Minority Report

Corrected entry: In the scene were the pre-crime unit make their first arrest of the film, there is a child on a merry-go-round. he gets off and it stops when Cruise is looking for the door. The merry-go-round is completely still. The shot changes to one from behind and the merry-go-round is moving at a furious pace.

Correction: If the exhaust port from the hovercraft is positioned at just the right point near/above the merry-go-round, the airflow will cause it to spin, similar to the way weather instruments measure wind speed and point of origin.

Matty Blast

Corrected entry: Now, it's understandable that Agatha has no makeup while she's in the water, since she doesn't need it. But, why oh why, does she has a full face of makeup (well, at least eye shadow and lipstick) when we see a closeup of her, while she is having her mind read by Rufus Riley at Cyber Parlor. Where did she get it from? When did she have time to put it on? After being in hibernation for so long, would she have the strength? The inclination?

Correction: Anderton stopped to pick her up some clothes so that she would look inconspicuous while in public. He picked her up some makeup for the same reason, and she put it on while in the car.

Matty Blast

Corrected entry: Eye scanners can tell the difference between living eyes and dead ones from the pulses in the blood vessels. If the eyes have been removed and shoved in a bag, the scanners shouldn't have recognized them in the first place.

Correction: Yes, some eye scanners can tell the difference between living and dead eyes. These ones can't, that's not a movie mistake.


Corrected entry: When Anderton and co. are scrambling on-board the hovercrafts to go and prevent Howard Marks from killing his wife and her lover, Anderton and the female pilot can be seen strapping themselves in and their data screens automatically lower down in front of their faces. Later on however, when the Pre-cops are searching the sprawl, the pilot has to manually pull down her data screen.

Correction: The first time the data screen automatically came down, perhaps it was due to them taking off and/or it came down when they strapped themselves in, kind of like the fasten seat belt light goes off when you fasten it. So, when she manually pulls it down, she might have moved it on her own, so she could have a better view of her surrounding area, and just lowered it down so she could view the information it was providing. Plus, she was already strapped in, and it wouldn't come down automatically.

Corrected entry: Anderton's assistant explains to Whitwer that the balls are impossible to forge because the "shape" and grain of each ball is unique. The grain may be unique, but each ball has the same shape. (00:21:20)

Matty Blast

Correction: The balls are probably not perfectly round, which would give each ball a unique shape.

Corrected entry: The precop explains that because each ball's grain is unique, they are "impossible to forge." If all they do is verify that the grain is unique, then all it takes for someone to forge their own ball is to make sure that it has a "unique" grain, i.e., different from the others. What kind of a security measure is that?

Matty Blast

Correction: For one thing, they would have pictures of the balls that are not fake, so your "unique" ball would be worthless. So the first point of the security is that you would have to somehow create a duplicate of one of the unique balls that was already loaded into the machine. The real point, however, is that once the ball was engraved (and again recorded), you can't substitute an identical ball with a different name as the name was recorded into a random place in the grain.


Corrected entry: When Lamar shoots Colin Farrell, where was a pre-cog ball?

Correction: It's explained quite clearly in the film - unless the three precogs are together, it doesn't work. As Agatha is away from the twins, off with Anderton, there's no precognition, so Lamar can kill Witwer without being picked up.

Tailkinker Premium member

The question still remains though: why was there no pre-cog ball of Witwer's murder rolling, before Agatha was kidnapped by Anderton? Witwer's murder happened a few hours after Crowe's death, hence the pre-vision of Witwer's murder could have easily occurred a few hours after the pre-vision of Crowe's death.

The decision to murder Wither was not made until after Agatha was taken. As stated at the beginning of the film premeditated murder gives them more time to look at the visions and decode the information, crimes of passion only give them minutes.

Well yeah but they aren't attained only after the decision is made by the perpetrator. Anderton got his ball well before he even knew he would do anything. His ball came hours before the intended murder, so should Lamar's. I like this question.


But with Anderton there were events that lead to the murder that happened before he knew anything, like Burgess hiring Crow to be the victim. So somehow the Precogs pickup on that and created a ball. With Wither there was nothing before hand that would trigger the Precogs.

The PreCrime system works by the PreCogs scanning for people with the intent to kill and then determining details. Burgess' intent to murder Witwer came well after Agatha was disconnected, when he discovered that Witwer knew about the framing of Anderton. Therefore, there couldn't have been a ball, as the system was offline.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the Precrime officers first try to capture John in the alley way, as they are fighting on the jet pack they go through a window into the apartment where they burn the burgers and the women is yelling. Then they go through the ceiling of the apartment to the one upstairs, where the people are eating their dinner. In the next scene you see them enter an apartment through a window again. However they were already inside the building.

Correction: After they go through the ceiling and destroy the family's dinner, there is a quick shot of them going out of a window before they crash back into the building.

Corrected entry: During the whole film, the characters are using a newer version of a Nokia Communicator as their cell phone. Well, when you talk with such a Communicator, the display IS NOT touching your ear, the back of the phone is - the speaker is there. If you talk how they talk with a Communicator, you don't hear a thing.

Correction: Is it not possible that 50 years from now Nokia change the design of their Communicator?

Corrected entry: When they get on the subway train and are retina-scanned, one of the passengers is seemingly scanned through her eyelids, or at least the flash of light appears only on her lids. This should not be possible with how retina scans identify very fine details. (00:45:05)


Correction: This is taking place 50 years from now, it is not inconceivable that scientists would have figured out such a new technology. While some scanners in the movie seem to need full access to the eye, there's nothing to say that the larger static scanners in public places can't work more efficiently.


