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Corrected entry: When Chuck is going down with the plane his life boat has a small reddish bag attached. This gets attached to some metal piece and starts to pull him further underwater until it snaps off. Once on the island, he starts to drag the life boat towards the trees. As he walks further up you can see the little red bag being dragged behind the life boat.

Correction: Many inflatable liferafts have more than one of these sandbags attached to them. This is likely a different sandbag.


Corrected entry: When Tom Hanks is about to bury the dead pilot, he takes the pilot's shoes off, but when he is pulling him into the grave, you can see that the pilot has his shoes back on.

Correction: What you see are his black socks.

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: In Cast Away, Tom Hanks calls a ball by its brand name, Wilson. In Big, his child character does the same early on when playing ball with Billy. He calls a ball, Spaulding.

Correction: This is a little too simple to be trivia, especially since it was not Tom Hanks' character saying this in Big.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Chuck is looking through the dead pilot's wallet, if you zoom in on the drivers license, the pilot's date of birth is listed as 1949. When Chuck buries the pilot, he writes 1950-1995 on the rock.

Correction: Character mistake on behalf of Chuck. He could have either chosen to write it as he did to round out the pilot's age to 45, or if he wrote it wrong, had no way to erase it.


Corrected entry: At the Russian FedEx Office, Hanks orders everyone to get all the boxes into the "big truck". Actually, as he is working for FedEx, he would know the term is "shuttle".

Correction: And as the screenwriter probably guessed - correctly - the film's audience would not consist solely of FedEx employees. He therefore used a term we would understand, rather than industry jargon.

Corrected entry: When Tom is taking a leak on the beach at night he turns away from the beach and toward the camera. The fake ship's light is viewable in the distance. Tom is squinting badly at that point and there is a large glare on his shoulder, indicating the scene was shot during bright sunlight. Even in a bright moon the squint is unlikely.

Correction: He's probably squinting because he's nearsighted. Squinting helps to focus an image.

Corrected entry: After a night of rain, Chuck walks to the stack of FedEx boxes he covered with the now-deflated yellow raft. He flings the raft off and you see a bunch of water fly off with it. He then proceeds to try and drink any drops of fresh water in the coconut shells. Why didn't he try and drink from the little pools of water that had collected on the raft?

Correction: He's just been stranded on an island, so he's not exactly in his right mind. He just didn't think of it. Anyway, character mistakes are not movie mistakes.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Chuck is finally rescued by the ship and he is holding his arm out towards the ship, if you look under the raft it looks like you can see the lines on the bottom of a swimming pool.. considering he is in the ocean the water doesn't really look that deep.

Correction: If you look carefully the "lines" are actually parts of the video tape that Chuck has used to tie the raft together.

Corrected entry: When Chuck tries to get away with his liferaft, it sinks, and the coral pierces his upper leg. Though this is just a fleshwound, it's pretty nasty. He has no medical equipment whatsoever. But when he lies on the raft four years later, when his legs are visible there is not the slightest scar where he was wounded.

Correction: When Chuck is woken up by the plastic "sail" hitting the rocks he goes to take a closer look. If you look very closely you can see that on his left leg is a scar. It's only visible for a few seconds, but it's definitely there.

Corrected entry: When Tom Hanks is on top of the island and he sees the dead body, look at the water level. It's very low and the body isn't floating at all. But when Tom Hanks is down with the body it's floating and the water level is much higher.

Correction: It would have taken him some time to get down from the top of the island, and in the mean time the tide would have come in. This would explain why the water level is much higher and why the body floats.


Corrected entry: In the scenes 4 years after Chuck has been on the island, we see he has grown his hair out and his beard is very long. What is out of place is his mustache is remarkably well-groomed. Whiskers don't grow evenly, and unless he had some scissors or something else to trim with, it's very unlikely that his mustache would be so evenly distributed around his mouth.

Correction: Actually, anyone with a mustache can tell you that it's no great feat to keep those reasonably well trimmed just by biting the ends off - and you would, unless you like them trailing in your mouth all the time.

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Character mistake: Towards the end of the film, when Helen Hunt runs after Tom Hanks, she shouts "Jack! Jack!" It's not Chuck by any stretch of the imagination. (02:00:30)

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Suggested correction: Note that the CH and J sounds at the beginning of a word are nearly identical. Kelly is actually saying "Chuck", but apparently because she is both running and shouting it comes out "Ch-YA-uck", so that anyone within earshot named either "Chuck" or "Jack" would turn around to see who was paging them. And on the final, third utterance she is saying "Chuck", with no YA meme.

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Chuck Noland: I couldn't even kill myself the way I wanted to. I had power over nothing.

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Trivia: Production was shut down for a year, to give Tom Hanks enough time to lose weight and grow out his "castaway" beard. During that time, director Robert Zemeckis used the same crew members to help film "What Lies Beneath."

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