Princess Mononoke

Corrected entry: When Eboshi is talking with Jigo inside Irontown, Capitan Gonza is seen behind Eboshi. After a close-up on Jigo, the camera flashes back to Eboshi and Gonza has been replaced with a man in a hat.

Correction: Both Gonza and the man in the hat are there the whole time. In the first shot the camera is angled slightly to the left of Eboshi, showing Gonza in the frame. When the camera angle changes it is now more to the left revealing the man in the hat behind Eboshi but you can still see Gonza's back and shoulder in the right hand corner of the frame.

Corrected entry: When we see the Forest Spirit wither the tree that San put on the island in the middle of the lake (in order for Ashitaka's wound to be healed), his face is dark brown, red and white. Later, when the Forest Spirit is walking out to take the lives of the wolf and the boar gods, his face is dark brown, red, white and green. When the Forest Spirit is transforming into the Nightwalker, his face is dark brown, white and beige. Finally, when Ashitaka and San return the Forest Spirit's head at the end of the movie, it's only white and beige.

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Correction: There are no rules for the color of a magical spirit that can change its shape at will.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Ashitaka first enters the clearing in the forest where the pool of the forest spirit is, he notices some odd animal tracks (we later learn these belong to the forest spirit). One of these tracks is in the mud under the water. How did the print get there if the forest spirit walks on top of the water (at least until it is shot in the head later in the film)?

Correction: The footprint could have been made in the ground and then later covered with rising water (this would explain why it is still intact as mud that is under water does not hold shapes as well), also, it is never revealed if the forest spirit ALWAYS walks on the water, and may be able to sink if it chose to (for a bath maybe?). Either way could happen.


Corrected entry: In the dub, the priest says the soup tastes like "donkey piss", at the time, there were no donkeys in Japan. An example of poor scripting and bad dubbing. In the original Japanese, he comments on the soup being watery.

Correction: This movie is in a Japan that never existed, it's timeless and for all we know there were donkeys there. As far as I know, there are no red elk in Japan. In a fantasy world, a fact from a real world does not strictly apply.

Continuity mistake: When Ashitaka spots San spitting a mouthful of blood out, the number of large teeth on San's necklace changes from four, to three, to four.

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Moro: Now leave this place at sunrise. Return, and I shall kill you.

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Question: What are the lyrics for the song the women sang during their work; the recurring line is "We are the women of the forge." You can barely hear it during the time Ashitaka takes a turn pumping the bellows.


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