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Corrected entry: At the beginning of the movie when Stitch escapes to Earth, the Grand councilwoman is having him tracked and begins to ask questions about the planet, as well as requesting an expert about the planet as she has apparently never heard of it before. Near the end of the movie, in the scene where Stitch has been captured and being taken to the Grand Councilwoman's ship, the Grand Councilwoman comments that Mr. Bubbles "looks familiar", to which he responds that they had met in Roswell. This implies that the Grand Councilwoman had in fact been to Earth before and would have known the answers to the questions she had about Earth earlier in the movie.

Correction: Having been to a place does not mean you know anything at all about it, and it certainly does not make you an expert on the subject. There was supposedly an alien crash landing at Roswell, indicating the councilwoman's stop on this planet was unplanned and unintended. She stuck around, in seclusion, only long enough to catch another ship off to her original destination.

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Corrected entry: At one point during "He Mele No Lilo", the two older Hula dancers at the left switch places, after that they switch back to their original places.

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Correction: The dancers on the right also switch. Perhaps they actually change places in the dance during the cut-aways.

Correction: The song is playing over the entire sequence where Nani looks for work and Lilo teaches Stitch to be like Elvis. This is far too obvious to be trivia.

Corrected entry: Recall that Lilo's excuse for being late for dance class was that she needed to get a peanut butter sandwich for Pudge the Fish. Now watch the very beginning of the first Hawaii scene when all of the fish swim in front of the screen. One of the fish is Pudge himself, carrying a peanut butter sandwich.

Correction: Pudge is visible for several seconds, it's too obvious to be trivia.

Corrected entry: When Stitch is captured by the Grand Councilwoman and her troops, he is put in restraints. Later, when the Grand Councilwoman releases Stitch, she simply presses a button to open the restraints. Since they're chasing Stitch and treating him as a highly dangerous creature, it makes no sense to put him in such easily opened restraints. (01:13:55 - 01:16:25)

Correction: It makes perfect sense in a cartoon universe.


Correction: He's a genetically engineered alien killing machine who can change the number of arms he has, why can't he have changeable teeth?


Corrected entry: In the beginning of the movie when Stitch breaks out he holds some broken pieces of metal to shield him from the guns. Stitch is bulletproof, so why would he need them?

Correction: It could be very possible Stitch was never informed that he was bulletproof, so therefore his instinct would be to shield himself from danger. The bullets hitting would also slow him down and lower his chance of escape.

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Corrected entry: Near the beginning of the movie, Jumba is reading a newspaper that says 'Idiot Scientist Jailed.' Later when there is a map of Stitch's path through space, there's an alien language on the screen; quite different from the English print in the newspaper.

Correction: Did you also notice how all the aliens speak English, too?

Corrected entry: During the hula lesson Lilo's puddle of water that drips onto the stage constantly changes shape from one shot to another, also she sometimes is standing in the water yet from another angle she is not

Correction: Water is water, it changes shape alot, and as for the part were she is standing in the water and then out of the water, the fact that they're all dancing pretty much takes care of that.

Correction: That is part of the idea of the movie. Nani is struggling with trying to live her life, to hold down a job and be able to take care of Lilo. Lilo being left home alone is one of the main reasons that the social worker wants to take Lilo away from Nani.


Corrected entry: From the events of the film, Stich is obviously fireproof, so why does he need oven gloves to take the birthday cake out of the oven in the closing sequence?

Correction: Maybe he is wearing the oven mitts because he is just imitating others. Not necessarily for safety.

Corrected entry: When Pleakly and Jumba have captured Stitch, Pleakly calls in to report that their mission is accomplished and adds that they will be waiting for someone to pick them up. Later Jumba shows Nani where their space ship was hidden. Why would they need to be picked up if they had their space ship waiting?

Correction: The 'space ship' was originally supposed to be a Jumbo Jet that they 'borrow' from the airport. They were then supposed to have a chase scene through a city damaging a few buildings in the process. However after the events of 9/11 the directors realised that they could no longer have this scene so it was re-animated at the last minute. The jumbo jet became Jumbas ship and the buildings of the city became caverns and mountains. The original scene can be viewed on the 2 disk special edition.

