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A.I. Artificial Intelligence (2001)

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Corrected entry: At the flesh fair, when the little girl goes to her father to tell him that David is in the Mecha cage, on the monitors in the control room you can see the destruction of the robot who asked to have its pain receptors turned off. A few shots later, you see the robot still in the cage and then its actual destruction.

Correction: Since mecha are mass produced this could easily be explained by them having 2 of the same model to destroy that night.

Corrected entry: Why was everyone so sure that Gigolo Joe murdered his client? He's a mecha so they could have gone through his memory files and would have found out he didn't do it.

Correction: The movie places great emphasis on the fact that most orga (humans) hate/discriminate against mecha. If a murder happened on the bad side of town and the mecha was the last/only one seen entering the room then there would be no investigation, the mecha would be terminated or sold to a flesh fair.

Continuity mistake: After the pool incident when David is writing letters. Monica is looking over the letters that David has written. There's a point where you can see that she's still holding at least 2-3 sheets of paper but when the camera shifts back to the writing there's only one in her hand. There should be more than one paper in her hand. And when viewed from behind her back the sheets are neatly lying on top of each other, when seen from the front, the sheets are tilted. (00:46:43)

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Trivia: When Joe combines questions during the Mr. Know scene, we hear the doorbell sound from The Jetsons.

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Question: What is the name of the female child Mecha that is inscribed on the boxes across from the boxes of Davids?

Matty Blast

Chosen answer: Darlene.

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