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Corrected entry: In the scene where Frank is in the shop, he takes a bottle of juice to give to Lai who is still in the trunk but he walks out of the shop without paying for it or for the food he ate.

Correction: This is incorrect. Frank is holding the water bottle in his right hand and looking at his car. His left hand is rooting around in his jacket pocket. He then produces some paper money and puts it on the table then immediately selects a red straw and walks to the fridge to pick up the juice.


Corrected entry: Why would any of the information on the French inspector's computer be in English?

Correction: In actuality, the computer the detective uses probably is in French, but is shown in English so the audience will be able to understand. Similar to how in many films, foreign characters will speak English to one another. They aren't really supposed to be speaking English, they are simply shown speaking English to avoid the over-usage of subtitles and any confusion from the audience.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the transporter opens the bag in the trunk to give the girl some juice, he cuts a small slit on the tape covering her mouth, throughout parts of the film when the girl has her mouth taped the slit appears and disappears. (00:19:35)

Correction: After he delievers the girl, they exchange her tape with a new one. When Frank takes Lai and her chair home, he had to drive the complete 250 km (4-5 hours) back. He surely made a stop to get refreshments and had to cut the tape again.


Corrected entry: During the initial chase scene when Frank jumps his BMW over the narrow bridge onto the transport, the number of cars changes on the transport from three cars when it is going under the bridge, to two cars when Frank attempts the jump. (00:08:00)

Reservoir Dog

Correction: There are three cars on the truck the whole time (car, space (then BMW), car, car). If you watch the jump-sequenze in slow motion you can see the tip of the third car's hood. When he later releases the cars to block the police, he releases the two cars behind him.


Corrected entry: In the scene where the transporter and the girl are attacked at the beach house they both fall into a cistern. In the next scene we see both characters utilizing scuba gears (conveniently hidden underwater) complete with fins. A few minutes later after they had reached the ground,the girl is wearing her shoes again. How did she manage to hold onto them? (00:48:00 - 00:49:45)

Correction: We do not see the shoes on, she wears the fins the entire time.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Lai downloads Wall Street's information off the policeman's computer, the very last button she hits on the keyboard says "sleep". Later on, the policeman hits the button "wake up". However, if the film is set in France, why are the commands on the keyboard written in English? (00:53:35 - 00:56:20)

Correction: "Sleep" and "Wake up" are used all over the world on keyboards, including countries like Germany have the same thing. However if you take a closer look when he presses "Wake up" you can see a "Verr Num" key, which is the number lock key on a french keyboard.


Corrected entry: When Jason Statham is getting his house shot up, why didn't the shooters use the bazooka first? If they used it first they would have killed Jason. They had the opportunity and didn't take advantage of it.

Correction: They did in fact use the rocket launcher at least twice before they started to shoot the house. The final rocket was meant to make sure he was dead. Plus the shooters wanted to have some fun. This is more of a character mistake then a script one.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Frank is fighting the bad guys in the mechanic room he ends up jumping through the window with a guy he uses to shield himself from the enemy fire. He lands in the water and the bad guys throw a barrel of oil and shoot it causing a fire on the surface of the water. As Frank is submerged under water he grabs the guy he went into the water with and takes a breath of air in his mouth. If the guy was under water and already dead, how would there still be oxygen left inside him? How would someone's mouth be completely closed when they die, and wouldn't water go through the dead guy's nose anyway?

Correction: Your lungs hold roughly 5 qts of air, but if you blow out as hard as you possibly can, you can still only expel at most 4 qts of air. There is always some air left in the lungs to maintain equilibrium. This is why the Heimlich Maneuver works, you push out that last bit of air to dislodge the blockage. This is why there was still a little air for Frank to get from the recently dead guy. I thought it was a brilliant addition to the movie and showed how resourceful Frank really was.

Corrected entry: After Frank returns to the bad guy's house after his BMW blows up, he steals a Mercedes from the garage. He drives through the garage doors, and then through the compound gate without opening either one. As he goes through the compound gate, you see that the grill on the Mercedes is fine, but in the next shot on the road, the grill is hanging down on one side. What caused this? (00:30:55)

Correction: The grill hanging down on one side is caused by the last door he hits when he speeds out. There are two doors that Frank runs into; the big door is the one that makes the grill off to the side.

Corrected entry: When Frank gets a flat tire on his car, he goes to the boot and takes out a non matching (to what he already has) standard BMW alloy wheel. It cuts to him actually taking the one he's just taken from the boot off the car. Next scene, after he leaves the shop with the drink for Li, his car has the non standard alloy wheel back on. (00:17:40)

Correction: It appears Frank is at a Gas station/car wash/convenience store. He could have easily asked them to plug the tire, use a can of Fix-A-Flat, or possibly (but unlikely) put a new tire onto the rim.

