Minority Report

Corrected entry: The movie never explained what happened to Anderton's child. For all Anderton knows, the boy could be still alive. The boy's disappearance was the cause of the divorce, and the ending implies that they were reconciled as a result of resolving the kidnapping, but it was never resolved.

Correction: The childs fate was implied by Agatha when talking to Anderton and his wife in her house.

Corrected entry: If Anderton's murder of Leo Crow was premeditated and thus a brown ball and he had been thinking about it for six years, wouldn't the ball have dropped earlier?

Correction: It wouldn't, because he had no idea WHO he was going to kill, just that he would do it, so the precogs had a murderer but no murder victim. So they couldn't see it any earlier.

Corrected entry: Precrime is only an active force in Washington DC, and the Precogs therefore only dream up murders which will occur in the district. Why didn't Burgess just lure Anne Lively out of the district to kill her rather than constructing the elaborate plot which eventually led to his downfall?

Correction: He still would have thought of the murder within city limits, and would have been detected.

Corrected entry: In the movie the Tom Cruise character loses one of his eyeballs down a grate. Later when his wife shows she entered the prison using his eye for the retina scan she throws down the baggie and BOTH eyeballs are in the bag!

Correction: There's only one in the bag

Corrected entry: In the film a woman says that she was about to be raped, but was saved, thanks to pre-crime. But later they say that pre-crime can't detect rapes.

Correction: Not by themselves, but if someone was planning on raping and murdering her, then the murder would be detected and stopped, and hence the rape as well. Could well be creative marketing by the people promoting the nationalisation vote.

Corrected entry: John is in his car after it starts to take him back. He kicks out the window to escape, but when he climbs back up to get on top of the car, the window is back in place.


Correction: This is not true. Anderton kicks out the side window of the car, but when the car goes down, he climbs back up the top window of the car.

I just watched the scene and John does kick out of the side window, but it becomes the top window when the car moves down tne side of a building and John is now standing on the window he kicked out moments before.

You can compare to the car he jumps on. The passenger sits normally right that means car rotates while it moves vertically. So John is on top window and the side with missing window is hidden against vertical road.

Corrected entry: At the beginning of the movie, we are told the year is 2054. When they show a tour of Pre-Crime for school age children, they say that Pre-Crime, started in 2046, has been running flawlessly for 9 years. Funny, I thought 2046 to 2054 is only 8 years.

Correction: So the tour guide misspoke, or rounded up, especially if it started early in 2046 and it's late in 2054. Hardly a plot hole as this happens all the time in real life.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: Anderton is trapped inside the Lexus as it is being built, and his head is positioned on top of the "X"-shaped bracket to which the chair attaches. Some spikes shoot through the bottom of the car, trapping his head where it is, and the chair (with an "X"-shaped bottom to match the bracket) comes straight down at him. Then the camera cuts to a different shot, and we find that Anderton somehow miraculously avoided being killed, even though it couldn't have been possible. (00:51:40)

Matty Blast

Correction: One quick turn to the other side easily would have saved him from the first chair coming down. The spikes wouldn't have hindered him to turn. Then back onto the chair to evade the second one coming down.

Ronnie Bischof

Corrected entry: Now, it's understandable that Agatha has no makeup while she's in the water, since she doesn't need it. But, why oh why, does she has a full face of makeup (well, at least eye shadow and lipstick) when we see a closeup of her, while she is having her mind read by Rufus Riley at Cyber Parlor. Where did she get it from? When did she have time to put it on? After being in hibernation for so long, would she have the strength? The inclination?

Correction: Anderton stopped to pick her up some clothes so that she would look inconspicuous while in public. He picked her up some makeup for the same reason, and she put it on while in the car.

Matty Blast

Corrected entry: Danny Witwer tells Anderton: "I spent two years in Fuller seminary before becoming a cop. My father was very proud ... he was shot and killed when I was fourteen on the steps of our church in Dublin." 1st of all, Fuller is Lutheran, but Danny carries a Catholic medallion. 2nd, he must have either attended a college-level seminary at fourteen or have contact with his dead father.

Correction: The Catholic medallion might be a family thing, not connected with his time in Fuller, or changes in the religious landscape in the fifty years between now and the events of the film may explain this. Obviously Danny would not have attended the college-level seminary at 14, nor could he have had contact with his dead father - his statement that his father was proud is intended to be ironic, and to show that he has lost someone to violence as well.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: Before John Anderton goes into the building to meet Leo Crow, he looks at the timer in his watch which is counting DOWN. The timer goes from "12:42" to "12:43". It should be counting down, but it goes up instead.

Correction: The watch does count down.


Corrected entry: If I heard right, when Anderton's wife "Lara" is calling the people watching the Precogs when they're about to see the vision of Anderton being killed by Lamar, she calls herself "Laura."

Correction: She actually pronounces it L-are-a, instead of L-air-a. Both are acceptable and she could have gotten tired of correcting people. The same thing happens to girls named Tara.

No, I just replayed it multiple times, she definitely pronounces it Laura (Law-ra), not either pronunciation of Lara.

Corrected entry: The whole plot with setting Anderton up for murdering Leo Crow doesn't make sense. The strength of the Precrime system is that murders do not get committed at all (as there are none in Washington). Yet when Crow was hired, he was told he will have to be killed. When Anderton refuses to kill him, he kills himself. But the fact that the murder was, in fact, committed and that Precrime was not able to stop it, even though they had plenty of time to, would actually prove that the system is not foolproof. Lamar Burgess would therefore sabotage his own effort to prove how the system is faultless and should be extended.

