Charlie's Angels

Continuity mistake: When they are driving in the Ferrari 360, if you look at the lanes, they are driving on the correct and oncoming lanes.

Other mistake: When Knox shoots at Dylan/the glass, if you look closely, you can see the first shot hits the glass just past the left side of her head (on the viewer's right) but when they slow mo it down, suddenly the bullet is on the left side and shoots the glass just above her right shoulder as she propels herself back.

Continuity mistake: When Bosley is in the dungeon towards the end of the movie he is seen ripping his sheet to shreds trying to make a rope. If you look in the window where he throws his rope there is light coming in from outside - not necessarily daylight, but a floodlight or similar. From outside though, the wall is pitch black, with no light coming from the room either. (01:01:10)

Continuity mistake: In the last scene with the tugboat you can see the wake starting a few hundred meters behind the boat, even though it is supposed to have been sailing for a while.

Jacob La Cour

Continuity mistake: In the car chase scene, when the red Ford Taurus flies into the air and flips, in one shot its a 96-97 model, in another shot it becomes a 98-99 model (grille is different).

Continuity mistake: In the fight with the thin man, after Natalie hits him Dylan already has her leg lifted to hit him but Alex doesn't. In the next shot they lift and hit at the same time. (00:25:20)

Factual error: Assuming that the Agency is in LA, possibly Beverly Hills, it would take 5 hours to get to Carmel. From Carmel to get to Paradise Cove (where Charlie is located) it would take another 5 hours. Paradise Cove is south in Malibu, not north (as Alex claims).

Other mistake: At the beginning of the movie the bomb is revealed to have 58 seconds left, but actually explodes after about 68 seconds. (00:02:40 - 00:03:50)

Dylan: And that's kicking your ass!

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Trivia: Since Drew, Cameron and Lucy are all anti gun, they went through the entire movie using alternatives to guns.

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Question: What did Drew say in the bloopers of Charlie's Angles Full Throttle at 0:41? I don't understand what she is saying.

Answer: If you mean the bit in the welding costumes, she says "Ahhhh, there's an ember in my ass!"


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