A Little Princess

A Little Princess (1995)

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Corrected entry: In the beginning, in India, Sara's dad is telling her how she is going to a school in New York. If you watch, she is holding a doll that she receives later in the film when she first goes into her room. She acts as though she has not seen it before, even though she has.


Correction: It's not the same doll. The doll she is holding has short, straight hair, no hat, and is made of a shiny porcelain. When she receives the Emily doll later on, the doll has long curly hair, a hat, and is not shiny.

Corrected entry: When Miss Minchin is telling Sara how she is to work as a servant, her lips don't move. It's easy to see for it goes on for a minute.


Correction: Its obvious that the speech is not suppose to go with the actaul film. Its a narration over top of the movement.

Corrected entry: When they are doing their multiplication and the girl messes up on "7x8," when she is saying the wrong answers, Sara is mouthing her lines.


Correction: Sara is acutally mouthing 56, which is the answer to 7 x 8. She is mouthing that, hoping that the girl will get the answer right.

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