Much Ado About Nothing

Corrected entry: The night before the wedding, the three night watchmen are charged with guarding the grounds all night and elect to 'sit on the bench till 2, then to bed'. The next shot is of the main characters having a pre-wedding banquet - with the three night watchmen serving them. After tricking Claudio and the Prince, Borachio drunkenly confesses his act to Conrad in front of the three night watchmen who are back at their post. (00:52:15 - 00:56:20)

Correction: That is the point. The last thing that Dogberry says to them before he leaves (this happens after they declare that they'll stay out until 2) is that there is a party at Leonato's house (because of the wedding on the following day), so of course the guards want to join in on the fun. Then they return to their post outside afterward.


Corrected entry: After the scene where the boys trick Benedick (Kenneth Branagh) into thinking Beatrice is in love with him, they sing a song around the fountain. Benedick is supposed to be hiding behind the bushes, but Branagh (as the director) is visible when the camera pans around the fountain.

Correction: First off, this happens right before the tricking of Benedick. Second, he is not standing there as the director, he just happens to be standing in sight watching the singers. It does seem out of place since he is seen hiding before and after that shot. But, there is way more than enough time for him to get back to his hiding place in the time that it happens. It also really wouldn't matter if anybody saw him because they all know that he is there anyway.


Corrected entry: Not wanting to offend anyone, but how can Keanu and Denzel be brothers? One is (very) white and the other is black. There is the possibility of half or step brothers, but the film (and the original play) indicates that they are full brothers.

Correction: In the character listing for the play, Don John (Reeves) is listed as being Don Pedro's (Washington) "bastard brother". This would seem to strongly imply that they are not full brothers, which makes their racial difference quite plausible.

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Other mistake: In the second wedding scene, as Don Pedro and Claudio are walking up the aisle you can see an extra jumping over the benches on the left-hand side of the screen. He clears the first one, but trips on the second and falls flat on his face.

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Beatrice: He that hath a beard is more than a youth, and he that hath no beard is less than a man. And he that is more than a youth is not for me, and he that is less than a man - I am not for him.

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