Corrected entry: Lamar Burgess could perfectly kill Anne Lively with impunity simply by committing the murder far away of Washington Area and the Precrime cops. As director of Precrime he had to know about the reach of the precogs precognition powers and how avoid them. It is a much more simple plan than the creation of a complicated alibi with John Doe killers, incompleted pre-visions, fake kidnappers,etc.

Correction: The fact of her going missing would be enough to start an investigation, which would be a risk (alebit small) that he would be caught. Given the sort of technology available and the seemingly comprehensive database of retina scans it is safe to assume that the slightest bit of DNA evidence would be enough to convict with. The best way to avoid this risk is to give them an open-and-shut case so they stop looking.


Corrected entry: The movie makes a big deal about "pre-crime" going national. Are we to believe that the same three pre-cogs are now going to cover the entire nation?

Correction: Although there isn't much said about it, they do know how the precogs were "made" so to speak. There's a good chance that they intend to make more of them discreetly somehow or that some with the potential still exist and they will find them.

Corrected entry: Precrime couldn't figure out Howard Marks' new address. But the Post Office (also a federal organization) must have known it; otherwise how would the Markses get their mail? Recall that a magazine or newspaper was shown in the previsions, and Anderton unsuccessfully tried to zoom in on the address label, proving it was delivered. The United States Postal Service knew their new address, yet Precrime didn't?

Matty Blast

Correction: Magazines, letters and so forth are delivered to whatever's on the address label - it doesn't automatically follow that this information is in a Post Office database somewhere. Besides, we never see how the magazine gets to the house - it could have been forwarded on from their old address by the new occupants, or Marks could have gone back and collected it.

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Corrected entry: Wouldn't they cancel Anderton's access rights the moment he became wanted for murder? He gets into the Precrime building and the Temple - where the security is expected to be extremely high - without any problem at all.

Correction: Burgess needs Anderton to get to the right place to kill Crow - he may well have anticipated that, in order to get the necessary information to find Crow, Anderton might have to get back into the PreCrime building at some point. As such, he might have used his authority as Director of PreCrime to delay the cancellation of Anderton's access rights.

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Corrected entry: John would not be in the situation where he could have killed Crowe if the premonition was never made because he only went there to see why he would have killed him.

Correction: This paradox has been discussed at length. My theory is that the setup was arranged in such a way that if John *didn't* see the previsions, he would have received an anonymous phone call or some kind of tip leading him to Leo Crow's room and saying that that's where Anderton will find his son. That way, whether John sees the previsions of his own act of "murder" or not, the previsions nonetheless would be the same (images of the building, the numbers 9 and 6, the confrontation, etc.).

Matty Blast

Corrected entry: It was a real nail biter when Anderton and the pre-crime squad was pressed for time to figure out where Howard Marks was going to murder is wife and his wife's lover, but wouldn't it be a simple task to look up Howard Marks' address in a world where computers can convert brain waves into images?

Correction: They look up all the men named Howard Marks in the area, only to find that the right one has moved house in the last week and his address hasn't been updated in the databases yet - hence having to use the images to locate the right house. All this is stated quite specifically.

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Corrected entry: Danny Witwer tells Anderton: "I spent two years in Fuller seminary before becoming a cop. My father was very proud ... he was shot and killed when I was fourteen on the steps of our church in Dublin." 1st of all, Fuller is Lutheran, but Danny carries a Catholic medallion. 2nd, he must have either attended a college-level seminary at fourteen or have contact with his dead father.

Correction: The Catholic medallion might be a family thing, not connected with his time in Fuller, or changes in the religious landscape in the fifty years between now and the events of the film may explain this. Obviously Danny would not have attended the college-level seminary at 14, nor could he have had contact with his dead father - his statement that his father was proud is intended to be ironic, and to show that he has lost someone to violence as well.

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Corrected entry: When John and Agatha are at the front desk of the hotel where Leo Crow is staying, Agatha says Anderson instead of Anderton.

Correction: I've listened to this numerous times, and it sounds like "Anderton" to me.

Matty Blast

Corrected entry: When the young kids are on the field trip the guide is saying that the pre-crime department has been around for 9 years, but on the back of the box and throughout the whole movie the pre-crime deparment has only been around for 6 years.

Correction: Pre-crime has existed for 9 years, it's only been in full operation for 6.

Corrected entry: If you watch the movie with English subtitles, it says that the eye-doctor and nurse are speaking Russian. This is not true, they are speaking Swedish.

Correction: Either this mistake is wrong, or it has been corrected in a later release, because the subtitles on my DVD say they are speaking Swedish.


Continuity mistake: In the beginning, when Anderton arrests the jealous husband, he notes that he is being arrested on April 22 - that day - for the future murder of his wife and her lover. Later, while Anderton is jogging, we see billboards advocating a "Yes" vote on pre-crime on April 22. The next day, Anderton's boss Lamar notes that the vote is in a week, which would make it April 15, making the day that the jealous husband was arrested April 14, not April 22. (00:13:05 - 00:15:15)

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Officer Fletcher: John, don't run.
John Anderton: You don't have to chase me.
Officer Fletcher: You don't have to run.
John Anderton: Everybody runs, Fletch.

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Trivia: On the "subway" train, the man holding the USA Today paper is Cameron Crowe, and the woman in the seat behind him on his left is Cameron Diaz. Because "Vanilla Sky" and "Minority Report" were so close in shooting, the two directors (Crowe and Spielberg) agreed to put themselves as cameos in each other's films. (00:46:10)

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