Visible crew/equipment: When Nicholas Cage goes and throws the satchel charge into the Japanese bunker, as he turns to run his helmet falls off and you can plainly see that it is not Cage but his stunt double.

Visible crew/equipment: In the final battle scene in which the heavy Japanese artillery is firing down on the column of U.S. Marines, One rather large Japanese shell explodes next to a tank and engulfs the tank commander in flames. You can clearly see the silver fire-retardant suit the stunt man is wearing.

Visible crew/equipment: In the scene (chapter 16) where Joe and Ben are riding on the back of a truck up a dirt road, there is a shot where Joe and Ben are leaping off the back of the truck after it was hit. You can see the shadow of the overhead camera very clearly in the bottom right hand corner. (01:04:22)

Continuity mistake: A group of Marines approaches a minefield and one of them falls with his back on a mine. The explosion throws him in the air and you can see his uninjured back. Not even his shirt got a scratch. (01:46:50)

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Question: Why do Nic Cage and Peter Stormare have metal chains for their dog tags while others all seem to be leather?

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