Revenge of the Pink Panther

Continuity mistake: When Clouseau and Cato are trying to get into "Le Club Foot" they go crashing through the window of a bakery. A little later on, they go through the same hole again, yet this time there is a large undamaged wedding cake sitting there for Cato to land in. The cake couldn't have survived the first accident.


Continuity mistake: When Douvier asks Simone to 'come in here for a moment' there is a lamp and bust and 2 golden animals on his desk. Simone enters and there is a different shot of his desk - those three items are now in completely different places relative to each other. (00:50:30)


Continuity mistake: When Dreyfus and the commissioner are discussing Clouseau's death, Drefus is holding open a pink file and there is a white folder on the desk . The shot switches to Drefus standing up; the pink file he is holding is now closed and another pink file is on top of the white folder on the desk. (00:45:45)


Continuity mistake: At the end, Dreyfus gets in the elevator at the hotel at the lobby. Later on he gets joined by Simone and Scallini. They travel down to the lobby, where they all get out-including Dreyfus.

Continuity mistake: When Clouseau takes the Bomb into the disguise shop, the fuse has nearly burnt away, but when we see him back in the shop, there are several inches more of the fuse remaining.


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