Men in Black II
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Deliberate mistake: When MIB agents exit the lift to get into the main hall of the MIB Office, the lift opens halfway up the wall and they need to go down a little platform. But when K and J return during the lockdown and face the trashcan with guns, the lift opens at floor level, so it can be conveniently peppered with bullets.


Visible crew/equipment: When Agent Kay is in the elevator with the little worm dudes he swings down and starts shooting at the robot. When he swings down you can see the safety harness between his legs.


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Continuity mistake: When Frank the dog is growling at the agent in the park his teeth are fine but later talking to Zed he is told he can have better dental. He smiles and his teeth are horrible.

00:23:50 - 00:31:10

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Continuity mistake: In the scene at the lockers in Grand Central Station, Agent Kay takes his watch, an illuminated Hamilton digital, back from the little animals living there. In one shot, Agent Jay puts an analogue watch in the locker as a replacement, but in the next shot it is the same old Hamilton digital owned by Agent K. (This is mentioned in the DVD Audio Commentary with Barry Sonnenfeld).


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Visible crew/equipment: When Jay enters the tent in which the small alien craft had landed we can clearly see the camera man in the golden reflection. This happens twice.


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Continuity mistake: When Agents Jay and Kay are in the elevator avoiding the garbage can robot who is shooting at them, watch their hands - they move from the wall to the roof ledge for support as the camera angle changes.



Other mistake: About halfway through the film, there is a screw-up in the editing. After Serleena talks to the thugs, she proceeds to talk to Jarra. The next time we see her, she is interrogating Zed. Soon after, she is talking to Jarra as if she was never interrupted.

00:39:25 - 01:03:40

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Continuity mistake: When Jay is trying to tranquilize Jeff he gets hit in the head by a crossbeam which lays him back on Jeff's back. You can see that the syringe is not in his hands or his mouth, but when he sits back up he has it in his mouth again.


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Deliberate mistake: The opening of the film says it takes place in July 2002, but when we first see Will Smith you can see the World Trade Center in the background which had been destroyed ten months before. [The film was made before the 9/11 attacks, and the towers were left in as a sign of respect - still a mistake, but there's the reason.]

00:03:25 - 00:06:45

Continuity mistake: When Jay is giving Kay his favorite gun "little cricket" he is seen holding it by the lower part of the handle. The camera angle changes and he's holding it differently. The camera angle changes again and he back to holding it by the lower part of the handle.


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Continuity mistake: When Agent Jay and Tee are talking in the diner, a young guy passes behind Jay towards Tee, but disappears when the angle changes.


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Deliberate mistake: When the trashcan opens fire on the lift with Jay & Kay in, the distance and angles mean it would, at most, be able to hit up to the edges of the rear doors. When the inside of the lift is shown, the bullets have somehow managed to reach right to the edges of the lift.


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Continuity mistake: When Lara Flynn Boyle is holding up Tommy Lee Jones with her tentacles, in one shot you can see the tentacles coming out of her fingers, but when they show her up close, there are no tentacles coming out of her fingers.

01:04:15 - 01:06:45

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Continuity mistake: At the beginning of the movie, when Serleena first lands on Earth, her ship crashes into the ground and creates a mound of dirt. When Harvey the dog comes over to check it out, the mound is gone.


Continuity mistake: When J and Kevin get flushed they end up in 2 cans in times square. In the long shots the cans are the same height, but in close ups, Kevin's is slightly shorter than J's.


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Continuity mistake: After Jay and Kay go to see Jeebs about the deneuralizer, Kay leaves and the bad aliens come crashing through the walls. Jay shoots Jeebs head off and, as it's growing back, he says he got shot "right in the pie-hole" (mouth). However he was facing away from Jay when he was shot and it was above the mouth area.


Continuity mistake: In the scene where Jay is fighting with Jarra, we see the clear rubber tubes in very back of the room. After defeating all the Jarras there is only six seconds left to stop the launch. He could not make it from the back of the room to the rocket in time to stop the launch.


