Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Answer: It wasn't exactly an ad-lib. While filming the scene, Isaac forgot what curse he was supposed to say, so it came out as the start of 'Avada Kedavra', the only one he could remember. It was decided to use that take in the movie. As I recall, in the book it was never specified exactly how Malfoy threatened Harry, but it was enough that Dobby used his elf magic to protect him.

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In the book it states that Lucius raised his wand at Harry at which point Dobby steps in to protect him. So no, it isn't specified what incantation Lucius was going to use.

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Question: Hagrid is determined to be innocent after this year, so why is he still banned from using spells and charms?

Answer: According to J.K. Rowling in an interview with Southwest News Service, Hagrid was allowed to openly use magic after he was exonerated. However, because he never completed his training, he was always a bit inept. The movies just glossed over this as there was little need plot-wise to show him casting spells.

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Question: There is something about wizards I don't understand. Why do they keep their magic a secret?

Answer: Many reasons. Muggles (non-magic people) would have a variety of reactions to them. Many would fear their power, others would want wizards to solve all their problems with magic, others would want to eradicate them. From the wizards' point of view, they live a certain way, and that would be disrupted by humans knowing about them.

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I thought the reason wizards kept their magic a secret was fear of discrimination.

That is one additional reason among the variety of others listed.

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In the first book Hagrid explains that muggles would want magical solutions to all their problems and that the wizards are best left alone.

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Answer: One reason is that Harry Potter's Uncle Vernon Dursley absorbed his hatred of wizards from his wife, Aunt Petunia Dursley. As the Harry Potter books progress, we find out that Vernon's wife, Petunia, was a "muggle" (not a wizard) but her sister, Lily, Harry's mother, had magical powers. Petunia was jealous and resentful of Lily, and, because of this, Harry Potter and the whole wizarding world. For all his faults, Vernon loves Petunia, and so he shares her hatred of wizards. It appears that Vernon and Petunia know a lot more about the wizarding world than they would admit. They cannot tolerate the thought that Harry Potter is a wizard with powers and abilities greater than theirs, so they put Harry Potter (and the wizarding world) down at every opportunity.

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Answer: He is someone who has a certain belief system and is intolerant of anything or anyone that violates that belief. He particularly does not like or trust something like wizards that are so different from himself. He also fears them.

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Answer: Mr. Weasley was asking what the function of a rubber duck was and Harry was trying to find the right words for the answer.

Answer: Both were breaking the rules. Nobody said conjuring a snake is more a violation then using other spells than the disarmament spell. Plus everybody kinda forgot it happened after they heard Harry speak parsel tongue.


Answer: Because Snape whispered an incantation to Malfoy.

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Question: How did Riddle know that the people the Basilisk was petrifying were muggle born? It sounds to me like Ginny was his best shot at knowing, but how could she know?


Answer: It's easy to tell which students are Muggle-born. They have little knowledge of the wizarding world and need special training, their parents are not wizards, and Hogwarts, being a small community, makes it easy to know everyone's background. Ginny would have little problem identifying which students Riddle should target.

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Question: Whose blood is used to write the messages on the wall?

Answer: It was written in chicken blood.

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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets mistake picture

Visible crew/equipment: Rushing to make Hogwarts Express at the train station, the shot opens as the camera pans Ginny's trunk and two marks come into view. While Ginny and Mr. Weasley push her trolley, Mr. Weasley is cued and begins to say, "10:58, come on, come on!" just as the actor hits his tape mark on the ground below, while Percy's trolley hits its tape mark, so Harry is visible behind him, and cues Mr. Weasley to continue speaking. In the shot when Mrs. Weasley says, "Okay" for Ginny to go and in the shot as Harry says, "Let's go," their marks are gone. (Visible on DVD fullscreen.) (00:22:15)

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Dobby: Harry Potter! Such an honour it is!
Harry Potter: What... Who are you?
Dobby: Dobby, sir. Dobby the house elf.
Harry Potter: I see. Not to be rude or anything, but this isn't a great time to have a house elf in my bedroom.

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