Halloween: Resurrection

Corrected entry: After Sara sees Nora hung in the garage, Sara gets up from the puddle of blood and then look carefully at the screen beside her with lots of the screens on it, you can see it is paused and then it is played so it can match up with her camera movements. (01:14:05)

Correction: Only one screen matches her camera- the one still working seeing the camera station she's looking at. The rest appear paused because everyone else was killed and, as such, their cameras are stationary.


Corrected entry: After Michael kills Donna by the gate post, her head is still moving a little after she is dead. (00:56:30)

Correction: Sometimes, right after people die, the body is still kind of working, and blood shortages cause muscle spasms, which make the body move.


Corrected entry: In a deleted scene, the group look in an old photo album with Michael in it. the Michael has black hair, but in the original he has light brown hair.

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Correction: We only see Michael as a child, and many people's hair darkens with age. Besides, mistakes like this in deleted scenes are not valid as mistakes.


Corrected entry: Why would Laurie consider that it was someone else as Michael when he's just crashed through her door and pursued her through the sanitarium. Plus even if she did take off the mask she wouldn't know what Michael looks like anyway.

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Correction: In the very first "Halloween" film there is a scene where Michael stalks Laurie out of the bedroom and narrowly misses her with the knife. Laurie manages to remove his mask and can see his face. Add some burns to this (the ending of "Halloween 2"), and she would have a picture of what he looks like. As to why she wants to make sure: she has already killed one innocent person whom she thought was Michael, and the shock of that was enough to send her to a mental institution. It is not a situation she would want repeated, even if it was a "copycat" chasing her.


Corrected entry: Michael Myers manages to walk around the house without even being noticed, plus someone would see him putting Bill's body in the attic or hear the attic open.

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Correction: This is consistent with the rest of the Halloween-series. Michael has always had this ability, so to give the audience (and the other characters) the best fright. This is VERY intentional from the film makers, since a scary movie without surprises would be... well, just a movie.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Michael kills Charlie after the camera is on the ground you see the shot of the stairs. The front door is located right behind the camera angle but is unseen. When Michael is dragging Charlie's body you see Charlie's arm leaving the view of the camera as if he was dragging him out the front door, because his arm was going straight down. Towards the end of the movie Sarah is in the attic and see's Charlie's dead body. How did Charlie get in the attic if he was dragged out the front door?

Correction: Throughout the series, Michael has had the ability to move corpses and arrange them so that they would give his next victims a scare, without anyone noticing. He is seldom seen doing this, to give the best possible effect to the audience.


Corrected entry: I know Michael Myers is a killing machine, but when the guy is looking in the mirror and Michael breaks through from the other side of the wall, how does he know that the guy was standing at the mirror? I've never heard anything about him being able to see through walls.

Correction: the guy is standing infront of the mirror talking to himself about getting the blonde back so Michael most likely heard him.


Corrected entry: At the end of Halloween Resurrection in the morgue after the coroner unzips the body bag the charred body of Michael Myers opens his eyes and stares up. Michael's eyes are very blue or light coloured in this shot. But in the beginning of H20, the voice of Donald Pleasence states "he had the whitest face and the blackest eyes..."

Correction: It's never necessarily implied that Loomis meant the actual color of Michael's eyes as being black. By "the blackest eyes", he could have meant that they just plain look evil.


Corrected entry: If Michael Myers has to kill his family members to rid himself of the curse, why is he spending his time "cleaning house?" He should be going after John.

Correction: It has been explained that parts 3-6 were disregarded. Part 6 introduces the element of Michael being "cursed", and that movie was ignored, so in H20 and RESURRECTION, the curse does not exist.


Corrected entry: When Laurie hits Michael over the head with the lamp when he walks through the door the lamp smashes, then when Laurie drops the lamp and runs out of the room the lamps is not broken and is still lit.

Correction: If you look closely at the lamp, it is not still lit. Normally on the insides of lamps it does tend to be lighter. It is just either the color of the inside of the lamp or just where the light is shining.


Corrected entry: In the scene when Charlie the cameraman gets killed the tripod spike is very bloody, but when Tyra Banks says 'Nice angle boy' the tripod is clean.

Correction: The tripod leg you see from the camera wasn't the one Michael Myers used to kill Charlie.


Corrected entry: After Charlie gets killed by the tripod his body disappears for the rest of the film without any sign of being removed.

