Hoffa (1992)


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Reporter: You could've anticipated this.
Jimmy Hoffa: In every conflict there are casualties. The question is, what has been lost and what has been gained?
Reporter: What about.
Jimmy Hoffa: Make the rest of it up yourself.

Jimmy Hoffa: Never let a stranger in your cab, in your house or in your heart... unless he is a friend of labor.

Cop: You think someday, you're gonna organize the cops?
Jimmy Hoffa: Hey that's easy, someday, I'm gonna organize the crooks.

Bobby Ciaro: Someday, your gonna be president of the United States.
Jimmy Hoffa: Fuck that. Someday, I'm gonna be president of the Teamsters.

Robert Kennedy: If James R. Hoffa is acquitted, I will, uh, jump from the top of the Capital Dome.

Jimmy Hoffa: I'm gonna give ya a piece of advice. Don't ask for something if it's a burden to ya if ya get it.

Continuity mistake: Near the end, when the hitman walks out of the diner, the camera focuses on the car in the parking lot, cuts back to the hitman, then cuts back to the car. The problem is the shadows in the first shot of the car are about half a meter long, but a few seconds later they are two meters long. Obviously both takes of the car were taken hours apart.

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