Cast Away

Question: At the end when Tom Hanks is going over the map and the woman drives up, where exactly is the crossroads location?

Answer: The credits mention Canadian, TX. Canadian is on Hwy 83 in the Texas panhandle. The directions given mention Hwy 83 south and I-40 east. I-40 is roughly 30 miles or so south of Canadian on 83. Texas road signs are visible at the intersection. The ranch, a bed and breakfast and museum are at 9760 County Road 5, Canadian, TX. It looks like the crossroads was actually filmed maybe eight or ten miles south at the intersection of Z and 5.

Answer: Somewhere in the Great Plains, you heard the Woman's vague directions, "Whole lotta nothing 'till you get to Canada", and from the looks of things, it's not important anyway, the generic nature seems to be a plot device.


She also mentions that the next town heading west is Amarillo, so probably close to there.

raywest Premium member

True enough, but "close" is a relative term in the Great Plains, like I said, the location is broad and generic.


Question: Why did Chuck and Kelly not get back together at the end? Yes I know she's with that other guy but they still have feelings for each other. She didn't move on by choice, she had to move on because she thought he was dead.

Answer: She hadn't seen Chuck in years, she's married to another man, and had a child with him. Just because she still cares for Chuck (and maybe wishes things had turned out differently), doesn't mean she doesn't love her husband or wants to leave him.

Brian Katcher

And if I recall, they didn't meet because the new husband told her that Chuck didn't want to see her.

Ssiscool Premium member

Chuck and Kelly didn't reunite at the FedEx hub because Kelly was too overwhelmed emotionally. The man she truly loved is lost to her, and she knows she cannot hurt her current husband by tearing their family apart for her own desires.

raywest Premium member

Answer: Jack and Kelly were going to be engaged around New years. So no commitment yet, whereas she was married and had a daughter with new relationship.

That would be Chuck and Kelly, not "Jack."

raywest Premium member

Question: Why doesn't Chuck just leave from the other side of the island?

Answer: Probably a variety of reasons. He could not have dragged the heavy raft to the island's other side. Even if he could, it's unlikely there was a flat clear path to get there. There may not have been an accessible beach on that side where he could launch from or that was suitable for establishing a new camp where he could build the raft.

raywest Premium member

Question: Why did Chuck stand up and then spend ages looking at the part of the toilet that had washed up?

Answer: By that time, Chuck had been on the island for four years and was becoming somewhat mentally unstable. When he first sees the toilet wall section washed up against the rocks, he approaches defensively, spear in hand, as if it's something dangerous. He seems to snap back to reality and gradually surmises it is not only benign, but potentially useful. His mind then begins working out he can adapt it as a sail to escape the island.

raywest Premium member

Answer: He couldn't believe it, of all the things to wash ashore it was a toilet. So far everything else he found could be used in a certain way, but a toilet. I didn't see the movie at the theaters but I bet the audiences were roaring with laughter.

I saw it in the theater and no-one wasn't funny. Chuck is seeing the first man-made object he's seen in years, and he's stunned...and maybe he's getting the idea of using it as a sail.

Brian Katcher

It wasn't the actual toilet. It was just the partial wall section of the plastic enclosure for an outdoor portable toilet.

raywest Premium member

Question: How many times does Chuck get injured while stranded on the island?

Answer: 4.

Factual error: Shortly after the crash, when Chuck is in the raft, one of the engines continues to run even though it is half submerged in water. The engine would not have exploded like it did, rather, it would have just stopped running as soon as it became disconnected from its fuel source and flooded with water.

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Suggested correction: The aircraft seems like a Airbus A300 or 310 but it is really a MD-11 or DC-10 because you can clearly see that the front body with wing with engine attached sink leaving the tail section. So the tail has a fuel tank and the third engine. The engine normally compresses air then burns it by feeding in fuel and igniting it. But can't compress air because the turbines are in the water. The fuel would in this case would "flood" the engine then the igniter ignites it and explodes.

Fumes explode, raw fuel burns. Igniter will not ignite raw fuel nor would there be anyway to propagate the explosion that took place.

Even if the engine was flooded, and full of water, and the air couldn't, it still wouldn't explode. MD-11 engines run on a fuel that cannot be ignited.

Wrong, the tail section has fuel LINES not a fuel tank.

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Chuck Noland: I couldn't even kill myself the way I wanted to. I had power over nothing.

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Trivia: When the shots on the island were finished, the sound had to be completely redone, as the surf was too loud.

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