A Little Princess

Continuity mistake: When Sara is first put in the attic as a servant, she has a long candle with no wax dripping. She puts the candle in a holder and it is short with a lot of wax on it, then the candle is long again.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Sara is introduced to Monsieur DeFarge and the girls in French, we can see Monsieur pull out a teacup as Miss Minchin crosses the desk to the other side of the room. However, when the camera cuts back to Sara, we see him pulling out the teacup again.

Continuity mistake: When Sara first goes into the attic, she starts to draw a circle around her with a piece of chalk. When she starts the circle, she starts drawing next to the candle. When she completes the circle, the candle is now inside the circle. If you look at the lines on the floor when she finishes, you can see that she did not go around the candle.


Continuity mistake: At one point the Head Mistress gets mad at Sarah in the attic and when she leaves a candelabra, the height of the candles change from shot to shot.

Continuity mistake: During Sara's birthday party, she gets a blindfold tied over her eyes. When it was first tied, one end is long (about two feet) and the other short (about 6 inches). In a couple of shots later, the short end is only about 2 inches long. How did it get shorter?


Continuity mistake: When Sarah and Becky are in the attic imagining their muffin banquet, the candles on the table are melted nearly down to the nub, until the last shot of them in this scene in which they are full length candles burning tall.

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Maya: All women are princesses, it is our right.

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Question: When Sarah and Becky wake up in the morning and the table is covered in food and they have new slippers etc, how did those items get in their room?

Answer: Ram Dass, the servant from the house next door to the school, sneaked the items into the girls' room during the night. He may have had help from another servant.

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