Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome

Continuity mistake: When Mad Max is sent on gulag on a horse, they place a jar of water on a stick tied to the horses head in order for the horse to keep walking "towards" it. When the horse drop dead to the ground you see the jar empty on the ground and no trace of water in or around it. In a few shots later you see the jar again, but this time the ground around it is wet.

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Continuity mistake: Near the end of the movie when Max is clearing a path for the plane he leans out of the right side of the vehicle preparing to jump clear of the impending crash. When it does show him jumping, he is jumping from the left side of the vehicle.

Continuity mistake: When Master is lowered into the pigs den he is clean in the first shot. In the next shot as he is being lowered he is covered with mud and pig droppings. It is that he has already been down in the den between these two shots.

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Continuity mistake: Halfway through the end chase Max opens the driver's door of the escaping truck - at this point his trademark leather jacket simply disappears, then returns later on.

Continuity mistake: When Ironbar is hanging on the outstretched pipe on the right side, the standard with the face alternates between being against the pipe burning, and below the pipe.

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Continuity mistake: When Max escapes in the truck and barter town is in disarray, we see the bald headed guy "the collector" walking in the crowd - the next shot is of him sitting at his desk with his head down, with no time for him to get there - looks like these shots are the wrong way round.

Continuity mistake: When Max places the needle on the language learning record on the train it is a few centimeters from the edge. The lesson begins and runs continuously, but when the camera cuts back to the record the stylus is closer to the edge than it started. This is backwards to how record players work, the stylus goes toward the center.


Continuity mistake: The white make up and black make up on the one kid's face alternates from heavy to light and back between shots.

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Continuity mistake: When Ironbar shoots Pig Killer through the door, watch the arrow. It stops at the door, and the panel vibrates with the impact. The next moment, the camera looks at his leg in the cab, and the hole in the fabric is just big enough for the tip and the shaft. There is no extra torn spot to account for the wide parts of the arrow.

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