Minority Report

Corrected entry: Before John Anderton goes into the building to meet Leo Crow, he looks at the timer in his watch which is counting DOWN. The timer goes from "12:42" to "12:43". It should be counting down, but it goes up instead.

Correction: The watch does count down.


Corrected entry: When Anderton is walking with Agatha through the shopping mall, there's bright sunlight coming through the windows. It's there right up until the minute they leave, but when they're outside, it's suddenly dark and cloudy. A short time later we see the rain stop, and people putting their umbrellas down, but it's still cloudy. Just because the rain stops, that does not mean the sun is out. However, as soon as they step inside, there's that bright light coming through the windows again.


Correction: The only time we see windows insode the mall is at the entrance, the bright lights are interior lights. As for the rain stopping we don't see windows with a clear sky until he gets into the room on the 10th floor and we see in the lobby that he took the stairs not the elevator, possibly to prevent a lock down since the precrime dectives were after him.

Corrected entry: The movie takes place in 2054, a mere fifty-two years from now. Yet, the entire infrastructure of D.C. has changed in that time. ALL of the buildings are different, as are ALL of the roads, and ALL of the cars. This seems unlikely in that we can walk around in any US city today and see vestiges of 52 years ago.

Correction: Not all of DC changed, they show the view of the famous part of DC, with all the monuments, and it is unchanged. Also the city part is not completely the technology of 52 years from now. But there were new highways that only the new cars could drive on, but still traditional roads that supported both new and old cars.

Corrected entry: After the first attempted murder of Anne Lively the police would surely have taken her away to make a statement. Not only do they not do this, but she is immediately left alone to be murdered, and somehow the police see nothing odd in her instant vanishing, and they treat it as just another disappearance.

Correction: The Precrime police do not take statements and they do not hold trials. They left her alone with Burgess nearby so they would have assumed no threat, in the vision you see an officer ask if she's alright before leaving. And a druggie disappearing doesn't bring up a red flag to police officers, they probably didn't even track her.

Corrected entry: After Anderton arrests the jealous husband, there's a newsflash. In this newsflash, people are telling about what would have happened to them if Pre-Crime wasn't there. In this scene there is a girl with blond hair that says "He was gonna rape me". But a little further in the movie, Witwer is asking questions to Anderton at the police office. Witwer asks Anderton why the Pre-Cogs can't see rapes. Then how did the girl know she was going to be raped? Pre-Cogs can't see rapes, but the girl knew she was going to be raped. How is that possible? (00:22:05)

Correction: The vision could have shown her getting raped, then killed.


Corrected entry: 1) The futures that are projected ONLY come from timelines where the visions have not had an effect (because you don't see police in the murder visions crashing through windows). 2) John and Agatha (the Precog girl) appear in the vision together. 3) If John and Agatha appear in the vision, then the future that was projected comes from a timeline affected by the visions. 4) The future that was projected CANNOT come from a timeline affected by the visions. 5) Therefore, John and Agatha appearing in the vision is incorrect.

Correction: The precogs do not see an unaffected version, they only see the timeline in which the murder occurs. It was impossible for John to arrive at the scene of the murder without Agatha so she must be in the vision.

Corrected entry: When Anderton jumps from one car to another in the maglev scene, the car where he jumps to is first moving up, then you see a shot from inside the car and it can be seen that the car is now moving down. (00:42:55)

Correction: It is moving down. All the cars we see on the side of the building are moving down. It is moving down more slowly than any of the others including the one he jumps off, this makes sense because he wants to jump into the building without breaking his neck (so picks the slowest car around).

Corrected entry: John Anderton is sitting with his wife at her house, and suddenly it hits him that he is being set up because he found out about Ann Lively. However, he only found out about Lively within the time frame of the movie (looking through the records in the jail), which was after his son was abducted/murdered. How does his reasoning make any sense? Could Lamar Burgess see into the future?

Correction: Lamar wasn't the one who adducted/murdered Anderton's son. He just used memories of that event as a way to send Anderton over the edge. The only thing Lamar is responsible for is setting up Anderton's "murder", which he didn't start doing until Anderton found out about Ann Lively, so there is no plot hole here.

Corrected entry: Anderton escapes with one precog by draining the fluid from the tank, allowing himself and her to be drawn down the drain. Why on earth would there be a man-sized drain in the precog tank? Wouldn't that be a safety hazard? It was certainly a security risk. The pre-cogs are invaluable, without them precrime doesn't exist so why is there not even a grating over the drain to prevent accidental drainage of the pre-cogs.

Correction: Presumably the hole is there as a drain so the tank can be emptied. If it was any smaller it would take a week to drain the tank. The tank is so large that a large drain is needed. It's actually about the right size.

Corrected entry: When Anderton is in the car that he has fallen into during the fight, the car is sprayed red while the Pre Crime cops watch the car from behind a screen. The spray guns are all around the car and spraying it with paint, but no paint is seen on the floor or the walls, I can only assume this is a special kind of paint that Dulux will invent eventually.

Correction: It's magnetically charged paint. It already exists. The paint particles are charged as they exit the nozzle, and are attracted to only the metal of the car, which is also magnetically charged.

Corrected entry: It is stated very that the precogs have only a few hours (maybe less) to show a crime of passion since the person committing the crime doesn't know he/she is going to do it. If that logic is followed, and Anderton's crime was predicted over a day in advance, why was Colin Ferrell's character's murder not seen in advance? Agatha is the strongest precog of the three but she was still in the Temple until just a little while before his murder. If Colin Ferrell's murder had been seen, wouldn't that have caused the arrest of Anderton's boss?

Correction: It was a crime of passion that was triggered by Whitmore revealing that he knew about a high ranking pre-crime detective manipulating the system, which is while Agatha was away.

