Halloween: Resurrection

Plot hole: When the first security guard, who stayed back to get something to eat, hears something in the laundry room, he walks over to the washing machine where he finds the head of the other security guard inside. He turns around screaming and trips over the security guard's body on the ground with no head. Wouldn't he notice the dead body on the ground when he first entered the room?

Plot hole: The nurse mentions that Laurie Strode is a potential suicide risk. With that risk, added to her mentioned escape attempts and being found on a rooftop, as well as being the prime target of a serial killer still on the loose, shouldn't she be under 24 hour protective watch?

Plot hole: When Bill is being murdered he is screaming yet no one is able to hear him. The house is quite small and his screams would most definitely be in earshot.

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Plot hole: In the flashbacks to Michael's escape in H20, why did they send one lonely paramedic in to get him? Not only that, Michael was able to promptly switch outfits with him, place him in his spot, and exit the scene before anyone else entered the room. In H20, the place was swarming with police and paramedics.

Plot hole: What exactly was Laurie Strode's plan in the teaser, when she strung Michael up over the edge of the roof. From the way she starts cutting the rope it looks like she plans to drop him, but she's seen him survive a 2-storey fall before, in the original Halloween, not to mention multiple stab wounds in H20. A fall off the roof into bushes would barely phase Michael.


Plot hole: When Michael kills Rudy all of his knives are now gone but when he chases Sara around the house he has another knife with blood on it. Where did he get the other knife from? (01:04:30)

Plot hole: At the end of the movie, the fire department and paramedics arrive just after the house has been set on fire. Yet, as the focus shifts to the outside view, the house has burned all the way down (which takes a couple of hours) and the paramedics STILL have not gotten around to sending Sara and Freddy away for questioning or hospital or the like.


Plot hole: When the guard sees Michael on the security camera, why does he think it's Harold? Did he all of a sudden change into coveralls and gain access to a large knife?


Plot hole: Bill was killed in Judith Myers' bedroom, but his body was discovered on the stepladder leading to the attic. Wouldn't there be a noticeable trail of blood leading from the bedroom to the attic? Michael might hide bodies but he doesn't clean up after himself.

Plot hole: It was impossible for Michael to get the mask from the paramedic's head or get another one exactly like the original.


Plot hole: When Busta Rhymes says "Cut the camera. Cut the camera" when he is attacked by the kids. Who is turning all of the cameras off at once? Prior to that scene, he runs into the real Michael Myers and has him go into the garage with Nora to "help her ass out." If he did, then I doubt she would be able to turn it off and on.


Plot hole: After Freddy kicks Michael Myers out of the window he is caught up on the camera cord outside of Judith Myers' room, which is facing the front of the house. However, when Freddy and Sara leave her room they come from the opposite side to where her bedroom is, which is the side of the house. (01:11:15)

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