Corrected entry: After Frank stole the truck, he just drove it off to a secluded location, then the bad guy, who was driving behind him, pulls a gun on him. If Frank was such a professional driver, wouldn't he have checked his rearview mirror sometime to see that he was being followed the whole time? (01:23:15)

Correction: His rearview mirror was shattered from Wall Street's shotgun fire, so he couldn't watch his back.

Corrected entry: How does the pilot of the plane know to greet Frank in English and not French?

Correction: Frank greets him in English first, so he responds in kind.


Corrected entry: The choice of BMW was rather poor. On narrow European roads an M5 would have been preferable over a 735i, as it is not only smaller and lighter (much more suitable for frequently narrow French roads), but also much faster and ideal for the work Frank was doing.


Correction: This is an opinion, not a mistake.

Corrected entry: After the bad guys blow up Frank's house and Frank and the girl jump into the water, flippers appear on their feet even though they didn't put any on.

Correction: It's implied that they put on scuba gear that he has stashed down there.


Corrected entry: The crop dusting airplanes fly at such low altitudes that there is no point in having a parachute as standard equipment because there is no chance of using it in case of emergency. So where has the parachute come from?

Correction: Just because the aircraft's primary function is crop-dusting, doesn't mean that it's exclusively used for that purpose. Perhaps the owner flies recreationally as well, or is merely very cautious.


Corrected entry: After the part where the Transporter discovers the moving body in his car. He is seen at a rest stop eating something. He then gets an Orange Soda (or something) out of a fridge and leaves the store without paying for it.

Correction: Just before Frank takes the drink from the fridge, he puts money on the counter and picks up a straw.

Corrected entry: When the Transporter is cleaning up his car from the opening chase he removes a white plate from the front of the car but when he goes to his supply of plates they are all yellows that are found on the back of the car.

Correction: Surely he would have both plates for each set he uses, as he is very particular about the way he stores his tools/equipment etc he may store all the white plates behind the yellow and given the pates have raised lettering they could line up and hide the back (the white) plate from view.

Corrected entry: When Lai shoots her father at the end, we see the blood pump through his shirt, yet there is no bullet hole in the shirt. For this to happen, the bullet would have had to gone through his chest and been stopped by the shirt.

Correction: Since the kind of ammunition used is unknown, the bullet may have shattered or went all the way through while being slowed down by the body. The shreds or the bullet could have broken a rib, rupture an intercostal artery (done by bullet, shreds, or rib) and come to a complete halt in the rib or tissue, which can't be seen, since the guy is wearing a shirt. Bullet stuck in body, no hole in the shirt, guy is bleeding. Anatomically possible, hence not a mistake.

Corrected entry: During the final chase scene the Transporter is seen breaking into the rear Mac truck in a series of two. At the end of the movie when he finally meets up with the Police, he's in a lone truck. The other Mac truck seemed to have disappeared.

Correction: When Frank takes control of the Mac truck, he is seen driving it off the freeway. At this point the first Mac truck is still in front and it presumably continues on this route.

Corrected entry: Was there ever any satisfactory explanation given as to why Lai was in the bag in the first place? Certainly it got Frank Martin mixed up in the plot - but when she was reunited with her father, he was pleased to see her (far more than vice versa) and he wasn't angry that she'd apparently been sold to Wall Street. If it was his intent that she be sold like that, he would simply have handed her back over to him; if not, what was his motivation? I have trouble understanding this.

Correction: She is in the bag because the baddies didn't want Frank to know what he was transporting, as per his rules. It could have been a large suitcase, but the important thing was to keep her quiet and hidden. Her father had business dealings with Wall Street, but certainly didn't expect her to be kidnapped, thus his relief at seeing her in one piece.


Continuity mistake: When Frank begins his revenge rampage on Wall Street's men, there's a close-up of Lai bound to the office chair with duct tape across her mouth and the slit Frank made earlier is gone, so at first it's to be presumed that it's a new piece of tape. However, when Lai pokes her head out from the back seat of the car Frank stole, there is a slit in the tape, but when he pulls her and the chair out onto the road the slit's gone, only to return again when Frank brings her to his house. (00:28:40 - 00:32:50)

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Inspector Tarconi: Monsieur Frank, people with this kind of firepower do not make mistakes about who they visit. Who would want you this dead?

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Trivia: The BMW used in the film was an E38 735i, according to the BMW Wiki page. In the DVD commentary, Statham tells us it was a custom-built, manual transmission (when the production cars are automatics), and therefore one-of-a-kind. (00:02:30)

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Question: After the Transporters BMW gets blown up he goes back to the house and starts beating everyone up. Whats the song that plays during the the whole scene? I don't think it's on the soundtrack.

Answer: It's not in the soundtrack. The song is "Fighting Man" by "DJ Pone & Drixxxe".

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