Center Stage

Twelve dancers are on a year long course at the American Ballet Academy in New York, aiming to win a job with the American Ballet Company at the end. One, Jodie, is soon told she doesn't fit with the Company's style. Meanwhile she hooks up with Cooper, a star dancer and would-be choreographer with the ABC. They sleep together, and then he ditches her. But he still casts her in a new ballet he is creating for the end of year workshop performance. The other guys cast are Jodie's fellow students, Charlie, who has a huge crush on her, and Eric. But Eric sprains his ankle just before the performance and Cooper himself has to take his place.
Meanwhile Jodie's roommates Eva and Maureen are in trouble: seemingly perfect Maureen is actually bulimic and has a controlling mother, while Eva has an attitude problem which threatens her chances of winning a job with the Company.

Maureen ducks out of the workshop performance at the last minute and lets Eva take her place. Eva gets offered a place in the Company.

After Jodie dances with Cooper and Charlie in Cooper's ballet, she accepts Cooper's offer of a job as principal dancer in his new company, and asks Charlie out.


Continuity mistake: When Charlie, Jody, and Cooper are all practising the Pas De Trois, one shot shows Charlie with a sweaty T-shirt. In the next shot of him his shirt is all nice and clean and so on. (01:04:35)

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Jody: That class, I mean, how come I can't dance like that in my ABA class?
Cooper: Because ABA has a great big stick up its ass?

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Trivia: Maureen is said in the movie to be the best dancer at the school. However, you never really see her do anything spectacular. That is because Susan May Pratt is the only non-trained dancer in the movie.

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