Continuity mistake: When J is trapped by the subway slime monster there are no cars on the left and a big mess is done on the curb and pavement. However, from the opposite side of the street, a frame later, the place is full of cars with no sign of the previous destruction.

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Continuity mistake: When Kay shoots Jeebs' head off, him and Jay are shoulder to shoulder looking down at Kay. Jeebs' head acts like a popped balloon full of green goo, but none of it gets on Jay or his suit.


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Continuity mistake: When Jay is in the fight scene with Jarra and his clones, Jay jumps up two clones to get to Big Jarra, but when the camera angle changes, the Jarra clone he jumped on is gone.


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Continuity mistake: During the fight scene with Jarra, Jay is dropped into the center of some large plastic tubing, but when the camera cuts to a closer shot, Jay is now seen at the edge of the plastic tubing.


Continuity mistake: In the scene where Serleena confronts Zed in his office, look closely at her hands. Immediately after releasing Zed from her tentacles, her left hand now holds a box of Burger King fries, which disappear from shot to shot. This is most evident when she picks up the cellular phone, placing both empty hands on the desk first.


Continuity mistake: In the scene where Agent Jay is looking at MIB HQ and sees the dead alien with tentacles, he sees something (Frank). He tells the computer to zoom in and when it does the tentacle on the right hand side half way up the screen changes shape and position.


Continuity mistake: When Jay and Tee are at the diner eating pie, when Tee starts to eat his pie a woman with a purple shirt and black skirt walks by. When Tee Starts to cry, a few seconds later, there is a shot of Jay and the same lady walks by again.



Factual error: When Jay and Tee are in the diner at the start of the film, it's 9pm (we know this because Tee started at noon and Jay set the neuralyzer to nine hours), and outside it's completely dark. In New York City at 9pm in July, the sky is not completely dark - the sun would just be setting.


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Continuity mistake: When Jay and Kay make their visit to Jeebs, Jay is talking to Jeebs and you see Jeebs making a statement about how his business is 'banging' and when he see Kay walk in, he points both his hands at him. The camera angle changes and Jeebes is now seen with only one hand pointing at Kay.



Continuity mistake: When Kay and Jay are watching the movie about the light, Kay starts to remember the real story and cries. The shot later, his is cheek is dry.


Dr Wilson
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Other mistake: In the opening scene when Sarleena takes the Vic Secret model's appearance the tentacles are just completing her face when the guy grabs her. He had to have seen the tentacles "building" her as he was walking up to her.



Factual error: When Jay and Frank go to Truro, MA, to get Kevin, as they drive in, the background shows the Post Office in front of a lighthouse. However, 1) There is no lighthouse in Truro, and 2) the closest lighthouse is in North Truro, and this lighthouse (the Highland Lighthouse if you're wondering) doesn't even remotely resemble the lighthouse behind the post office. This means that either the shot was filmed in a different place than they say it was, or the background was digitally animated.


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Continuity mistake: When Agent Kay empties his guns shooting at the trashcan robot in the elevator, he throws down his guns and swings back to the roof of the elevator. When the robot moves into the elevator, the guns are nowhere to be seen.



Continuity mistake: Right after Zed kicks Serleena in the face a few times, you see Serleena tripping him with the vines from her fingers and he lands on his side. The camera angle changes and he is now seen laying flat on his back.



Factual error: When Agent Kay looks up, after he is "deneuralyzed" he sees Orion in the sky. They're in can't see the Evening Star, even in the middle of the night. There is no way that Kay could see a perfectly clear, and detailed constellation, complete with stars that can't even be seen in rural areas.


Factual error: K sees the constellation Orion in the night sky above New York City, but the film takes place in July, and Orion is a winter constellation in the Northern Hemisphere, meaning it wouldn't be visible during the summer.

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Continuity mistake: When Jay and Tee first start to talk to Jeff, Tee grabs the "weed." When Jeff gets mad and starts banging on the grate, the wide shot shows Tee in the same position, gripping Jeff's weed, however it was not digitally added in that shot, so he's gripping nothing. But in the next shot, he's shown gripping the weed again.