Correction: 1.) The murder has to actually be intended for the precogs to pick it up. If Leo hadn't really been setup to die, there would have been no report by them. 2.) There was no murder, it was a suicide. That's the titular "minority report". The female precog, Agatha, saw the events that actually took place, whereas the other two saw Anderton murder Leo. This isn't a plot hole, it's a plot point. 3.) Anderton was accused of killing Crowe by the precogs, Crowe died, and Anderton was incarcerated for it. The spin that Burgess put on the whole affair proves, as far as the public is concerned, that Precrime is foolproof: no innocents go to jail.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: After PreCrime thwarted Anne Lively's murder, and hauled the man away, Burgess steps in and drowns her. The deed was overlooked by the technicians, believing it to be an echo of the original murder. But since the PreCrime cops had actually stopped the murder from occurring, wouldn't at least one of the officers in attendance remember that Lively wasn't dead when they left? And would they have been so incompetent and uncaring as to leave the poor woman just sitting all by herself after such a traumatic event?


Correction: First off, Anne was never found dead, she was just "another missing person". So even if the PreCrime cops said she was alive when they left, that would have no bearing on her going missing. And since her actual murder was discarded as an echo and there was never another murder predicted for Anne, they wouldn't think she was killed. In regards to leaving her, it's a complete assumption leaving her would be negligence or seen as uncaring. The cops are only there to arrest a suspect prior to a traumatic event from occurring (unlike today's cops where they are there after a traumatic event occur where cops would stay with the victim, EMS would likely be called, and the cops would take statements from the victim regarding the incident).


Plot hole: Anderton's wife gains entry into the jailhouse using her husband's eyeball - but he's already locked up inside, so his eye would not still have access to enter as it pleased. Any place anywhere that would have any sort of security system requiring anything from a simple passcode to a card key to a retinal scan, would immediately delete the user in such instances from all rights. And would also certainly report on any attempted use of such (retinal scan, pass code, whatever). (02:00:45)

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Suggested correction: I thought that this was a mistake as soon as I saw it on screen, but reconsidered. It's perfectly possible that there was some, probably human caused, delay in updating the security system. After all, there wasn't a rush to do it since they already had the chief on ice. Maybe the sleep jail was still on a legacy system without automatic updating. Just assuming that in the near future that all systems are all perfectly integrated and instantaneous does not validate this as a mistake.

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Officer Fletcher: John, don't run.
John Anderton: You don't have to chase me.
Officer Fletcher: You don't have to run.
John Anderton: Everybody runs, Fletch.

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Trivia: The flames in the fire at the end of the film when the camera pans out of the cottage are in the shape of AI, Speilberg's previous film!

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Question: OK, let's see: Lamar Burgess set Anderton up; he Hired Leo Crow and sent him to be killed in a hotel. But How did exactly Burgess plan the meeting of Anderton with Crow? Anderton arrived at the crime scene by a chain of events that began with the pre-vision of his destiny. It was clear that Lamar did not fake the pre-vision, because this became true just like it was predicted; besides, when Anderton was being chased, he arrived to crime scene by a coincidence; so what did Burguess have to do to make sure the existence of the pre-vision and this possible future? I don't see a simple solution.

Answer: Well, there isn't really a simple solution, but here goes. For a pre-vision to form, there have be two things present within the range of the precog ability (which appears to be limited to the Washington area - regardless of the stated plan to take the programme countrywide, there's never any indication that the precogs can sense beyond that range). Firstly, someone with the intent to kill. Secondly, there has to be a target for that intent within the range of the precogs. Anderton is present, and has the intent within him to kill the man who took his son, but has no target - the real kidnapper is presumably either dead or beyond the precog ability. Burgess, by bribing Crow to pretend to be that man, has provided a viable target for Anderton's intent within the range of the precog ability, thus triggering the prevision, and beginning the chain of events.

Tailkinker Premium member

The above answers the question, but there do appear to be some time travel issues with this plot point in the movie. Burgess set things up for Crow to fake being the kidnapper and thus triggering Jon's desire to kill that person, everything starts by the pre-cogs seeing the future. If the pre-cogs did not exist or did not have the vision, Jon would have never known that Leo Crow existed and would have continued on without having killed anyone. This is unique within the movie, as the other murders would have been commited regardless of whether or not the pre-cogs saw it. In this case, the ONLY reason this murder occurred is because the pre-cogs saw it.


Thinking about this a little more, it could be conceivable that Burgess had planned a different option for Jon finding Crow. We just never saw that on screen, because the precogs changed everything to an alternative future timeline once they saw the original murder. Originally, Jon could have been triggered by Burgess himself, stating that they got a lead on his son's murder and pointing him to Crow.


No I think Burgess set it up so that Anderton would find Crow because of the precogs, not have a different plan set up before or else it could be possible Burgess himself would be visible in the prevision. He manipulated the system perfectly, he has done it before after all. He knows exactly how the precogs work so he is able to set it up so that it's untraceable. Except, except for the fact there is always a choice. Only then did it go wrong for him. This proves both true for Anderton and Burgess in the end.


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