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Correction: First, this does not qualify as trivia as the actors are listed in the credits. Second, they are NOT "aliens" at the end of the film. They are the descendants of the mechas from David's time. They have advanced, or "evolved" significantly.

Corrected entry: We all know that Martin (the real son of Monica and Henry) has been dead and frozen for 5 years before he is brought back to life. How is it that after only 1 month of being home and alive, Martin manages to have 15 friends at his birthday party who all seem to know him pretty well? How and when did they meet him?

Correction: They are probably his new classmates, who can easily get to know him after a whole month.

Matty Blast

Correction: Martin wasn't dead. He was in a coma.

Corrected entry: When David "eats" the spinach, how (and why) did the designers come to leave a clear path for it down into the electronics of his torso? Besides which, if his interior is waterproof, as we know it is, why does spinach fritz him out?

Correction: When David eats the spinach, he actually lets it enter his body "down into the part where the computer boards are" - he wants to be like Martin, who swallows his. When he is submerged, he keeps any water from entering his body (probably by closing off his throat in some way). His skin is already watertight, and when he closes off all openings, he becomes completely so.

Corrected entry: The skyscrapers seen protruding from the water, just wouldn't still be standing. The weight of water pressure and corrosive rust damage to the foundations would have undermined and toppled them. The last scenes are even sillier 2000 years later the buildings are still there! Despite the fact that the extremes of low temperature would have rendered their entire structure brittle, not to mention the crushing effect of countless billions of tonnes of (possibly drifting) ice.


Correction: The weight of water pressure distributes itself evenly on all surfaces, it does not just push weight down onto an object and would add no load onto the supports of the buildings. I-Beams used in skyscraper construction are made of structural steel or aluminum - they would take centuries to corrode. When the ocean froze it would actually help support the building and when the aliens cut away the ice it is revealed that the ocean has frozen through to the sea bed - all of the ice is therefore held in place and not in motion. The twin towers rising from the ice is a mistake, but we'll have to give the filmakers that one.


Corrected entry: In the scene at the dinner table, in some shots Teddy doesn't seem to be there, but later he is sitting at the table and is part of the action.

rabid anarchist

Correction: Teddy is there in all the shots he should be visible in up until the shot that zooms in on David breaking. In this shot Teddy's chair is empty. But since Teddy is an intelligent toy with at least some degree of free will, he could have moved out of the chair for whatever reason. Maybe he didn't want to watch David break.


Corrected entry: When David is pleading with Monica not to leave him out in the woods, he says, "I'm almost sorry I hurt Martin." The actor meant to say "I'm sorry I almost hurt Martin." Since David is a mecha, it would be illogical to call this slip-up a character mistake.

Matty Blast

Correction: David is being truthful. He is jealous of Martin and feels (correctly) that the mother loves Martin more. He cannot lie, so he must admit he's not really sorry he hurt him.

Corrected entry: Near the end of the movie, the robot child David blows out the candles of the cake he baked with his mother, recently cloned by the "aliens". The fact that David has no lungs is made clear earlier in the film when he needs surgery after eating. (02:14:15)

Correction: So what? He is made to perfectly imitate human behaviour and bodily functions, including breath. A small nozzle in the back of his throat (for instance) would enable him to blow air out of his mouth, if he wanted to.


Corrected entry: Gigolo Joe tells David that he has enough money to ask Dr. Know seven questions. He then puts two paper bills into the machine, then a coin. Dr. Know doesn't appear until Joe puts the coin in. The mistake is that Dr. Know should have appeared as soon as there was enough money to ask any questions at all. How does the machine know in advance how many questions are going to be purchased?

Matty Blast

Correction: Given how sophisticated the artificial intelligences in question are, I think its entirely reasonable that the system 'watches' people put in money, and waits until they're done to appear and begin answering questions.

Corrected entry: After the little girl convinced her dad to let out David, David leaves with the other robot and Teddy. When David is let out of the cage, he runs to the exit with the other robot and the little girl is still holding Teddy at the cage, so how could the Teddy get to the exit fast enough to find the both of them when the girl is still holding him?

Correction: There is a considerable length of time between the last shot of the girl holding Teddy (at the very beginning of Johnson's speech) and the shot where David and the other robot exit the Flesh Fair (after the riot ensues). There would have been ample time for Teddy to run onto the field and after David. In fact, in one shot, it looks like David actually runs by the area where the girl was holding Teddy last.

Corrected entry: The metal wire hooked to Gigolo Joe's body that lifts him up to the helicopter is visible in the scene where he says goodbye to David, most noticeably right before he gets lifted up.

Correction: There is no visible wire - Joe is wearing some kind of amulet on a chain around his neck. This amulet is getting pulled toward the helicopter in the sky, and it's the chain that looks like a wire that you see just before Joe says good-bye.

Corrected entry: If the whole idea behind the child "mecha" was for loving couples to be able to have a "child" despite not qualifying for a parenting license, how much sense does it make that all the boys and all the girls made by Cybertronics look alike and have the same name? It would make more sense for child mechas of all different appearances, shapes and races to be made (just like Mattel did with the Cabbage Patch dolls in the early/mid 1980s).

