Alice in Wonderland

Corrected entry: At the start of the film, Alice is sitting on a tree branch as her sister sits at the base of the tree reading aloud, but when Alice wakes up at the end of the film, she is sitting in her sister's spot and her sister is standing up.

Correction: Alice most likely fell off of her tree branch by rolling off.

Corrected entry: Alice walks away from the caterpillar, taking a few steps. The caterpillar calls her back & suddenly we see she's much farther away than she should be. She then walks back, taking a long time to do so.

Correction: He was calling her more than once and it may have been that she didn't start to go back after she thought about it (much later). Also, this is a dream so anything can happen.

Other mistake: After listening to the flowers sing, Alice is standing and talking to them. Although Alice is moving her head and arms around, her shadow stays still.

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Alice: In my world, the books would be nothing but pictures.

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Trivia: The film made very little money and almost bankrupted Walt Disney.

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Question: In the scene when the Mad Hatter is "fixing" the rabbit's watch, the Hatter exclaims "It was!" before the rabbit states that the watch was an unbirthday present. Is this on purpose? Or an editing mistake?

Answer: Actually, the White Rabbit sees his damaged watch, says "Oh! My watch". THEN the Mad Hatter says "It was!", then the White Rabbit says that it was an unbirthday gift. So the exchange of dialogue makes sense.

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