Factual error: In the time Cry Baby is based, there was racial tension (the judge even makes a racial remark about negroes being present). The jails would have been segregated until 1965, yet when Cry Baby goes to jail, both whites and blacks are in the scene. The only time whites and blacks were ever together was during rec time and meals.

Factual error: At about the 5 minute mark, cry-baby reaches into his ride and turns on the radio, which is immediately audible. However, in 1954, all car radios were tube-type, which required a warm-up period.

Factual error: When Cry Baby is getting his tear drop tattoo in the hole, the guy calls him "home boy." Cry Baby is set in the fifties-early sixties."Home Boy" didn't come into use until the very late sixties early seventies, and still was not popular until the early eighties.

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