Halloween: Resurrection

Corrected entry: When the police learned that the Michael Myers beheaded in H20 was actually a paramedic, why didn't they put out an APB (All-Points Bulletin) to begin a manhunt for his capture? A serial killer of his stature on the loose would garner a massive investigation as well as a wide-spread search, possibly involving FBI and SWAT members.

Correction: It is consistant with the rest of the movies that Michael always manages to hide out between Halloweens (which are the only nights he comes out to kill), despite being hunted by the law. He is simply that good at going underground.


Corrected entry: In the abandoned house, Michael breaks through a wall and crashes a mirror to kill a boy, the boy screams for his life; however, no one else in the otherwise quiet house hears him...

Correction: They most likely figured he was trying to get back at them so didn't bother to pay attention to it.

Corrected entry: Sara is cut on her legs several times by Michael's knife, we actually see her limp when she is on the roof of the house after he cuts her the first time, yet at the end of the movie when Freddie is being bandaged up she is not limping,(even after having been cut twice more on the back of the legs in the tunnel); and she is also not being looked at by the paramedics.

Correction: having had several injuries to my legs I can admit that after some time by movie terms at least being 30 minutes to an hour you adjust to the pain. Because not only do you not know how deep the cuts are she could very well of been looked at by the paramedics.

Corrected entry: In the first Halloween, Myers got a coat hanger rammed into his eye, destroying it. But when he opens his eyes in the body bag at the end of the movie, both his eyes are perfectly fine.

Correction: Michaels eyes were also magically healed in the beginning of Halloween 2 and H20. It is unknown how they do that.

Corrected entry: When Michael kills the cameraman with the tripod pole, a view is shown as if recorded by that camera. If the tripod was in a horizontal position, the camera would be facing the ceiling, floor, or walls, but not the victim.

Correction: When Michael first picks up the tripod, you see (through the camera he picks up) the tripod arm being put in line with the view of the camera.

Corrected entry: To make his escape, Michael Myers traded outfits with a paramedic (as we not only see Michael walking away in a medic uniform, we see the paramedic doning the infamous blue jumpsuit throughout H20's ending). Yet, in the beginning of Resurrection, Michael shows up back in his trademark blue jumpsuit. Personal tailor?

Correction: This is untrue, he gets another blue jumpsuit from a tow truck guy.

Plot hole: When the first security guard, who stayed back to get something to eat, hears something in the laundry room, he walks over to the washing machine where he finds the head of the other security guard inside. He turns around screaming and trips over the security guard's body on the ground with no head. Wouldn't he notice the dead body on the ground when he first entered the room?

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Laurie Strode: You failed, Michael. Want to know why? Because I'm not afraid of you. But what about you? Are you afraid of me? Are you afraid to die, Michael?

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Trivia: Rick Rosenthal, the director of the film, makes a cameo as a professor.

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Question: What happened to Josh Hartnett's character after H2O? They never mentioned him in Halloween 8.

Answer: We do not know what has become of him. Most likely he is just attending college, and Michael has yet to find him.

He got killed by Michael because the clown mentioned that he killed 4 students that attended Hillcrest Academy. But I don't know.

Answer: I read somewhere that he changed his name to Zeke, or something. Relocated to Ohio, or somewhere. And started dealing drugs at a high school. He also had a thing with his English teacher, she bore a startling resemblance to a Bond henchwoman. He didn't seem to be dating Molly.

Alan Keddie
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