Princess Mononoke

Continuity mistake: When Ashitaka spots San spitting a mouthful of blood out, the number of large teeth on San's necklace changes from four, to three, to four.

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Continuity mistake: When Eboshi is talking with Jigo inside Irontown, Capitan Gonza is seen behind Eboshi. After a close-up on Jigo, the camera flashes back to Eboshi and Gonza has been replaced with a man in a hat.

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Suggested correction: Both Gonza and the man in the hat are there the whole time. In the first shot the camera is angled slightly to the left of Eboshi, showing Gonza in the frame. When the camera angle changes it is now more to the left revealing the man in the hat behind Eboshi but you can still see Gonza's back and shoulder in the right hand corner of the frame.

Continuity mistake: When Ashitaka is swimming to Lady Eboshi's fortress, he sees a dead man floating near him. He wasn't there in the previous shot.

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