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2. 2/10. Oh boy was this an unnecessary movie. Based off the cheesy, T&A show of the 70's in which many boys became men from watching, it stinks. The plot's utter nonsense, software that can help locate someone by voice pattern? Oh wow, James Bond's got nothing on them in terms of ridiculousness. Two of them, Diaz and Barrymore, are self proclaimed potheads who should be stoned 24/7 as they're terrible actresses. Granted they've done the Shrek franchise, The Mask, Scream, The Wedding Singer, and 50 First Dates, but they stink. Bill Murray and Lucy Liu can only do so much with these two and a thread bare plot.


Revealing mistake: The caravan is shot-up with machine guns - so why are the bullet holes (the metal of the caravan's walls) bending outwards? (00:50:45)

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Dylan: And that's kicking your ass!

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Trivia: The Thin Man, who doesn't speak at all, originally had lines of dialogue. They were removed at Crispin Glover's request, and the filmmakers agreed it would make the role more mysterious.

Cubs Fan

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Question: Does anyone know whether the African Prince in the opening sequence was actually Drew Barrymore herself in disguise, or whether it was an actor who was replaced by Drew in the revealing scene ("I think you mean crazy bitch"..."Damn I hate to fly" etc...) Thanks.

Answer: The African Prince is rapper LL Cool J, so yes, it was someone who is then replaced by Barrymore.

T Poston

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