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Revealing mistake: When Jay is at the post office looking for Kay, he's talking to him in the parking lot and Kay is sitting in a mailman's cart. Jay says something to Kay, and Kay punches him, but you can see that he didn't touch him, especially since Jay reacts to the hit a split second before it happens.


Other mistake: When Jay opens the post office sorting machine and we see the multi-armed alien, there is a stereo playing rock music quite loudly. There's also a hole on the other side of the machine (to fire the letters out of) - shouldn't we have been able to hear the music through that hole before Jay opened the machine?


Factual error: In the beginning when Agent J is riding on Jeff (the huge subway worm) he has to duck out of the way of the lights that control the traffic in the tube. However, the traffic control lights are not in the ceiling of the subway, they are generally on the right side of the train.


Continuity mistake: Throughout the whole movie when someone is driving they keep driving to different locations but if you look out the window it's just the same green background all the time.


Other mistake: When Agent J. is riding the Giant Worm in the subway, you see him getting hit by a metal bar on the top of the tunnel smack right in the head at amazing speed, twice! Yes, twice that happened. And later, when he is sitting on the bench with his partner, you see his head looks completely untouched, no cuts, blood, scars, absolutely nothing. Certainly he would at least have a little mark, but nope, nothing but a little sweat. Does Agent J. have a hard head or what?


Factual error: Grand Central Terminal has no lockers in the main concourse area.


Continuity mistake: The entrance room (the large stone building off Battery Avenue) to the starport reverses between the two movies. In the first movie, the guard sits on the right hand wall as one faces the elevator, with a fan visible through a grille behind him, and a circular vent on the other wall. In MiB II, he is sitting against the left hand wall, but the fan and grille is still behind him, meaning it has changed walls.


Continuity mistake: When Agent J drives to see the small, gold alien ship in the yellow tent, he steps out of his car and into a small amount of mud. His shoes already have mud around the soles and edges when he steps out.


Revealing mistake: When Agent Jay is in the yellow tent with Serleena's tiny ship, the view back at HQ shows a shot from a distance behind the ship of Jay holding the communicator he's supposed to be transmitting the video from.

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Continuity mistake: Before the alien transforms into a woman it flips the pages of magazine located inches away. When the alien starts to transform the magazine disappears.


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Continuity mistake: After being flushed, the amount of water on J's chin increases in the close-ups, but decreases in the wide angles.


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Continuity mistake: At the post office, K waves his hands at J and turns around to where the employees are. When the angle changes K is waving his hands again.

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Audio problem: When Jay and Frank are rolling up to the pizzeria, Jay is replying to Frank. As the car comes to a stop, and after they get out and go into the store, you hear Jay, but his lips aren't moving.

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Visible crew/equipment: When Serleena kicks Z and sends him flying, the person flying and doing all the flips and jumps for all the scene is a very obvious stunt: Thinner built, much younger and with longer hair.


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Continuity mistake: At Jeebs' basement, an alien lifts up J, placing his hand on Jay's right shoulder. When the angle changes, the hand is on the left shoulder.


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Continuity mistake: At Jeebs' basement, an alien launches J away and he lands facing to the left. A frame later his head is facing to the right. Also, his arms have changed positions.


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Continuity mistake: When Jeebs is about to start the deneuralizer, watch the left part of the chain around the computer screen; Sometimes a tip of the screen is visible, others not. This changes back and forth.


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Continuity mistake: When they land on the roof of the launch site, Jay gets out of the passenger side, even though he and Kay switched spots after which Jay was driving/flying.

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Suggested correction: While they did switch when flying, the scene goes from them stopping in the tunnel and watching Serleena being eating by Jeff to them landing on the roof. Given Kay and always insisting he drives, they simply switched seats in the tunnel before leaving.


Continuity mistake: Serleena's ship lands completely perpendicular to the ground, but when the angle changes it's pointing a 2 o'clock position.

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Continuity mistake: At Jeebs' basement, when Scrad comes to talk to J, J's tie swaps back and forth between tight and loose.


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