Hoffa (1992)

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Continuity mistake: Near the end, when the hitman walks out of the diner, the camera focuses on the car in the parking lot, cuts back to the hitman, then cuts back to the car. The problem is the shadows in the first shot of the car are about half a meter long, but a few seconds later they are two meters long. Obviously both takes of the car were taken hours apart.

Factual error: When Jimmy Hoffa is convicted in 1964, he is driven to the penitentiary in a 1967-68 Chevrolet Suburban.

Continuity mistake: The scene where Hoffa burns the building, Danny DeVito is sitting in the truck as the building explodes and the passenger windows break. Then in the next shot of the truck the window is intact. Then in the last shot of the truck the window is broken with pieces hanging.

Revealing mistake: Very poor diopter work on the Las Vegas stage: the audience is "split in half", one part very blurry behind DeVito's head, and the other half crisp and clear.

Continuity mistake: When DeVito leaves the bar and goes towards the bathroom, in the shot from behind he has almost reached the arch when the shot ends. In the next shot he is almost back at the bar, and it takes a while until we can see him passing through the arch. That's impossible, even though the second shot is a bit more "close up".

Continuity mistake: At the beginning of the conversation between Hoffa and the Detroit newspaper journalist you can see Hoffa sitting in the car, turned towards the outside (talking to him), his shoulders almost parallel to the door frame. In the next shot he is sitting immediately parallel to the seat.

Continuity mistake: When the assassins close the door of the truck, the rope used to pull down the door is still tied around a handle on the right side. A shot later (when the truck is on the road) the rope is gone.

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Suggested correction: After watching the clip again, when the bad guy on the right closes the door, he uses the rope to close the door from inside of the trailer and the rope is tucked behind the sliding door, inside of the trailer after it is lowered. This was done most likely to avoid detection.

Revealing mistake: Several times in the movie you can see really poor backdrop work, such as the stars in the opening scene, the hunting scene in the woods, the Capital building from Hoffa's office and from Kennedy's office, the truck line towards the prison, and a few others.

Bobby Ciaro: Someday, your gonna be president of the United States.
Jimmy Hoffa: Fuck that. Someday, I'm gonna be president of the Teamsters.

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Trivia: The young nun in the hospital who informs Hoffa and Bobby that Flynn is dying is played by Jack Nicholson's daughter.

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