Halloween: Resurrection

Trivia: Rudy's death scene, in which he is pinned to a door with knives, is a reference to Bob's death in the original Halloween.

Trivia: Rick Rosenthal, the director of the film, makes a cameo as a professor.

Trivia: The professor in the University at the beginning is named Dr. Mixter just like the doctor who gets a syringe stabbed through his eye in Halloween 2.

Trivia: Throughout the entire film the screams you hear from the girls in the house are exactly identical.

Trivia: In Laurie's room at the hospital, you can see a crumpled up picture of Josh Hartnet who played her son.

Trivia: In Michael's older sister's room you see that the window is broken. It was broken in the first Halloween and made the same shaped crack that is still there in this one.

Trivia: The doll that Laurie puts her pills into can be seen in the original Halloween, on Laurie's dresser (desk?) during the "obscene chewing" scene.

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