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Corrected entry: After Chuck is rescued, he is shown clean-shaven and his skin tone is even. If he had a beard for four years on a tropical island, the top half of his face should be tan and the lower part of his face (the part that was covered by the beard) should be pale.

Trekkie Gal

Correction: These scenes take place weeks after his rescue; the skin tone throughout his body had already returned from the dark tan he had on the island to its normal color. He even had time to regain some of the weight he had lost while in isolation.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Chuck is looking through the dead pilot's wallet, if you zoom in on the drivers license, the pilot's date of birth is listed as 1949. When Chuck buries the pilot, he writes 1950-1995 on the rock.

Correction: Character mistake on behalf of Chuck. He could have either chosen to write it as he did to round out the pilot's age to 45, or if he wrote it wrong, had no way to erase it.


Corrected entry: After a night of rain, Chuck walks to the stack of FedEx boxes he covered with the now-deflated yellow raft. He flings the raft off and you see a bunch of water fly off with it. He then proceeds to try and drink any drops of fresh water in the coconut shells. Why didn't he try and drink from the little pools of water that had collected on the raft?

Correction: He's just been stranded on an island, so he's not exactly in his right mind. He just didn't think of it. Anyway, character mistakes are not movie mistakes.

Corrected entry: When Tom Hanks says goodbye to Helen Hunt in the Jeep Cherokee at the airport, you can see the "Jeep" emblem above the grille. When he gets the car back back five years later, the emblem is gone.

Lars Bakke

Correction: There are many reasons why an emblem could be missing from a vehicle after five years. Someone could have stolen it, or it could have been defective and fallen off. There are a million cars on the road with missing emblems.


Corrected entry: In the beginning when the Fedex driver goes to the girl's house in Texas, considering the trucks for Fedex have no air conditioning, why would the driver wear a big winter jacket? Even on cold days in Texas, you don't need a jacket that big.

Correction: Character decision, not a movie mistake.


Obviously, you've never visited or lived in the Texas Panhandle.

Corrected entry: When Chuck reaches the island and writes "HELP", the letters face the water. Later, when Chuck climbs the mountain of rocks, the letters are now sideways and facing him instead of the water.


Correction: He first writes the word help in the sand. Later he makes the word from tree stumps the other way around.

Corrected entry: The aircraft interior is of a MD-11. (The emergency exits are the plug-type MD-11 doors) The digital cockpit is of an MD-11, not an Airbus A300 series which Chuck boards before the crash.

Jordan Hare

Correction: He is seen walking towards the security gate of the airport with an A300 parked in the background. He had to enter the airport through that ramp and just an A300 happens to be parked in the background. We never even see him walking past the gate so there is never even a hint that he boards that A300.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Chuck is floating in the water on the raft you can see that the raft is yellow. When he gets on land and puts the raft up by the trees it is orange. Throughout the whole movie you can see that the raft changes from yellow to orange.

Correction: The lighting makes it look like the raft changes colour - it's always yellow.

Corrected entry: When Chuck reaches the island and drags the life raft on shore, the bag the life raft was in is empty. Yet, he seems to be able to find a shovel when he buries the pilot. Where did the shovel come from?


Correction: The object used to bury him was a paddle that came with the life raft. It was not actually a shovel.

Corrected entry: Tom Hanks was wearing tan pants when he was in the plane before it crashed, however, after the crash, he is wearing dark green pants.

Correction: They're not dark green, they are just wet tan pants.

Corrected entry: He is on a flight going to the Far East. All the packages have domestic airbills. If they were on international airbills it would not be necessary for him to open the package to see what was inside, a description of the contents would be clearly visible on the airbill.

Correction: Having sent many packages internationally using FedEx, I know the airbills are filled out by hand, and they are not in a water-tight seal. The seawater could have blurred or washed away the ink, making it difficult or impossible to read small handwriting.


Corrected entry: When Tom Hanks is about to bury the dead pilot, he takes the pilot's shoes off, but when he is pulling him into the grave, you can see that the pilot has his shoes back on.

Correction: What you see are his black socks.

Corrected entry: When Tom is taking a leak on the beach at night he turns away from the beach and toward the camera. The fake ship's light is viewable in the distance. Tom is squinting badly at that point and there is a large glare on his shoulder, indicating the scene was shot during bright sunlight. Even in a bright moon the squint is unlikely.

Correction: He's probably squinting because he's nearsighted. Squinting helps to focus an image.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Chuck is finally rescued by the ship and he is holding his arm out towards the ship, if you look under the raft it looks like you can see the lines on the bottom of a swimming pool.. considering he is in the ocean the water doesn't really look that deep.

Correction: If you look carefully the "lines" are actually parts of the video tape that Chuck has used to tie the raft together.

Corrected entry: When it shows that Hanks has retrieved Albert's shoes, the ends are cut off to resemble sandals. In all later scenes they are in normal condition, and they were the only shoes Hanks had access to.


Correction: They are not in normal condition. The toes are always cut out of the shoes.

Corrected entry: When Chuck is going down with the plane his life boat has a small reddish bag attached. This gets attached to some metal piece and starts to pull him further underwater until it snaps off. Once on the island, he starts to drag the life boat towards the trees. As he walks further up you can see the little red bag being dragged behind the life boat.

Correction: Many inflatable liferafts have more than one of these sandbags attached to them. This is likely a different sandbag.


Continuity mistake: Chuck is on the plane going back home with a noticeable sun tan on his face. When he is talking with the dentist he is way paler, only to be slightly darker during the welcome party thrown hours later.


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Chuck Noland: You wouldn't have a match by any chance would you?

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Trivia: When the shots on the island were finished, the sound had to be completely redone, as the surf was too loud.

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Answer: Cast Away was filmed on an island called Monuriki. It's part of a group of islands called the Mamanuca Islands, in Fiji.

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