Princess Mononoke

The Mikado's men, in search of the Shisigami Tari's head, finally find it. Lady Eboshi kills Shisigami Tari by shooting at his neck when he transforms into the "Nightcrawler". The Shisigami Tari's body explodes in a strange black liquid, destroying all it touches. Ashitaka and San confornt the Mikado's men, who won't give the head back. The head must be returned by Human hands, thus proving that the Mononoke Hime IS human, and not a mononoke. The head is returned, and Shisigami Tari's life is put into all living things, after it mysteriously explodes. Ashitaka goes with Lady Eboshi to help re-build the Tatara-Ba; San lives in the forest. They both promise to visit each other in the future. As the screen fades out, a tiny Kodama appears, walking on top of a fallen tree, and bobs his tiny head.


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Moro: Now leave this place at sunrise. Return, and I shall kill you.

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Trivia: The dragonflies in the Deer God's clearing (when San brings the wounded Ashitaka to the God for judgement) are - except in size and ferocity - cameos from Yamazaki's and Studio Gihbli's first great hit, "Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind" (1984). Many of the giant insects look quite alike to their tiny cousins featured here.

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Question: When Morrow bites off Eboshi's arm, the wolf's head has been somehow cut off her body. When the Forest Spirit took her life away, the head was attached. How did the head become detached?

Answer: You can see part of the ooze flowing across Moro's neck, thus it gets severed.

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