Matty Blast

Correction: That might make more sense to you, but the entire project was driven by William Hurt's pain at losing his son. It only makes sense that the first production run would fit his model, but probably was never sold because of the safety issues that arose with the David prototype. Different appearances would have been mass-produced in future production runs, and even perhaps accessorized like cell phone plates. And of course, parents can name the children anything they want to - David is the name of the product, not every single robot.


Corrected entry: Before Martin's father is allowed to take home David, he is explained the careful selection process that Cybertech had to go through to make him the ideal candidate to be the first one to adopt and test-market it (reasonable - this is a process all companies observe when a new product is ready for test-marketing). Then what happens? The prototype "David" breaks from eating spinach, nearly injures Monica with scissors, nearly drowns Martin, and causes so much strain on the family that they had to dump him along the side of the road. Just a couple days later, David finds his way back to the company and we see a bunch of "David's" in boxes, ready to be sold, and dozens more being constructed. Any kind of manufacturing company that comes up with a new prototype of a new product takes very seriously the data obtained from the studies of those test-marketing the product. Given all the problems, especially the safety issues presented by the original David, there is no way the company would go ahead and manufacture more without putting some serious time into correcting these flaws.

Matty Blast

Correction: The prototype David was with the family for some time before Martin came home, and was functioning optimally in that time. And all the other "problems" listed are because of Martin's jealousy and alienation of David, not David himself. From the company's view, David is functioning the way he should be, and the only element not factored into the calculation is sibling rivalry (which would not be much of a problem, since the Davids would be targeted towards childless families). Furthermore, the mass produced "Davids" we see later on may have been created differently with some corrections to these "problems", and not exactly like prototype David.


Corrected entry: In the pool scene, the boys are playing volleyball in chest deep water for a 10-12 year old child. When David pulls Martin in, it is way deeper than that, as you can tell, because several grown men dive in to save Martin, and they are totally submerged when they do.

Correction: Some pools have a shallow end and a deep end, and some of the boys who were taller were at the end of the net where David and Martin fell in.

Corrected entry: When Monica is prepared to read the 7 words, one time she has the paper in her right hand, and in the next shot, the paper is in her left hand.

Correction: If you look you can see that Monica switches the paper from her right to her left hand.

Corrected entry: Doesn't it seem odd that the Police aren't overly interested in recovering their hovercopter? It stands to reason that it has a GPS locator or similar in it, then surely someone would come and get it when it was trapped underwater at that amusement park? They must cost quite a bit of money, and the Police certainly wouldn't want a robot loose with one.

Correction: We don't know if they tried or not to recover it, the movie goes into the future shortly thereafter. In any case, it would be too expensive probably to try and recover it from underneath the Ferris Wheel.

Corrected entry: In the movie, none of the robots blink. Yet in the scene with David and Gigolo Joe in the woods in which he is explaining what he will do with the Blue Fairy once he meets her, David blinks. Watch David's eyes. (01:21:55)

Correction: David is supposedly more human than all the other robots. Throughout the movie, he periodically does little things that other robots don't do. The fact that he blinks in this scene merely underscores the amount of humanity that he has.

Corrected entry: When David goes to Manhattan, he flies under the World Trade centers, where one has fallen into the other. 2,000 years later, when the robots are travelling to see David, they are standing above the ice perfectly.

Correction: The fallen buildings aren't the twin towers.

Corrected entry: How is it possible that David can't take go to the toilet, can't bleed, can't eat, but he can cry real tears?

Correction: Dolls can do it now - easy to have some sort of reservoir for tears.

Corrected entry: Most of the film happens at a time when Global Warming has melted the polar ice caps, leaving New York well below sea level. When they freeze again during Ice Age over the next 2000 years, wouldn't the oceans have receded? Instead, the sea level remains where it was, only with the surface frozen over.

Correction: The sea level would recede at first, but then falling snow would create the icecaps, that is how the icecaps at both the South Pole and in Greenland as well as all glaciers are formed. If the sea had just frozen, the towers would have been destroyed by the powerful forces of the ice. The fact that they are still standing proves my point.

Corrected entry: Even though David is a robot, his carotid pulse can clearly be seen throbbing on the left side of his neck during the scene in which he was talking to his brother.

Correction: David is supposed to be as human as possible so of course he has some sort of mechanical pulse.

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Revealing mistake: In the swimming pool scene, when David is sitting at the bottom of the pool, you can clearly see a scab on one of his knees. (00:43:00)

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Trivia: When Joe combines questions during the Mr. Know scene, we hear the doorbell sound from The Jetsons.

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Question: What is the significance of the seven word code used to activate David?

Answer: The seven word code was used to activate David's imprinting protocol which would make him recognize Monica as his mother.

Answer: Spielberg is Jewish, the seven word code relates to the Jewish legends of the Gollum, whereby reciting an enchantment can bring these dolls to life.

Answer: I think the significance is that there is no significance. David's manufacturers programmed him with these specific words because they are indeed very random. The chance of someone speaking these exact words, in that exact order, for any reason other than the intended purpose would never happen. Therefore, there would be no "accidental" programming.

Christie Love

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