Revenge of the Pink Panther

Revealing mistake: When Cato is riding the motor scooter he has taken from the ice cream seller down the cobbled street, four men jump out of his way. This shot is used twice; first as a close up then as a long shot.

Revealing mistake: In a brief shot during the Hong Kong harbor car chase, just before Douvier's limo crashes into some fishing boats at the quay, a flexible rope can be seen connecting the car with the Hong Kong Police vehicle. (01:30:31)


Revealing mistake: As in the earlier part of the film, at the end when the Silver Hornet falls apart, the devices which make it do so are visible. Under the hood there is also a string attached to the piece that falls forward.

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Revealing mistake: The hydraulics that make the Silver Hornet fall apart on cue are visible throughout the entire front facing shot where the Inspector gets out of the car.

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Continuity mistake: When Douvier asks Simone to 'come in here for a moment' there is a lamp and bust and 2 golden animals on his desk. Simone enters and there is a different shot of his desk - those three items are now in completely different places relative to each other. (00:50:30)


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Guy Algo: Man, New York knows even better than the President of France. A man with which our entire world organization is familiar, and would like nothing better than to see him out of the way.
Man: Who?
Guy Algo: Who has given us nothing but trouble for the past ten years? Who has survived sixteen assassination attempts, including two by his own boss? Clouseau. You want to impress New York. Eliminate Clouseau.

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Trivia: During production, Burt Kwouk (Kato) was arrested by the police in Hong Kong after they saw him run out of a hotel and jump on a scooter to pursue the criminals. It took him several hours to convince the police that he was only doing it for a movie.

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