Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome

Corrected entry: When Max goes to enter Barter Town, he's stripped of his weapons (save for the dagger hidden in the handle of his fly swatter), because, as he's told, "It's the law." When he confronts Master Blaster, about twenty weapons are trained on Master Blaster to subdue them. Unless it's part of the plot to get rid of Blaster, it is an inconsistency.

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Correction: The people with the weapons are Auntie's soldiers - it is from there that Max and Blaster are taken to Thunderdome, basically Master Blaster was set up.

Corrected entry: Near the end of the movie when Max and the gang are in underworld, the guy with the mask hanging above his head gets knocked into the pig poop, gets completely covered and also loses his mask. Later in the next scene, he is not only cleaner but has his mask back and completely clean with no traces of ever being covered in poop. In the film he should not have had enough time or water to clean up.

Correction: Look closely. Even though it looks like he lost the mask, it was mounted on a rod, and the rod strapped or affixed to his clothing. However, it was not tight against his back, and could seen flopping somewhat. So therefore, it was under the surface in the vat of poop, and he had sat up enough to get his head up to breathe, but not enough to see the mask.

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Corrected entry: The truck they escape on at the end is powered by steam - we can see the funnels and the boiler fire in lots of shots, but nobody during the entire chase feeds the burning boiler with anything to keep the temperature up to boil the water to create the steam.

Correction: If you look closely, the semi itself is an air-started diesel engine vehicle. The steam tubes, boilers, etc., were equipment mounted on the back of the truck.

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Corrected entry: In the first half of the film Savannah has very short hair. When she, Max and the children enter Bartertown she has a long pony tail hair until the end of the film.

Correction: When she first appears and rescues Max, she's seen meeting the boy and lifting him, and the ponytail is there (00:47:55). When she rings the gong and challanges Max, it's there (1:02:40, 1:03:10). When she's struggling to save a boy in quicksand, it's there (1:11:25). The only time it isn't seen is when she's facing the camera, wearing the feathery head-dress or not in a shot at all.


Continuity mistake: Near the end of the movie when Max is clearing a path for the plane he leans out of the right side of the vehicle preparing to jump clear of the impending crash. When it does show him jumping, he is jumping from the left side of the vehicle.

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Max: We'll go on the count of three.
Max and Pig Killer together: One...
[Max yanks the door open.]
Pig Killer: What happened to two?

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Trivia: Aunty Entity's name is never mentioned in the film. She is only referred to as just "Aunty."

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Question: Is the airplane captain supposed to be the "Gyro-captain" from "Mad Max 2"? (a.k.a. "The Road Warrior" in America) This would explain why Max says "You." when he first sees him, but I still do not know, as they say at the end of Mad Max 2 that no one ever saw him again.

Answer: The airplane captain is not the "Gyro-captain". Max says "you" in Mad Max 2 because he saw him earlier in the movie. In Beyond Thunderdome, it never says who or what happened to the real airplane captain.

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