Continuity mistake: A group of Marines approaches a minefield and one of them falls with his back on a mine. The explosion throws him in the air and you can see his uninjured back. Not even his shirt got a scratch. (01:46:50)

Continuity mistake: When Enders gets shot numerous times at the end, he lies in a crater left from a shell. He begins to cough up blood, and it drips down the left side (as we look at it) of his mouth and chin. The view then switches to one behind him, facing Ben. There is no blood around his mouth or dripping down his chin. The view then changes back to the original one, and the blood's there again.

Continuity mistake: When Ben is talking to his son afterwards we see a shot of his son from behind and he's wearing Ender's dogtags. Then next shot shows the kid from front and he isn't wearing them. Then Ben puts Ender's dogtags around his neck.

Continuity mistake: If you look at Cage's ear wound you can see it getting bigger and smaller every now and then.

Continuity mistake: When Enders is drinking the Saki and talking to Ben there is a shot from behind Ben. Enders raises his hand to point towards Ben. The camera angle changes to show the shot from behind Enders and he is raising his hand again, pointing towards Ben.

Continuity mistake: When Enders is getting his hearing examined, the medical officer moves the left knob to "30", tests Enders' hearing, has a conversation with the nurse, and then moves the knob to "30" a second time.


Continuity mistake: During the end of the movie where Ben, his wife, and George are sitting on the rocks there is a visible error. In one shot the dish (in which Ben will wash Joe's dog tags) is sitting on a blue cloth. In the next shot where he actually washes the tags, it is sitting on the rock. (02:07:48)

Continuity mistake: In the middle of the movie as they are under friendly fire: Pappas jumps into a bombing crater and you can see the shadows very clearly. But the shadows in the next shots are much shorter. (01:05:36)

Continuity mistake: When the US army is attacking the Japanese on the field and they ask for the heavy artillery from the ships, the sun changes in every shot.


Factual error: The movie is set in 1944, when there were only 48 states, yet we see many American flags with 50 stars, then 48, then back to 50 throughout the film.

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Question: Why do Nic Cage and Peter Stormare have metal chains for their dog tags while others all seem to be leather?

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