Center Stage

Corrected entry: In the scene where Jodie, Maureen and Eva are chasing Emily down the steps they each call out 'Emily,' but someone says Emily an extra time but none of the girls' mouths move.

Correction: Jody's mouth is shown saying the E and then her face is blocked by Eva. Jody said it.

Corrected entry: During rehearsal for the student workshop, Cooper informs Jody, "Jody, you're right here." and she responds with "yesterday I was stage left." Look at her lips - it is clear she was actually saying "stage RIGHT."

Christie Love

Correction: No, her mouth says "left." Her lips come together to form the "f" sound, and the audio synchs up perfectly with the visual.


Corrected entry: Eva took Maureen's place in the ballet but Eva had an original part in the same ballet with a different partner. Who took Eva's place and fit into her costume and knew the moves and why didn't anyone notice?

Correction: If you look off to the side while the ballet is being choreographed in the studio, there are a few dancers sitting in front of the mirror. These are the understudies. Not just understudies for the leads in the piece, but understudies for the corps dancers too. In fact, it is likely that the understudies for Maureen and Sergei actually are already in the piece as corps dancers themselves. Either way, there are girls whose responsibility it is to just learn the corps part. So, when Eva learned Maureen's part, she could have approached one of these understudies to fill in for her.

Corrected entry: How did Eva learn Maureen's dance so fast? The exchange must have been decided the same day or late the night before and it was no easy dance. Even if she had paid attention at rehearsal it would be very hard to learn that kind of dance in one day.

Correction: Lead dancers always have understudies who know the dance as well as they do in case something happens. In this case, Maureen's understudy was Eva, so she would already know the dance in preparation.


Corrected entry: In Cooper's workshop at the end of the film, in the second part (the "sidewalk") Jodie's hair is loose around her shoulders, she's wearing minimal makeup and her pointe shoes are light pink. In the next part of the dance, the pause when the curtain is down could only have been a minute or two at best, yet her hair is in elaborate braided cornrows and piled up on her head. She also has dramatic stage makeup on and bright red pointe shoes. The whole transfomation would have taken at least an hour.

Correction: If you've ever been to a ballet, there are miltiple intermissions which would give the dancers enough time to get their hair fixed and change costume. Being a dancer myself, I have learned to change completely in 10 minutes or less. You have at least 5 people working on your hair and makeup at once to help you go faster.

That may be the case, but Jodie doesn't have anything like 10 minutes. This is one continuous performance, and there's no way that an intermission would be placed in the middle of a short ballet.

Corrected entry: After Jodie and Eva have been accepted to ABA and they're in their first class, Eva is approached by the instructor and told that there's a dress code, no gum, and that she needed to get her hair out of her face. Eva puts her bangs behind her ears. In the next scene, only a couple minutes later, her hair is all pulled back neat and tidy with no bangs. How did she get her hair pulled back so quickly?

Correction: The scene following the chastising of Eva would take place at least 30 to 45 minutes later. They need to finish their warm ups, do some stretches and then learn the routine they do across the floor. Also (as a former ballerina), when you have been dancing as long as they have, you can learn to pull your hair back into a bun in about 2 seconds if you have to.

Corrected entry: In Cooper's dance at the end of movie, during the scene when Jody is supposedly walking out of the subway, she puts her bag down when Charlie appears. When you next see the spot where she placed it, the bag has disppeared.

Correction: It is picked up by one of the "pedestrians" walking by in the background.


Corrected entry: When Jodie takes the 5:30 dance class, after the warm up etc all the dancers do their little dance routine. If this was Jodie's first and only class there how would she know all the moves? (00:45:00)

Correction: There are a lot of dance studios that offer one time classes in which you learn a dance in one hour and perform it for the class just for pure fun. And even if it's not one of those classes, any dancer will tell you that after watching others do a routine over and over again they will pick up the moves quickly.

Corrected entry: At the very beginning of the dance where Jody, Charlie, and Cooper dance to "Canned Heat" (the red one), Jody's toe shoes are light pink, the regular color of toe shoes. But if you look at her feet in the next shot when she is pushing Charlie and Cooper away, her toe shoes are bright red. (01:40:37)

Correction: The difference in the shoe color is due to it being later in the ballet. The show cuts to another scene within the ballet, therefore Jody would have had plenty of time in which to change shoes.

Corrected entry: At the dance at the end when all the people are walking across the stage, Charly takes Jody's bag and "drops" it and it lands perfectly straight and then 5 seconds later the bag has disappeared.

Correction: One of the "walkers" picks it up as they walk by.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Jody goes to another dance studio to take a jazz class she asks if they have a 5:30 class, then after the class when she goes outside it is dusk and Cooper asks her if she has had dinner, all of which imply that it is early evening. Yet at the beginning of the class when all the dancers are greeting each other, a dancer in a turquoise leotard says to another dancer "good morning".

Correction: Perhaps the dancer in turquoise knows the other dancer recently woke up and says "Good Morning," which people say in jest, no matter when someone actually gets up.

Continuity mistake: In one scene when Cooper is choreographing the dance, his shirt is sweat-free. The next time you see him there's a big sweat stain on his shirt. (01:05:10)

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Jody: That class, I mean, how come I can't dance like that in my ABA class?
Cooper: Because ABA has a great big stick up its ass?

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Trivia: Maureen is said in the movie to be the best dancer at the school. However, you never really see her do anything spectacular. That is because Susan May Pratt is the only non-trained dancer in the movie.

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