Drowning Mona

Drowning Mona (2000)

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Corrected entry: When Mona crashes through the guardrail and plunges over the cliff into the water, the car changes.

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Correction: Same car, just the bumper fell off.

Corrected entry: When Chief Rash and Ellie are in the diner talking, Ellie pulls some nail polish out of her bag and shakes it up and the shot changes to Rona, then back to Ellie and the nail polish colour has changed from dark purple to light.

Correction: We see the bottle of nail polish Ellie uses in five shots, and it never changes.

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Corrected entry: Toward the end of the movie, Bobby is approached by Chief Rash. When Bobby puts his hands up and says "I didn't do it!", you can see a microphone wire on his arm.

Correction: It is a circular tattoo not a microphone wire. Ben Casey and Joaquin Phoenix have matching circular tattoos on the inside of their biceps.

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Mona: Why'de you pull us over Feege?
Feege: Oh let me think about that Mona, you're riding on rims and you pulled an 1107 on an officer of the law. What the hell is the matter with you son? (to Jeph).
Mona: What did you hurt him for?
Feege: He's drunk.
Mona: No he aint! Its OK baby. (to Jeph.) You're gonna pay for this Feege! You just lost your lawn service pal.



In the gas station scene after Ellen learns that Phil has drowned, she is so distraught she forgets to put the gas cap on and we can see it on the roof of her car as she drives away. But when she arrives at the police station we can see that the gas cap is on.