Correction: After Sarah climbs out the bedroom window and into the attic, there's a brief shot of her discovering Charlie's body.


Corrected entry: After Michael kills Laurie, he hands the knife to the patient with the clown mask. In the hospital with a bunch of crazy people, wouldn't the doors be locked? Yet Michael just walks right in...

Correction: Not all mental institutions have locked doors. In fact, only patients who are considered dangerous to themselves or others are locked up as a rule. The guy with the clown mask was considered harmless, and therefore was in an "open" wing of the hospital.


Corrected entry: When Michael Myers kills Bill, Nora tells Fredie that they lost Bill's headset feed, yet later, when Jen is running from Michael, and she climbs down the attic ladder, Bill's cameraview is seen of her face, it is later seen when Michael looks at the corpse.

Correction: It shows the view through the head cam, but it never shows that it is still active.


Corrected entry: The basement wall that collapses and spills out fake body parts were put there by Freddie and his crew, but that wall opens into Michael's bedroom. Wouldn't the crew have seen Michael's room?

Correction: The wall that collapses at the back collapsed when the rest of the wall did.


Corrected entry: Considering the fact that there are neighbors all around the Myers' house, no one hears them screaming or anything? Also, when Sarah is on the roof, why doesn't she scream for help?


Correction: Prior to the night in question, the production team would have spent considerable time setting things up, which may have included speaking to the neighbours. There's also a van with the website's logo on it right outside that dropped off the people for the show. Finally, it's Halloween, so the neighbours most likely thought it was all scripted. As for Sarah not screaming for help, she was kind of preoccupied, not to mention that it being Halloween, she might have realised that no one was going to take her seriously.


Correction: Watch the first film again. After her initial encounter with Michael, Laurie is pounding on a neighbour's door, pleading for help. They turn on the light, then turn it off again, disregarding her plea. What makes you think the neighbours would have been any different in this movie?


Corrected entry: After Jen sees Bill upside down on the attic door she screams and she sees Sara at the bottom of the stairs and she says, 'You can't scare us Jen', then Michael Myers comes up towards Jen, about to kill her, and Sara says, 'you too Freddy'. Why would she think that it was Freddy if he went out into the dining room when he was dressed as Michael Myers? (01:01:00)

Correction: Freddy made it very clear his intention was to impersonate Myers to scare the crap out of everyone and get ratings. If he knew Sara was upstairs, naturally he'd want to head there next since she was still unaware that he wasn't Michael Myers.

Corrected entry: When the nurse explains how Michael managed to escape the last film, it's revealed that the paramedic he switched places with had a crushed larynx, explaining why he couldn't say anything to keep Laurie from cutting off his head. A noble attempt, but with a crushed larynx, would he have been able to get up so easily after skidding down a highway after being thrown through a windshield at high speed?

Correction: Yes, he could. the larynx's only function is to produce sound.

Corrected entry: Freddie was stabbed three times in the shoulder/upper back by Michael and left for dead. Yet, 5 minutes later, he arrives at the storage room able to swing a shovel perfectly and fight Michael again. (Three endings were shot, and the other two didn't have Freddie survive the stabbings. Guess they picked the wrong one.)

Correction: When you see Freddy swing the shovel he still does struggle with it and he mainly used his right arm.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Sean Patrick Thomas dies, Michael Myers lifts up his body by the arms and pins him to a door in the kitchen. It would be impossible for Michael to pin him to the door using both of his hands and still use his hands to stab him with a knife so hard that Sean's body is attached to the door but his feet are not touching the ground.

Correction: Michael could have held him up with one hand against the door, then stabbed him. Myers has always been known to have exceptional strength so this wouldnt be impossible for him.

Other mistake: After Michael kills Laurie at the beginning, he hands the knife to the inmate with the clown mask. The next kill is the cameraman for which he uses the tripod ends. A few scenes later they show Michael standing holding a knife with fresh blood on it. He hasn't killed anybody with this knife yet so where did the blood come from?

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Laurie Strode: You failed, Michael. Want to know why? Because I'm not afraid of you. But what about you? Are you afraid of me? Are you afraid to die, Michael?

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Trivia: Rick Rosenthal, the director of the film, makes a cameo as a professor.

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Question: What Kung Fu movie is Busta Rhymes watching in the beginning of the movie?

Answer: Fist of Fury.

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