Corrected entry: When Howard Banks goes into his house to check if his wife is cheating on him, the pre-cogs show that he goes into his house with the door opening on the right side. But when Anderton runs in to stop the murder he rushses through the door with the door opening on the left side.

Correction: When the black guy looks at the image that show the door open, we're looking through the other side of the screen, because it is clear. That makes the image reversed, so the door opens on the correct side.


Corrected entry: In the scene where they give a tour to school children they saw pre-crime has been running smoothly for 9 years. Anderton's son has been missing for 6 years why then when John was talking to Burgess did he say if the company would have been around 6 months earlier his son's death would have never happened, when the company had been around 3 years earlier?

Correction: On the school tour the guide actually says "pre-crime began with a government grant 9 years ago". There could have easily been 3 years of research/development before it was put properly in place.

Corrected entry: The police were able to track down John during most of the movie because his eyes were constantly scanned and his location sent to the cops, yet when he uses one of his eyes on the scanner to open the door tn the basement of the pre-crime department, no alarms go off! They were able to track him down all the way to an old delapidating building but not the police station itself?

Correction: The reason why the alarm doesn't go off is because no one is allowed down there anyway, and there's always someone down there, so if anyone came in, he would be able to manually set off the alarm. Also remember at the beginning that when Anderton is giving the tour of the Temple, the system says "Access Denied" to Witwer and no alarm goes off. And also remember, they did NOT track Anderton down to the building. They were only doing a search.


Corrected entry: When Anderton is in his car and Precrime finds him the car gets locked down. So he simply kicks out a window and climbs out of the car, but when the camera shows the outside shots of him on the car none of the windows are missing. Some people claim it's just down to the angle, but it's definitely not - watch it closely. He kicks out the window against the direction of travel, and climbs on the roof. The car then starts going vertically (without swivelling round), so in order to stand upright he stands on the window...which he kicked out just before.

Correction: The side which has the kicked out window is facing the vertical highway. The little "hub" that Anderton crawls out of DOES swivel, and the wheels are attached to the highway. I can't imagine anyone going down the highway sidways.


Corrected entry: What bothered me in this movie is the 'all or nothing' approach. They stopped using precogs because it wasn't always accurate and they risked arresting an innocent person, and also because of the ethics problem of arresting someone for a crime he didn't yet commit. Even so, couldn't they still use the system as a preventive measure, just stopping the crime without necessarily arresting the suspect? Wouldn't that help prevent dozens of murders per year?

Correction: It would, but the ethical question of imprisoning three people to prevent murders that might happen was just as important. They had to free the precogs for that reason, not just because the system wasn't entirely accurate.

Corrected entry: It is completely illogical that Burgess hires a murderer to kill Ann Lively, knowing that the PreCrime Dept. will arrest him and then shortly after killing her himself. Why not hire a second killer? The effect would have been the same and he wouldn't have risked his own skin.

Correction: Maybe, but there'd be no guaruntee that the second killer wouldn't be arrested as well. Keep in mind that the only reason Burgess is allowed to be anywhere near Anne Lively is because he's the director of Pre-Crime and therefore is above suspicion to his subordinates. Burgess's best bet to successfully kill Lively would be to do it himself since the system he created wouldn't believe him to have any involvement.

Corrected entry: John Anderton (Tom Cruise) visits his ex-wife at her country home. Their son, an only child, was kidnapped and presumably murdered six years earlier. As John and his wife talk in the yard, a tricycle is clearly visible on the lawn. Is the audience to believe that she is so grief-stricken that she has been unable to touch the tricycle for six years?

Correction: That's not unusual. It's the right weather to put it outside, and also it's a memento of their son's.


Corrected entry: This really confuses me. The guy who got caught/framed for the murder of the pre-cog's mother was known as "John Doe", because they didn't know his real name. Then what was the name on his ball?

Correction: As stated in one of the other mistakes / corrections, the name of the murderer does not appear on any ball until their face has been seen in the precogs vision. As the murderer was wearing a mask, their face would never have been seen.

Corrected entry: There is a basic paradox of the vision of the Crow murder. Anyone wonder what brought this vision on? The visions take place when the first "domino" falls in a series of dominos that lead to a murder, days ahead of time for a premeditaded murder or hours or minnutes before for a crime of passion (in the one we see, as soon as the husband gets suspicious the vision occurs). So what triggered this vision? What was the first domino? The paradox is that the vision itself was the first domino. Without the vision there was no reason for Aderton to track down a man named Leo Crow. So the vision somehow triggered itself. And without the vision, Aderton would not have attempted to track Leo Crow and the murder wouldn't have occured.

Correction: The trigger is John seeing Anne Lively's murder, and when he went to check the records on that Lamar decided to hire a man to pretend to be the abducter of John's son finally giving John a victim for the murder he had been planning for years.

Continuity mistake: In the beginning, when Anderton arrests the jealous husband, he notes that he is being arrested on April 22 - that day - for the future murder of his wife and her lover. Later, while Anderton is jogging, we see billboards advocating a "Yes" vote on pre-crime on April 22. The next day, Anderton's boss Lamar notes that the vote is in a week, which would make it April 15, making the day that the jealous husband was arrested April 14, not April 22. (00:13:05 - 00:15:15)

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Officer Fletcher: John, don't run.
John Anderton: You don't have to chase me.
Officer Fletcher: You don't have to run.
John Anderton: Everybody runs, Fletch.

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Trivia: On the "subway" train, the man holding the USA Today paper is Cameron Crowe, and the woman in the seat behind him on his left is Cameron Diaz. Because "Vanilla Sky" and "Minority Report" were so close in shooting, the two directors (Crowe and Spielberg) agreed to put themselves as cameos in each other's films. (00:46:10)

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