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Corrected entry: When Noland is casually urinating into the ocean late one night we see a light on the horizon. It can only be from a passing ship. Noland doesn't react at all, and it is directly in his line of sight. He couldn't miss it.

Correction: Um, did you watch the rest of the scene? he literally sees the light when he's done urinating and says "ship!" and then yells "help" and shines his flashlight.

Correction: That's the entire point of the scene. When he looks in the direction of the light, it stops, and it's only visible when he's not looking. It's meant as a sad, "missed opportunity" scene.

Jason Hoffman

What absolute nonsense. He is looking straight at it. In fact it is a light from a building on the island used as a filming location (Monuriki, Fiji) that the post production crew forgot to paint out, making it two different types of film mistake.

It could be that he simply doesn't believe it is a light. Doesn't want to get his hopes up.

Ssiscool Premium member

Corrected entry: When Tom Hanks says goodbye to Helen Hunt in the Jeep Cherokee at the airport, you can see the "Jeep" emblem above the grille. When he gets the car back back five years later, the emblem is gone.

Lars Bakke

Correction: There are many reasons why an emblem could be missing from a vehicle after five years. Someone could have stolen it, or it could have been defective and fallen off. There are a million cars on the road with missing emblems.

wizard_of_gore Premium member

Corrected entry: The scene where he just got a fire going and is throwing logs on the fire on the beach, notice how calm the water is. Every other shot of the water has huge waves just to leave the island. Why didn't he just leave from the beach he had the fire on?

Correction: Because he didn't have a raft. The last one was damaged on his first attempt.


Corrected entry: When Chuck reaches the island and writes "HELP", the letters face the water. Later, when Chuck climbs the mountain of rocks, the letters are now sideways and facing him instead of the water.


Correction: He first writes the word help in the sand. Later he makes the word from tree stumps the other way around.

Corrected entry: A FedEx car is shown clamped next to the Spassky Gate on the Red Square. Cars are not allowed to be parked there at all as a security measure - they'd be towed away, not clamped.

Correction: Usually cars are clamped, and then the tow truck comes to get them.

Corrected entry: The aircraft interior is of a MD-11. (The emergency exits are the plug-type MD-11 doors) The digital cockpit is of an MD-11, not an Airbus A300 series which Chuck boards before the crash.

Jordan Hare

Correction: He is seen walking towards the security gate of the airport with an A300 parked in the background. He had to enter the airport through that ramp and just an A300 happens to be parked in the background. We never even see him walking past the gate so there is never even a hint that he boards that A300.

Corrected entry: When it shows that Hanks has retrieved Albert's shoes, the ends are cut off to resemble sandals. In all later scenes they are in normal condition, and they were the only shoes Hanks had access to.


Correction: They are not in normal condition. The toes are always cut out of the shoes.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Chuck is floating in the water on the raft you can see that the raft is yellow. When he gets on land and puts the raft up by the trees it is orange. Throughout the whole movie you can see that the raft changes from yellow to orange.

Correction: The lighting makes it look like the raft changes colour - it's always yellow.

Corrected entry: Chuck's plane was supposed to have gone down in 1995 and he was on the island for just under 4 years, but when he is talking to Kelly in her house about the Tennessee Titans, she says they "were in the Super Bowl last year." Even if the crash happened in December of '95, he'd have been home by the end of '99, a minimum of a few months prior to the Titans Super Bowl appearance (which was actually in January of 2000 - Super Bowl XXIV).


Correction: He did in fact crash in December 1995, they were eating a Christmas dinner when he was called away for work. When he writes his farewell note on the rocks, he states he was on the island 1500 days(give or take),which is over 4 years. By the time he is rescued and returns to America, it could easily be spring of 2000. Super Bowl, as stated, would have been in late January. So he just missed it.

In that case wouldn't she say they win the Super Bowl this year??


Corrected entry: When Chuck reaches the island and drags the life raft on shore, the bag the life raft was in is empty. Yet, he seems to be able to find a shovel when he buries the pilot. Where did the shovel come from?


Correction: The object used to bury him was a paddle that came with the life raft. It was not actually a shovel.

Corrected entry: After the plane crash, when Tom Hanks is in the raft, he falls asleep and awakes only when the raft hits a rock on the island and a section of the raft deflates. How did the raft get over all those gigantic waves on the reef without capsizing? (Especially with the high waves that would occur after a storm.) Did Tom sleep right through it all?

