Drowning Mona

Drowning Mona (2000)

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Phil saw Bobby crawl out from under Jeff's car, then cut the brake lines himself and switched the key chains. Later, Phil gets drunk when he finds out his son Jeff is also sleeping with Rona and in his stupor falls in the lake. Clarence (the man who witnessed Mona's accident and seems to be the eyes and ears of the town) drowns Phil so that Bobby won't be implicated in Mona's murder. He feels that Bobby is a good kid and wants to protect him. In the end Bobby and Ellen get married, Rona and Jeff end up together, and Clarence is taken to jail...although he's allowed to attend the wedding first.


Continuity mistake: At the start, when Mona tries to open her car door with the keys, her handbag strap hangs from her wrist area, but in the next shot Mona's hands are still busy with the car lock yet the handbag strap now hangs over her shoulder.

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Mona: Why'de you pull us over Feege?
Feege: Oh let me think about that Mona, you're riding on rims and you pulled an 1107 on an officer of the law. What the hell is the matter with you son? (to Jeph).
Mona: What did you hurt him for?
Feege: He's drunk.
Mona: No he aint! Its OK baby. (to Jeph.) You're gonna pay for this Feege! You just lost your lawn service pal.

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