Blues Brothers 2000

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Revealing mistake: In the big impressive car crash, it is quite clear that most of the cars are empty.

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Elwood Blues: Stay away from drugs, gangs, and cyberporn on the Internet and you can be President of the United States some day.

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Trivia: The studio reportedly forced a number of changes during the production, including adding more fantastical elements (such as the Voodoo witch), toning the film down to a PG-13 and adding a child character to try to make it appeal to younger audiences. Director John Landis and star Dan Aykroyd hated these changes and nearly walked off the film, but begrudgingly agreed to remain on board. They both reportedly aren't very fond of the final film.


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Question: Is it ever specified in this movie or in any of the books or biographies written about the Blues Brothers exactly where, when or how Jake dies?

rabid anarchist

Chosen answer: No. We only know that he died sometime during his jail term. There's no more explanation after that.

Gavin Jackson

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