Correction: Both situations are entirely plausible. The boat not capsizing is because these rafts are designed to skim the top of the water, riding the highest swells. Out farther in the water, even fairly close to shore, the waves just swell for the most part, and don't break like they do on shore which could make the ride quite nauseating, but not necessarily dangerous. As for the sleep, a defense mechanism of the human psyche is to induce sleep in some very stressful situations. Even though scared and alone, the swells alone could have been enough to lull him to sleep.

Corrected entry: Near the end of the movie, Kelly says that Chuck's island was about 600 miles south of the Cook Islands, but there isn't anything south of the Cook Islands besides Antarctica.

Correction: THAT'S THE WHOLE POINT! He was on an uncharted island for FOUR YEARS. We've pretty much charted the entire globe by now. It's a fictional island.


Corrected entry: Tom Hanks was wearing tan pants when he was in the plane before it crashed, however, after the crash, he is wearing dark green pants.

Correction: They're not dark green, they are just wet tan pants.

Corrected entry: After Chuck is rescued, he is shown clean-shaven and his skin tone is even. If he had a beard for four years on a tropical island, the top half of his face should be tan and the lower part of his face (the part that was covered by the beard) should be pale.

Trekkie Gal

Correction: These scenes take place weeks after his rescue; the skin tone throughout his body had already returned from the dark tan he had on the island to its normal color. He even had time to regain some of the weight he had lost while in isolation.

BocaDavie Premium member

Corrected entry: All airliners are pressurized in flight to approximately 8000ft, and any item inflated at ground level would have higher pressure, thus when the aircraft is pressurized in flight the difference in the lower cabin pressure and the higher pressure in the inflated item would risk it exploding, for this reason it is a requirement to deflate all items such as footballs and bike tyres before being placed on the flight. For this reason Wilson the football should not have been put on this flight.

Correction: People get away with putting unauthorized items on passenger flights and cargo flights all the time. The fact that Wilson should not have been on the flight does not make it a mistake. Also, the sender may have been unaware of this and the airline would not know the contents of the box.

wizard_of_gore Premium member

Corrected entry: It is clear when Tom Hanks is on top of the island, and when he sees the dead body, and also when he walks around the island, that the fringing reef does not extend all the way round the island. There is therefore no need to launch the raft into the breaking waves, it would be much easier to launch the raft at a place on the island where there are no breakers to contend with. (You can also see this in an aerial shot of the island on page 84 of the book "Nomads of the Wind").

Correction: There could be other reasons for other launching sites to be unusable. An inaccessible or particularly rocky beach, for example, or prevailing winds. He couldn't sail the raft into the wind to escape the island.

Corrected entry: He is on a flight going to the Far East. All the packages have domestic airbills. If they were on international airbills it would not be necessary for him to open the package to see what was inside, a description of the contents would be clearly visible on the airbill.

Correction: Having sent many packages internationally using FedEx, I know the airbills are filled out by hand, and they are not in a water-tight seal. The seawater could have blurred or washed away the ink, making it difficult or impossible to read small handwriting.

raywest Premium member

Corrected entry: In the beginning when the Fedex driver goes to the girl's house in Texas, considering the trucks for Fedex have no air conditioning, why would the driver wear a big winter jacket? Even on cold days in Texas, you don't need a jacket that big.

Correction: Character decision, not a movie mistake.

BocaDavie Premium member

Obviously, you've never visited or lived in the Texas Panhandle.

Corrected entry: Why is the package that Chuck never opens on a flight from the U.S. to the far east, if it's meant to be delivered to Texas?

Correction: It came from Texas. Chuck brought it back to the place of origin, not destination.

William Bergquist

Corrected entry: When Chuck spears his first crab he holds it up and it shows 6 little legs moving. Chuck then grabs off a leg to eat and it has a huge claw on it. The one he speared did not have claws.

Correction: The crab he spears does have big claws. They are folded against the crabs body. Look close as he turns it over.

Character mistake: Towards the end of the film, when Helen Hunt runs after Tom Hanks, she shouts "Jack! Jack!" It's not Chuck by any stretch of the imagination. (02:00:30)

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Suggested correction: Note that the CH and J sounds at the beginning of a word are nearly identical. Kelly is actually saying "Chuck", but apparently because she is both running and shouting it comes out "Ch-YA-uck", so that anyone within earshot named either "Chuck" or "Jack" would turn around to see who was paging them. And on the final, third utterance she is saying "Chuck", with no YA meme.

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Chuck Noland: I couldn't even kill myself the way I wanted to. I had power over nothing.

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Trivia: Production was shut down for a year, to give Tom Hanks enough time to lose weight and grow out his "castaway" beard. During that time, director Robert Zemeckis used the same crew members to help film "What Lies Beneath."

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