Alice in Wonderland

Continuity mistake: Immediately prior to pushing the lizard down the chimney you can see teeth appear in the dodo's mouth for a few frames. (00:23:49)

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Suggested correction: And how would that happen accidentally? The animators would have to deliberately draw the teeth. It was obviously done for effect. It is even done later in the scene. Most likely, the mouth wouldn't read correctly for certain words if teeth weren't visible.

Continuity mistake: When Alice becomes a giant a wide shot of the garden shows the main entrance's broken door leaning on her left foot. First of all, the rabbit managed to open it before she burst it with her right foot. Second of all, when she shrinks, the door appears magically back in its place. And no, it's not a different door because at 00:21:05 we see the house and there is no door where her left foot later comes out through.

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Suggested correction: All throughout the growth sequence, the rabbit was shown by Alice's right foot. It could be possible this specific door on the left is a different door altogether.

Other mistake: In the opening credits, Lewis Carroll is spelled incorrectly, as 'Carrol'. (00:00:30)

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Queen of Hearts: Who's been painting my roses red? WHO'S been painting MY roses RED? /Who dares to taint / With vulgar paint / The royal flower bed? / For painting my roses red / Someone will lose his head.
Card Painter: Oh no, Your Majesty, please! It's all his fault.
Card Painter: Not me, your grace! The ace, the ace.
Queen of Hearts: You?
Card Painter: No, two.
Queen of Hearts: The deuce, you say?
Card Painter: Not me! The three.
Queen of Hearts: That's enough! Off with their heads.

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Trivia: This film has more songs and speaking characters than any other Disney film.

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Question: Does anyone know the name of the song Alice sings after she's walking through the forest and some creature is wiping away her path? She's crying when she sings it.

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