.


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