Corrected entry: When Stitch first arrives on earth, he makes his way to a highway. After becoming familiar with rain and encountering a frog, Stitch has three of his four blasters out, one in is top-left hand, and one in each of his right hands. The shot cuts to a very short segment of Stitch staring down the oncoming 18-wheeler, then back to Stitch. When the shot goes back to Stitch, he only has two blasters out, one in each of his right hands. He then proceeds to pull out the two blasters for his left hands, even though in the shot before the cut, he had one of the two already out. (00:24:20)

Correction: If you look closely before he gets hit by the truck you can see that he does have three of his blasters.

Corrected entry: Just after Lilo buys Stitch at the animal shelter, there is a scene with Jumba and Pleakly talking outside. The two aliens are talking in relatively loud voices, but notice that Stitch does not react to them talking until Pleakly whispers his line "How good is his hearing?" The writer obviously put that reaction there to answer Pleakly's question, but it makes no logical sense that Stitch would only react to the whisper, and not to any of the rest of the conversation between Jumba and Pleakly. (00:27:30)

Correction: It is quite easy to ignore someone, no matter how loud they are talking. And it is pretty much "human nature" to react to the whispered question "How good is his hearing?". Call it showing off if you want.


Corrected entry: Throughout the entire movie, the star and moon on Lilo's bed moves. In the beginning it's on the far post close to the wall, then it's on the closer post to the door, and later it's on the headboard.

Correction: It's conceivable that Lilo moved the star and moon shapes herself.

Corrected entry: At the beginning, when Lilo is late for dancing, the first girl to enter the stage looks exactly like Lilo herself. (00:11:10)

Correction: No she doesn't. Lilo has straight black hair. This girl has wavy/poofy dark brown hair.

Corrected entry: When everybody's surfing, there's a shot of Nani and Lilo surfing, then a shot of David on his board, then a shot of Stitch sitting on the end of a surfboard. Stitch wasn't on either of the other boards, and I'm pretty sure they didn't bring another one. So where did Stitch go during that time?

Correction: The sequence is not in real time. Stitch is first with Nani on her surf board, then when she surfs alone he is with David.

Corrected entry: At the beginning of the movie, during the opening credits, when Lilo realizes she is late for her hula practice she is racing along the beach pulling her grass skirt and legbands on over her red and yellow swimsuit. She is still wearing this swimsuit as she walks into the school. But when she rejoins the other girls she is wearing the burgundy top that the other girls are wearing. When did she have time to change into this? Even if she did find a place to change, why put on her grass skirt and legbands while running if she knew she would be able to change?

Correction: No, she puts it on over the swim suit because it even shows when she is stuggling to put it on.

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Continuity mistake: After Stitch regurgitates the cake and replaces it on the plate, when he smells the bait and hops off the chair, the plate with the slice of cake has vanished. (00:32:25)

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Pleakley: Oh great! He's loose!
Jumba: His destructive programming is taking effect. He'll be irresistibly drawn to large cities where he'll back up plumbing, reverse street signs, and steal everyone's left shoe.

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Trivia: During Stitch's destroying rampage, he breaks a drawing by Lilo and she claims that it belonged to her "Blue period", an obvious reference to the painter Pablo Picasso.

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Question: Does anybody know what "Meega Nala Queesta" means?

Answer: The movie contains two languages one is English, and the other is Hawaiian. Meega translate to I or me, and Quessta translate to destroy. I don't know what Nala means, people are telling me it means no or want, so essentially "I want to destroy".

Or it could be I no destroy but since they hate peace so much, they basically hate him.

Answer: As stated, it means "I want to destroy." But it should be pointed out it's a made up language, "Tantalog." Tantalog is a mix of Hawaiian, Chinese, and Chezcreekian. It's also spelled "kweesta." And "nala" means "want to" or evil."


Answer: Meega nala qweesta means I want to destroy.

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