Orgazmo (1997)

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Corrected entry: When Lisa comes back to Joe's flat to talk to him about the argument, she puts her suitcase on the ground next to the door. But when Joe comes back later in the evening, her suitcase is no longer outside. Where did it go?

Correction: Somebody leaves a suitcase outside a door, and then wonder where it went? People steal things all the time if left unattended. It could also be that someone thought it was garbage and threw it away, there's tons of reasons a suitcase would not still be by the door a few hours later.

Corrected entry: When Joe walks into Orbison's office to tell him that he is quitting, Sancho is in the room being interviewed. Yet later, Joe doesn't recognise him when him and Ben are in Orbison's house looking for Lisa.

Correction: I see hundreds of people a day at work, I likely wouldn't remember them seeing them outside the context of work, either.

Corrected entry: When the porn stars are preparing for the DVDA shot, you can see that all five actors are white. But when it cuts to Joe watching the scene being filmed, you can see a pair of black legs in the air.

Correction: Actually that is the woman's stockings that you see in the air, not a black person.

Shawn Shifflett

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When Joe goes to quit, it is late afternoon (it is getting dusky). But when he shows up at Ben's house afterwards to tell him that he just quit, it is lighter, like it's the middle of the day.



When they are showing the magazines with Orgazmo on the front for the film's publicity, on the front of the GQ magazine, it shows Trey Parker and Matt Stone as being article writers for the magazine.