Digimon: The Movie

This Movie has three parts. The first part sets before the events of the first TV series when Tai and Kari find a digi-egg in their own home.
The second part sets after the first series and before the second series when Tai, Matt, T.K. (Matt's younger brother) and Izzy fight against a digimon on the internet that causes chaos throughout the world.
The final part sets after the second series where T.K.,KaRI, Cody, Yolei (Cody's older sister) and Davis to help a kid who keeps being tracked down by an evil digimon But Kari and T.K. end up being delayed so it's up to the remaining kids to help out

Continuity mistake: In the third segment of the movie we see Davis, Yolei, Cody and their Digimon playing on the beach. In the wide shot when we see all of them playing we see that Davi's Digimon is in his "rookie" form, Veemon. When they show a closeup of him and Davis together, Veemon is now in his "in training" form DemiVeemon. Then they show them all playing again and he is now Veemon again.

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Willis: Is there anything I should know?
Davis: Yeah, I'm the only one who can kiss Kari.

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Trivia: Gatomon's name is an inside joke because Gato is Spanish for cat.

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Question: How did the phone booths, the trolley, and the vending machines end up in the digiworld?

Answer: This happened in the TV show. We are never told as to how they got there but in the last episode Gennai asks them if they could return the streetcar to San Francisco for him. So my guess is that people like Gennai left the items there.

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